Call of Duty Warzone LAPA SMG Arrives: How to Unlock It, Loadout

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 20th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone is entering the final phase of its connection to Black Ops Cold War with The Haunting limited-time event. Celebrating Halloween, this new event is here. It includes, surprisingly enough, a brand new weapon with the Warzone LAPA loadout and more. 

New SMG Arrives as Part of The Haunting Event

The Haunting event is available right now at the time of writing this, and so is a bunch of new content that you can enjoy. Perhaps the most surprising part of this situation is that Raven Software and fellow developer Treyarch are almost treating this situation as a midseason update. 

Even though the sixth and final season for these two games together is still pretty fresh, you have the chance to see new content with The Haunting event. This is familiar to Warzone players from last year, and it is back this year with lots of new game modes, items, and even a weapon. 

That new weapon is the LAPA SMG, and you can start unlocking it right now and creating the perfect Warzone LAPA loadout for your playstyle. This new weapon looks to be a flexible close-range SMG that will be a solid addition to the current meta of Warzone moving forward. 

The new weapon is a welcome one at this random time, and it is not available through the usual means of unlocking an SMG by just progressing through the battle pass tiers. Since the sixth season battle pass is already here and we already had an update with the Vanguard weapons expansion, this new weapon is only available in one particular way. 

How to Unlock the LAPA: Challenges

Before we jump into the Warzone LAPA loadout that we recommend for using this weapon, you first need to have it in your inventory. If you do not have the gun, after all, you will be unable to customize the Warzone LAPA loadout and start using it regularly. 

Since this is not part of the traditional battle pass weapons this season, the method for unlocking it is through some in-game challenges. In this case, though, it is a really special occasion as Raven is only offering the LAPA SMG through the event challenges at this time. 

They are not the typical challenges that will be permanent in the game, but, rather, they are only available during this event. That means that you are encouraged to act fast to unlock this new SMG weapon before the end of The Haunting limited-time event on November 2, 2021. 

As for the challenges that you need to do to unlock the new LAPA SMG weapon, it is also unique that the missions are not the same at all for the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War versions. Usually, the weapon challenges are the same. You pick which game you want to do it in. 

However, that is not the case for this particular weapon, as the challenges are different depending on your game. This inevitably means that one game might be slightly easier to do the challenges in than the other one. 

There are multiple missions that you have to do, too, to unlock the Warzone LAPA loadout and weapon options. All of them must be done, not just one of them, to get it. Here are the Call of Duty Warzone The Haunting event challenges that you must do for it if you go this route:

  • Play five matches of the Ghosts of Verdansk event game mode
  • Earn a top 10 final spot with a squad in Ghosts of Verdansk in three different matches
  • Take out 10 of the enemy ghost players in the Ghosts of Verdansk playlist
  • Take out 10 enemy human players while playing as a fellow human operator in Ghosts of Verdansk
  • Take out five enemy human players while playing as the ghost in the Ghosts of Verdansk game mode
  • While playing as a ghost, respawn as a human operator by either collecting three souls or performing a single finishing move
  • Visit three different sacred grounds locations to lower your fear meter in Ghosts of Verdansk
  • Answer three phones in Ghosts of Verdansk
  • Experience a total of three different hallucinations while having a full fear meter in Ghosts of Verdansk

On the other hand, we have the Black Ops Cold War challenges that are different and built around the content for The Haunting event. If you opt to unlock the new SMG weapon in that game, instead of Warzone, here are the missions that you must complete: 

  • Complete five matches in the multiplayer Haunting game modes or Zombies Haunting playlists
  • Get 200 multiplayer eliminations in the Nuketown Halloween 24/7 mode or destroy 200 pumpkin heads in Zombies
  • Finish in the top three in the Scream Deathmatch mode or successfully escape in the Hallows’ Eve Outbreak game mode
  • Get 30 multiplayer eliminations in Infected or eliminate 30 special or elite Zombies
  • Get 10 melee weapon kills in multiplayer or earn the Butcher medals 10 times in Zombies
  • Open up one scare package in multiplayer or Zombies
  • Get 50 eliminations while using the Ghost perk in multiplayer or kill 50 zombies while cloaked in the Aether Shroud in Zombies
  • Get three multiplayer kills without dying three different times or earn the Carnage medals in Zombies three times
  • Get five kills in multiplayer with fire damage or get five fire damage multi-kill medals in Zombies

Tips for Completing the Warzone Missions

Since there are two, well technically three, different routes for unlocking the new weapon in Season 6, we will start with the Warzone missions and tips for completing these challenges. Some of these are rather easy and self-explanatory, but others need a bit of information beforehand. 

