Call of Duty Warzone Suppressors Made Powerful Again in Latest Update

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 3rd 2021

One of the more controversial changes made to Call of Duty Warzone was making the suppressor attachments not as powerful as they had been. This changed the game’s meta and made fans of the Call of Duty Warzone suppressors understandably frustrated.

New Update Addresses Certain Weapon Attachments

Fortunately, Raven Software has announced that a new update for the battle royale game is now available, which deals with this controversial topic. According to the developer, this Call of Duty Warzone suppressors update should return the attachments to what they were before. 

If you are reading this, the update is already available today, and you can install it right now for the game on your platform of choice. The suppressors are not the only features of this update, as more is handled in this small but important patch. 

Battle royale players should find some significant changes and fixes to a handful of Warzone elements that should improve the overall experience and make it better for everyone involved. This comes immediately after the update that we just had earlier this week, too. 

From changing up the Call of Duty Warzone suppressors to fixing a critical operator mission that wasn’t working correctly to change up some user interface. HDXere’s everything that you need to know about the latest update for the game. 

Call of Duty Warzone Suppressors Are Strong Again

First off, there are the Call of Duty Warzone suppressors themselves. Raven noted that this patch had changed the Agency, GRU, and Wrapped Suppressors back to their original state as they were before the major changes were controversially made to them. 

This is excellent news for any battle royale fans who were playing with the suppressors on their weapons. For those who don’t know, suppressors are a valuable attachment (or at least they were) in Warzone given that they, well, suppress the fire of the weapon not to be as loud and noticeable. 

Shooting with suppressed guns will be more silent and harder to pinpoint for enemies. While not necessarily as important in a game like Black Ops Cold War most of the time, it is a valuable asset for Warzone players due to that game’s style. 

You are dealing with dozens upon dozens of other squads and players in each match that you are in for this battle royale game, making it so that you have more to worry about more than just one other team. There are so many enemies that you will not want to give your location away so easily. 

How Suppressors Are Useful in Warzone

When completing actions like entering a building, going into rooms, looking for loot, and getting the drop on unsuspecting enemies, do this as quietly as possible unless you are an aggressive player who doesn’t care too much about who knows where you are. 

The Call of Duty Warzone suppressors are great for this as they can help keep you hidden when shooting at enemies as they may not be fully aware of your location yet. It can be great when you are fighting someone that other teams around don’t immediately know where you are. 

Fortunately, it looks like the Call of Duty Warzone suppressors will be viable again in battle royale as they have returned to their previous state. But that isn’t all that is in this update. Raven has addressed one of the buggy operator missions in the game, too. 

Other Changes for Warzone This Week

The fourth operator mission for Baker has been fixed to now work correctly and track what players are doing. This is Baker’s mission that involves the player needing to eliminate 15 enemies using any weapon that has a 2x magnified scope or greater attached to it. You can use 2x, 3x, 4x, and so on to take out enemies. It should track now for this mission. 

Beyond that, some small updates to the various UI elements like the icons, store bundles, player level up, and others addressed in this update. This update comes as the second one this week for Warzone, following up on the previous small update that fixed some problems. 

Those issues were fixed in the March 1 update earlier this week that dealt with the reactive blueprint skins. These would sometimes disappear when a player performed actions that would stow away their weapon but have been fixed now and should show up correctly from now on. 

More specifically, there was also a fix for the Vulture Exo weapon blueprint. It will no longer emit a bright light that covered up most of the player’s screen, not only being physically damaging to some players’ eyes but also preventing them from adequately fighting. 

And last but not least, there is a fix for one of the store bundles you can pick up for the game. The Season 2 Combat Pack that was recently released to commemorate the start of the second season and its connection to Black Ops Cold War has been addressed. 

Those players on PS4 should now show the correct text for the included items that you will get when you pick up this bundle for your account. For more on these two updates this week, be sure to head on over to the Raven Software site for more details. 


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