Call of Duty Warzone Nukes Are Accidentally Launching Ahead of Time

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 8th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone is nearing something huge and has been for some time. It has been rumored and teased that the current Zombies event is heading towards an explosive finale. That has been confirmed with the recent Warzone nukes launching. 

Call of Duty Warzone Nukes Are Already Launching

But these Call of Duty Warzone nukes aren’t launching in the proper way that we expected them to. Instead, it seems that a glitch is occurring, causing some players and matches to see the nukes go off early with a possible leak of the event that is to come. 

As such, we highly recommend that you turn away now if you are averse to spoilers regarding the upcoming fate of Warzone and what is happening next. We don’t know too much just yet, but there is enough, for sure, to give us a glimpse of what is to come for the battle royale game. 

Still here? Awesome, the Call of Duty Warzone nukes were revealed early by the Twitter account Modern Warzone, who is known to leak information and the like early on for the battle royale title. The Twitter user posted a video clip of the nukes going off in a recent match. 

This event was not intended to happen for the user as it doesn’t exactly come to fruition the way that we would expect it to. Instead, it is pretty anticlimactic in the end, with not nearly as much fanfare surrounding such a massive occasion. 

Nukes Just Fall Into the Ground With Nothing Else

In the short video clip on Twitter, we can see the user is just in the middle of a normal match of battle royale when they are close to a possible area where zombies are taking over. This has been increasingly happening across the Verdansk map, and it is only going to continue. 

As the player is just chilling in the match, you can see a huge nuke that is launched into the sky and starts coming down towards the map, very close to where the player is standing. This crazy moment is pretty surprising since we didn’t expect the nukes to go off just yet. 

But the crazy part is that when the nuke crash lands into the ground, some smoke appears in the nearby area, but there isn’t anything else beyond that. No explosion, major effects besides the smoke, no map changes, or anything like that at all happen. 

Instead, the smoke dissipates. The player is immediately back to the normal match antics of hunting down other players and trying to survive until the end. Unfortunately, we don’t see more of what is happening with this nuke event, but it is a nice tease. 

This Glitch Is Pretty Widespread

What has likely happened is that there is a glitch causing the Call of Duty Warzone nukes to go off early in some of the matches. But since it is just a bug causing this, the actual full event that we will get to see at some point isn’t happening at all. 

And it doesn’t look like this video is fake, either, as more and more players are coming out with their clips of this Call of Duty Warzone nukes bug happening in their matches. This is a pretty widespread issue and one that Raven Software likely did not intend to happen. 

Even still, it essentially confirms that there is going to be an explosive nuke event that is going to happen in Warzone and, specifically, for the Verdansk map soon. We pretty much already knew this was going to happen, but it is nice to have some official confirmation of a sort. 

This, of course, leaves us wondering what is supposed to happen when the actual nuke event happens in the game and when that might be. The actual event will likely be much more explosive and entertaining for starters than this bomb just falling into the ground. 

When and What the Real Nukes Event Will Likely Be

We imagine that there will be a lot of effects involved with the explosion, aftermath, and maybe even the events leading up to the bombs dropping. This will likely be more exciting and fun to watch, so don’t worry, as this glitch likely didn’t spoil much about the real event. 

With the zombies expanding more and more across the Verdansk map, it is only a matter of time until the in-game authorities see that the undead horde must be stopped at all costs. The method for that will be taking out the entire map with a nuke bomb. 

Will this event result in the end of the Verdansk map or just major parts of it? Will this lead to a brand new map in the battle royale title? Those are questions that we will have to wait and see for the answers to, as it is uncertain what Raven’s plans for the game are at this time. 

We know, though, that there is a high chance that the time for the end of the Verdansk map is coming soon. The nukes are already in the game files, so the back end is nearly ready for this to happen. But when will the nuke event occur?

We imagine that it will happen pretty soon but, most likely, when the end of the current second season happens. We are nearing the end of the current season for Warzone and Cold War, so that would be a good time to have this event happen, leading into a new map in Season 3 for the game. Stay tuned for more details on that in the coming weeks.


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