Call of Duty Warzone Infinite Stim Glitch Returns

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 20th 2020

Glitches and bugs in Call of Duty Warzone (and online multiplayer games in general) are pretty common these days, especially as new patches drop for them. But it isn’t too often that we see a glitch return to the game quickly, but such is the case with the Call of Duty Warzone infinite stim exploit.

Call of Duty Warzone Infinite Stim Glitch Is Back

The Warzone infinite stim glitch is one that might strike fear and horror into players who dealt with it recently. Unfortunately, it has reared its ugly head once again. Players will probably remember this issue in battle royale from early October over a month ago, and it is back with revenge.

For those of you who don’t know about this glitch, it initially appeared last month and is back now, according to multiple reports and threads about Reddit’s problem like this one from the Reddit user Ila_tiv who posted about the possible exploit being back.

In the Reddit thread, they post a question asking the community if the glitch is back in the game and accompanied a clip with the post to showcase why they were concerned in the first place. In the video clip, the player is hopping around with their teammates in the gas outside of the circle.

They end up fighting with another team as the gas continues to damage them, and they run for dear life. They are eventually felled by the gas taking them out, but another team wins in the process. This is the strange part to the user since the clip is over a minute long and the other team seemed fine in the gas.

How the Infinite Stim Glitch Works

This likely prompted them to post the video clip and ask if the Warzone infinite stim glitch was back to explain why the opposing team could stay alive for so long outside of the safe circle. This is one of many posts shared this week regarding the second wave of this exploit.

This particular glitch is problematic, not just because it has returned for a second go around, but because it was a game-breaking exploit before. It remains that in its return as well. As the name of the Warzone infinite stim hints at, it allows the player to have an unlimited supply of stim packs.

Usually, the stim is a single-use item that you can get in the game and use on your character to instantly start recharging your health so that you can keep on fighting. It is a classic Call of Duty item that is important to Warzone and the recently released Black Ops Cold War.

However, the problem with this glitch is that it lets you use the stim an infinite number of times even though it should only be available for a single-use and then thrown away. Through this exploit, a player can effectively regenerate their health constantly by mashing the button to use the stim over and over.

Players Are Using This to Unfairly Win Matches

If you use the Warzone infinite stim glitch, you are essentially guaranteed to keep getting your health back indefinitely as long as you keep mashing the button. Of course, the player is still vulnerable to dying by other means, like other players firing at them, but it renders the gas outside of the circles useless and ineffective.

So, what a player can do and has done, as seen in the video clip, is hide somewhere out of sight in the dangerous gas and keep mashing the Warzone infinite stim glitch over and over to keep themselves alive. They can keep doing this until there is no circle left and the other team or players die out from the constant damage.

All the person has to do is keep surviving due to the stim. It is an easy and unfair victory for them in Call of Duty Warzone. For now, it seems like the Warzone infinite stim exploit is available in all game modes, from solos to team-based ones, so players should keep an eye out for this all across the battle royale game currently.

If you hop into Call of Duty Warzone right now, keep in mind that this exploit will likely be popular and used by many players in matches for the time being until a fix is issued. This could make the game broken and unfair unless you are using the glitch as well.

Hopefully a Fix Is Coming Soon

It is uncertain if the glitch works the same as it could have a different method for exploiting the stim pack item. Regardless, the exploit remains in the game currently. There are plenty of cases of this used. It is only a matter of time until there is someone in every match using it to try to win unfairly.

Fortunately, the one positive about this situation is that Activision acknowledged the glitch over a month ago and fixed it shortly after players discovered it. Given that it has been fixed once before, we imagine it should be fixed again soon.

That is unless it is caused by something different. But hopefully, the experience of fixing it before should make it even easier this time around. Players won’t have to wait too long for the battle royale title to be the fair game that it is supposed to be online in its various modes. Stay tuned for more updates about this problem in the future.


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