Call of Duty Warzone Duos and Squads Reportedly Leak

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 25th 2020

Call of Duty Warzone has been out for only a couple of weeks and it looks to already be expanding soon. A recent leak for the game points towards a possible leak of upcoming Warzone duos and squads game modes coming to the game.

Call of Duty Warzone Custom Matches Leak

The leak this time around comes via a Call of Duty Warzone player and self-proclaimed “retired FPS god” who found a very interesting glitch while in the game lobby. The player tweeted about it on their Twitter account, tagging a couple of popular content creators for the game in the process.

Twitter user Myst_ics noted that the game glitched out for them and they discovered some rather strange settings that didn’t exist previously. They then shared four screenshots that reportedly show off this potential leak in the game itself.

The screenshots show that the user is still in the main battle royale menu for the Modern Warfare spin-off game. They are, specifically, in a portion of the game known as the battle royale rules section. This is something that you can’t normally see in the game at this time.

It points towards not only the new game modes but the possibility of custom battle royale matches coming to the title soon. This would be an excellent move for the game as there are other battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG that already offer this.

Different Leaked Settings Detailed

It seems that the Twitter user somehow stumbled upon the battle royale rules for hosting a possible custom match, but the method of how they got there wasn’t revealed in the initial post. However, a lot of varied settings were shown off in the reportedly leaked screenshots.

For starters, the first screenshot shows them in the player tab of the main menu for the game. Under the player tab for the rules and settings, you can change some of the things for features like changing how many lives the player has in the match.

You can also change other minor features like the amount of health everyone has, if how fast health regeneration is, enabling or disabling tactical sprint, allowing for revives, showing the enemy’s death location, and many more.

But from there, it gets really interesting as the second, third, and fourth screenshots show off the game tab of the rules you can change. It allows you to change the team size of the players in the match, and the options aren’t just the standard solos and trios that are currently available in the game.

Leak Hints at Warzone Duos and Squads Releasing

You are also able to select the Warzone duos and squads versions in these settings. This heavily hints at the possible release of these two game modes soon for the spin-off Call of Duty title. This wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest as those game modes are staples in most other battle royale games, including Activision’s Blackout mode.

There are further settings shown that players can change like allowing input swap and turning on the Codcaster system for broadcasting esports events. Also, the CDL tuning setting is likely meant for making the match more like the Call of Duty League style.

This is weird, though, since the Call of Duty League is very different from the battle royale-specific Warzone. That esports league, currently in its first season, is mainly used for a handful of online multiplayer modes that don’t include battle royale at this time.

While that could change in the future, we highly doubt that would be the case. Perhaps it is there for now in the backend of the game but would be removed once these custom game settings release for everyone to use freely.

After all, it is important to note that this is a reported leak for the game and could be an elaborate hoax, though, we don’t think that is the case. However, it is certainly possible that these settings and rules are works-in-progress so we wouldn’t be surprised to see them change up considerably in the future when they do finally release this.

More Evidence Points to Duos and Squads

That said, we do expect the Call of Duty Warzone duos and squads game modes to come out for the title in the future. The problem is just we don’t know when that would be. The game is still relatively new but that hasn’t stopped Activision and Infinity Ward from making major additions.

The solos game mode was introduced a week after the launch of the game. This allowed players the chance to play through the game alone against up to 149 other solo players on the massive Verdansk map as we’ve already covered in the past.

This was a great option for players who like to survive on their own since the base game only had the trios option available for it, similar to how Apex Legends launched its title last year. Many players don’t like playing with teammates and Warzone didn’t waste time in catering to them.

Also, there are elements of squads already in the game with the vehicles like the helicopter that can hold four players in it at once. This is strange since the game only has up to three players right now, hinting at the release of four-player squads in the future.

The problem with this is that the game will need some fundamental changes to the player count before the squads mode can release. This is no problem for a possible Call of Duty Warzone duos mode since the 150 players can easily divide into 75 teams of two players each.

But four-player squads don’t exactly divide into that number so easily. As such, we would have to see an increase potentially to 160 players for squads matches or even 200 as was originally rumored for a long time before 150 was confirmed as the actual player count.

For now, we will just have to wait and see if the Call of Duty Warzone duos and squads rumor is true as Activision has yet to confirm anything.


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