Call of Duty Warzone Parachute Glitch Should Finally Be Fixed in Season 5

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 30th 2020

Call of Duty Warzone and its parent game, Modern Warfare, are no strangers to glitches, bugs, and issues but rarely do we see a problem that persists for as long as the parachute glitch. The Warzone parachute glitch has been in the game since basically its launch and it still hasn’t been resolved. 

TimtheTatman Posted About the Warzone Parachute Glitch

Fortunately, it looks like a fix is finally on the way for the Call of Duty Warzone parachute glitch. A video went viral last night where one particular content creator showed their anger regarding the issue and questioned how long it would take for Activision to finally address the problem. 

Tim Rages Over Glitch

Sure, if the player is jumping off of a roof or ledge, you would expect the parachute to pop out so they can safely glide down to the land below. But the problem is that the Call of Duty Warzone parachute glitch will cause the character to pull it out even for the tiniest hops at times. 

This is exactly what happened to TimtheTatman in Warzone recently and this single glitch was potentially enough to cause the player to lose the fight. After jumping out from behind the wall, the animation began and he quickly crouched down low to offset the action.

He began firing back at his opponent, but was quickly taken out within a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, this could have possibly been avoided if the Call of Duty Warzone parachute glitch didn’t occur. In the frames that it took for him to start executing that animation and then cancel it, the enemy had already begun shooting at him a good bit. 

This, of course, caused the streamer to rage quite a bit in the middle of the stream and question how long it would take for this glitch to be taken out of the game that has been there since basically the beginning. I, personally, encountered it many times the first week the game was out, so it is something that has been there for months and prevalent at the same time.

Infinity Ward Developer Responds

TimtheTatman shared the video clip with the simple question of how long has this Warzone parachute glitch been in the game? And interestingly enough, one user on Twitter responded to the post by tagging the co-design director of multplayer at Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot. 

When We Could See the Parachute Glitch Fix

This would finally, hopefully, resolve this problem that has been in the game since March. But the problem is that players will likely have to continue to deal with it in the meantime. At best, Cecot hopes to have the fix out not at the launch of season five but in the middle of it. 

Season five is currently scheduled to release next week, which wouldn’t have been too long to wait if the fix was going to be in that update, but it is actually coming in the middle of the next season. Given the standard length of Warzone and Modern Warfare seasons, Season 4 has been running since early June, it is likely that this won’t be fixed until around the end of August or potentially in September. 

That is rather unfortunate, as that means that players could have more than a month longer to wait for this issue to finally be resolved. That could mean that the parachute glitch would have been in the game for about five months by the time it is finally dealt with. 

And then there is the fact that sometimes fixes don’t permanently get rid of a problem or only fix part of it. This is something that could also happen, depending on how testing goes. But at least we have an official response on the matter and know that a fix is being worked on currently. 


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