Call of Duty Warzone Private Matches Reportedly Have Different Stats and Builds

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 13th 2021

One of the most key parts of Call of Duty Warzone is that you can host Warzone private matches that are a quintessential part of the competitive experience online. These private matches allow users to host their competitions and tournaments, which is necessary for the community.

Warzone Private Matches Reportedly Have Different Stats

That said, it looks like the Call of Duty Warzone private matches are not exactly working as expected, according to one particular stats collector. TrueGameData is a Twitter user dedicated to bringing the most up-to-date stats for the Call of Duty franchise and is a trusty source. 

According to the data collector, it looks like the stats for the Call of Duty Warzone private matches are currently not in the right place. The user recently stated that the stats for guns and the like in the private servers are different from the public matches. 

TrueGameData reportedly has “confirmed” that the Call of Duty Warzone private matches stats are different from the public version of the battle royale game. Later, this was detailed more in a YouTube video that the dataminer posted, explaining further how this works. 

The gist of the differing Call of Duty Warzone private matches stats comes down to the main fact that the private matches are reportedly using a completely different build of the battle royale game from the main public matches of Warzone. 

Why This Could Be the Case

The YouTube video does not go into much great detail about how the values and stats of weapons change in private matches, but the gist of it is that it has been confirmed at this point. This is due to some strenuous testing that the content creator has done up until this point. 

Much of this comes down to the fact that we are dealing with a new season and era known as Warzone Pacific. With the first season’s release last week, there have only been a few days for players to dig in there and see what the first season of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific is all about. 

The crux of the possible issues with the differing stats in the Call of Duty Warzone private matches as opposed to the public ones is likely due to the myriad new weapons in this season. With this being the first season to connect Warzone with Vanguard, there are dozens of new guns to check out. 

For instance, some of the guns, like the STG, were already in Warzone due to the pre-release hype for the World War II-set game, but others like the Automaton made their debut. While the content creator has not been able to test each new weapon individually, there seem to be some differences in the stats.

Thus far, the data collector has found that some weapons have different damages and other values when used in private matches instead of the public matches in Season 1. There are a lot of possible factors for why this is the case, but it is concerning for now. 

Private Matches Reportedly Run on a Different Build

It is quite odd that the Call of Duty Warzone private matches are reportedly using a different game build than the public matches, but that seems to be the case. As for why Raven Software would allow for this to happen, this may be simply an oversight on its part. 

It could be that with everything that launched in this new season, like all of the new Vanguard-themed weapons, the brand new Caldera island map, and more, that private matches is the area where the developer slipped up and made a mistake at launch. 

Perhaps the developer intended to make the builds the same across the private matches and public ones, but that was forgotten during Season 1. Alternatively, it could be something that the developer already knows about and is not yet ready to tackle the problem. 

Given that there is so much happening in this new season, it is possible that some areas of the battle royale game had to be sacrificed to make the launch of Warzone Pacific. Private matches could be a place for that to happen as it may not be deemed necessary to deal with on the priority list. 

Hopefully, a Fix Comes Soon

If this is the case, though, we imagine that Raven would address this issue head-on soon, clear up the confusion surrounding the various stats and the like, and have a plan for the build of Call of Duty Warzone private matches will line up with the public ones. 

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, this is not something that has been addressed. The problem with this is that private match lobbies are crucial to the livelihood of the competitive and content creation side of Call of Duty Warzone. 

As one of the most popular battle royale games around — possible number one in the genre — in terms of streaming and content creation, private matches are where so many streamers will create lobbies to play with other personalities in the business fans. 

Furthermore, we get battle royale tournaments and competitions like the World Series of Warzone. As such, this could potentially compromise or at least complicate the balancing nature of competitions for the foreseeable future until it is fixed. Hopefully, this is an area that Raven can tackle very soon. 


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