First up on the Warzone challenges list is to play five matches of Ghosts of Verdansk. This is the new The Haunting special game mode that is available. You need to play five matches of it and complete them, either winning in the end or being taken out completely, so not much to say there.

From there, you need to get top 10 as a squad in this same game mode three times, which will be a bit difficult. We highly recommend sticking together more than ever and protecting your human teammates if you are a ghost. 

The next several missions are about taking out the other ghosts in the match as well as players, and this is something that you will be doing already in battle royale, so not much to say there, but to watch out for the special powers that the ghosts have in this game mode. 

The next one is a key one where you need to be revived as a human after becoming the ghost in this mode. You become the ghost the first time you die in the match, but you can come back as a human through one of two methods you must do for this task. 

The first is to kill three humans without dying simply. Doing this will allow you to consume three souls and return to the land of the living. The alternative method is to sneak up and make a finishing move on a human, which will be a lot harder to accomplish, honestly. 

After that, you have to use three sacred ground areas to free yourself of fear as a human. This is simple enough, especially since the sacred grounds are marked on your map. Then you need to answer three phones in the game mode, which requires heading to houses and looking around residential areas to listen for the ringing phones and answer them. 

Last but not least, you need to experience three hallucinations while having a full fear meter. This means letting it go all the way to 100 three times in the new game mode. We recommend letting it get to 100 before doing the purifying parts at the sacred grounds to try and do both missions simultaneously. 

Tips for the Cold War Challenges

On the other side, we have the Black Ops Cold War challenges that you need to do if you want to unlock the weapon this way. You have a lot of choices for this method, too, since you can do these challenges on either the multiplayer side or Zombies side. 

Some are also easier in one as opposed to the other, so we will note that in our tips. The first one is easy enough: play five multiplayer or Zombies, and you’re good to go, though multiplayer might be a bit faster in this instance. 

Then you need to get 200 multiplayer eliminations, or pumpkin head kills. I do think that, depending on the person, Zombies could be the easier route here, so it just depends on what you are better at. Finishing in the top three in Scream Deathmatch could take some work for some players while escaping in Outbreak might be a simple task for others, so that depends on your playstyle. 

Then get 30 multiplayer eliminations in Infected is not too hard but could take some time, while Zombies fans might have a quicker time getting the 30 special or elite undead. The Butcher medal is getting five rapid melee kills in Zombies, which can be a little tough, so you might want to get 10 multiplayer melee kills. 

The scare package is easy enough if you focus on playing the special Haunting game modes. I opt for the former for 50 eliminations with the Ghost perk or Aether Shroud, but it is up to you. Then there is the mission to get three Carnage medals, which is 10 rapid kills or three multiplayer kills without dying three different times. 

For me, the multiplayer side is easier, but I could see some excellent Zombies players having an easier time with the other one. And last but not least, you need to get some fire damage eliminations. This is where you need to fall in love with the Molotov cocktail and use it quite a bit. 

If you are having a hard time unlocking the new weapon, there is another method that you can go about. There is a special weapon blueprint in the store that you can purchase that will instantly unlock it for you without going through the trouble of finishing these challenges. 

Best Warzone LAPA Loadout

Once you have the weapon unlocked through your method of choice, you are ready to make your Warzone LAPA loadout. We have some recommendations for the loadout that we think you should use, but this is ultimately up to you. 

Overall, the weapon is a strong SMG that is pretty reliable and has decent damage and range, making it a contender against the AK-74u finally. For this reason, the Warzone LAPA loadout that we have focuses on maximizing that range and handling some of the weaknesses that it has. 

The Warzone LAPA loadout starts with the optic attachment, which I do not think is necessary for this gun, but I could see it being a crucial part of the experience for some players. In that case, the Microflex is going to be the best optic for this SMG. 

Otherwise, the best Warzone LAPA loadout begins with the muzzle. This one is pretty standard, with the Agency Suppressor being the go-to. For the barrel, the 5.8” or the 7.7” will be your friends, depending on if you want to deal with penalties or not. 

For the underbarrel, you are looking at the Bruiser Grip to be the best one here to speed up this gun. Then for the mag, I highly recommend the first magazine that you unlock or the Salvo, depending on how many penalties you can deal with, to open this gun up with better ammo rounds. 

And last but not least, the stock is recommended to be Tactical or Collapsed Stock. You could aim for one of the higher ones, but sacrificing hipfire accuracy diminishes the great qualities of this gun. 


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