Call of Duty Warzone Solos Mode Is Now Live a Week After Launch

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 18th 2020

Call of Duty Warzone is a fascinating and popular battle royale game from Activision that stands on its own as either part of Modern Warfare or its own standalone battle royale game. The game is becoming more popular since its initial launch.

Call of Duty Warzone Solos Game Mode Now Available

There are still some improvements that the battle royale title could make in the future. One of them has already been made soon after launch. We are happy to announce that Activision released the Call of Duty Warzone solos game mode for all players.

No matter what platform of PS4, Xbox One, or PC you are on, you can jump in and start playing by yourself in the game. The Call of Duty Warzone solos mode is a fascinating addition to the battle royale title that we didn’t expect currently in the game’s history.

Warzone was only a week old or so when the game came out with this surprising addition to the battle royale experience. In it, players can engage in that classic free-for-all battle royale mode where the winner takes all as there is only a single winner.

Like the original battle royale mode available at launch, up to 150 players are in each match you do of Call of Duty Warzone solos. If you jump in, you will find that you are by yourself with over 100 other players that you are competing against for the last person standing award.

Details About Solos Mode

The player left is the winner in the match and claim the battle royale victory for themselves. Everything that happens in the match will fall on you in solos since you don’t have teammates like in the normal version and even Plunder.

Perhaps you are someone like this author who doesn’t have a ton of friends to play competitively with. You are left hoping that your teammates in the normal battle royale aren’t terrible. In this case, you can enjoy playing by yourself in this exciting new addition to the game.

For the most part, the rules of the Call of Duty Warzone solos mode are what you would expect from the game. It is you against 149 other players dropping into an unedited version of the Verdansk map, the same from the other modes.

You have the circle that quickly closes in time and time again, forcing the solo players to get closer and closer to one another. You can loot, survive, and even complete contracts throughout the match by yourself. The contracts are a new feature exclusive to Warzone.

Core Gameplay Features Remain Largely the Same

They let you complete various objectives like capturing a point or hunting down a specific player near you. Doing these are worth the side mission during the match. They will grant you some awesome cash rewards that go towards buying stuff.

The purchase station is also available in the Call of Duty Warzone solos mode with the option to purchase useful items like the UAV drone, recon drone, and more. These are more useful here in a mode where you only have yourself to rely upon. Seeing the enemies around you is important.

You can purchase the self-revive kit as well. Usually, in the Call of Duty Warzone solos mode, a player will automatically die when they lose their health in a fight since there is no one around to revive them.

However, if you have the self-revive kit from the buy station, you will be downed instead. You will have the option to revive yourself before the enemy takes you out for good. Though this will undoubtedly be difficult outside of when sniped from far away since you have no one to defend you, it is still an excellent option.

Tips and How Eliminations Are Handled

Players should watch out for enemies that they eliminate in the solos mode. If you happen to notice someone downed instead of dying immediately, you can know that they have the chance to revive themselves.

It allows you to get in there and take that person out before they can revive themselves or at least let you know that they could come after you if preoccupied with other fights at that moment. The feature is useful for eliminated and attacking players.

But if you don’t have the money to revive yourself or get killed anyways, not all hope is lost in the solos game mode. There is still the Gulag, another unique feature for Call of Duty Warzone. Your first death (so long as the timer hasn’t run out yet) will make you a prisoner of the Gulag.

You will go to a prison arena where you will fight in a one on one duel against another dead player. The winner will have the chance to come back to life again. It is an excellent option that makes it so that even unfortunate or accidental deaths in solos won’t necessarily spell your defeat.

The Call of Duty Warzone solos game mode is available right now, only a week or so after the initial launch of the game. Strangely, the game didn’t just launch without it. It might be some time until we find out why the game mode was handled in such a bizarre way. For now, though, you can enjoy it for free as part of Warzone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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