Call of Duty Warzone Duos Is Coming

by in Call of Duty | May, 4th 2020

Fans of Call of Duty Warzone have been clamoring for the release of duos in battle royale as it is the one main mode that the game is lacking right now. That said, it looks like the possibility of it releasing soon just skyrocketed as the Call of Duty Warzone duos mode is confirmed for the game.

Call of Duty Warzone Duos Mode Confirmed

The Call of Duty Warzone duos mode was confirmed in a recent interview with the French gaming website GamerGen. The website recently interviewed a couple of developers from both Infinity Ward and Raven Software about Warzone, season four, and much more.

The two developers sourced for this interview were Taylor Kurosaki, studio narrative director for Infinity Ward, and Amos Hodge, creative director at Raven Software. As part of the interview, they went over a lot of topics including the future of spin-off game Warzone.

One particular topic brought up was the question of whether there are any particular features, game modes, or changes postponed due to the fact that a lockdown happened — is still happening in some areas — and teams are working from home.

Of course, there are understandably some problems with working from home that the developers are dealing with like those who live in further out areas that don’t have access to reliable internet or none at all. It wasn’t long until the question was followed up by the topic of duos.

Issues Still Need to Be Worked Out With Duos

Call of Duty Warzone duos mode is a long-requested feature for the game that players have wanted pretty much since it launched in March. Given that Plunder, the other main type in Warzone, recently had a duos mode, players are wanting it even more as it hasn’t happened for normal battle royale.

To address this, the two developers were asked if the Call of Duty Warzone duos mode would come out for battle royale soon. Hodge went ahead and confirmed that yes, duos is something that the team is working on, though it may be some time until it releases.

That said, the confirmation is good enough as, up until this point, we didn’t know whether or not it would release. It was easy enough to assume that would be the case as with most other battle royale games like Fortnite and even Activision’s Blackout, but that is still no guarantee.

Thankfully, the statement from Hodge is something that gives us hope that we will see the Call of Duty Warzone duos mode sooner rather than later.

“We had Duos on Plunder, but I’m not sure where Duos is, we got some bugs to work out with Duos. But we’re listening to the community – if you noticed, we launched with just Trios, then we added Solos, [then] we added Quads, so we will get to a place where we add Duos in the future,” Amos Hodge stated in the interview. “There’s just no exact time I can give you for now, but Duos is coming. You’ve already [seen it] in Plunder, but there’s just things we gotta figure out, find the right timing and everything else.”

Permanent Warzone Modes Are Still Undetermined

There are some problems with this whole situation, though, that goes beyond the normal issue of just bugs and the like that could be stopping duos from releasing soon. There is the fact that the teams haven’t nailed down what the permanent modes for Warzone are just yet.

Kurosaki noted that on social media, the players are very active and vocal about the things they like and dislike about the state of the game. For instance, when quads was finally added to the game, some players rejoiced over the classic mode while others lamented the fact that the rather unique trios the game launched with was gone.

And then when trios did return with quads now on the back burner, the situation reversed with the fans of quads being disappointed as it was no longer available in the game. It’s a complicated situation where the developers are still trying to figure out what the standard modes in the game are and which ones should only show up for a limited time.

Given the whole situation recently with duos releasing for only a limited time in Plunder, it is likely that that was part of the experimental stage that Infinity Ward and Raven Software are in currently. With that said, it seems like there are only a few problems left to deal with when it comes to battle royale duos.

When We Could See Duos

In this situation, we wouldn’t be shocked to see Warzone release with the next season of battle pass or even in the next month or so. This is all just guesses on our part, but looking at the speed that quads and solos were able to release so soon after launch, duo seems to be on the horizon.

This would be a great answer to many requests from players who prefer the complicated, competitive nature of duos. With the 150 cap in most matches of battle royale, that would mean 75 teams of two players each most likely and that sounds like just the right craziness to us.

But duos isn’t the only part of the future of Warzone that Infinity Ward and Raven Software are concerned about. It was also brought up in the interview about the future of the Call of Duty franchise that is likely going to see a new game release this fall like in the past 10+ years.

The problem with Warzone, that we brought up in a lengthy blog post dedicated to just this topic recently, is that it is too intrinsically tied to Modern Warfare. They use the same graphics, engine, gameplay, and so on to fuel it.

The Future of Warzone Looks Great

This is great for players of Modern Warfare since they have a battle royale mode while also pleasing those who don’t own that game with a standalone free version, but it complicates the future. Thankfully, it looks like the future of Warzone is heading in the right direction like we hoped.

According to Kurosaki, Call of Duty is like a genre in itself and there are different branches to it — likely the fact that several different developers make the mainline games plus the spin-offs — but Warzone is going to be the connecting game between all of them.

While other Call of Duty games will come in and out of the limelight each year, Warzone will remain the one constant throughout all of that. As such, we expect that Warzone will connect with each future Call of Duty title and likely be available at or soon after the launch of the next-gen consoles, Xbox Series X and PS5.

For now, though, we will just have to wait and see so stay tuned for more info about duos and next-gen versions in, hopefully, the near future.


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