Call of Duty Warzone DMR 14 and Other Guns Nerfed

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 13th 2021

Raven Software, the developers behind Call of Duty Warzone, have announced a smaller update that just dropped for the battle royale game this week. This new update is primarily focused on the guns in the game, including a long-awaited Warzone DMR 14 nerf yet again and more.

New Minor Warzone Update Released

Much of the discourse surrounding the battle royale game lately has been the fact that much of the Black Ops Cold War weapons have been too powerful ever since releasing at the start of season 1. Though nerfs have already happened, they remain at the top of the meta for now.

Hopefully, the changes that are being made in this new Warzone DMR 14 nerf update will help that gun and a couple of the other major guns to be more balanced from now on. The update is live right now by the time that you are reading this so be sure to update your game and check out the changes.

The new update was announced on Twitter and Raven Software was awesome enough to give us some short patch notes using the TwitLonger site. The update is a small one, for sure, but it adjusts four key weapons that have been in the midst of controversy ever since season 1 began.

There are even some changes for attachments for particular weapons in Call of Duty Warzone, which is something that we don’t normally see in the game. Without further ado, let’s take a look at everything that has changed in this latest update for the battle royale game.

Mac 10 Blueprint Changes Arrive

First off, there is a major change for a single weapon blueprint in Call of Duty Warzone. One of the weapons that was released at the start of the first season for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War was the Mac 10 SMG and it has quickly taken over that category.

Though the MP5 is still a behemoth in its own right, the Mac 10 is the only other SMG that can really stand up to it and it has been a beast of its own that has dominated much of the SMG meta. Fortunately, this update will nerf the Mac 10, or at least its blueprint, and that should help some.

The base Mac 10 weapon and its attachments will remain the same for now but the Gallantry Mac 10 weapon blueprint has been updated. The stats of the blueprint have been completely nerfed to match only the base stats of the Mac 10 SMG.

This is pretty unusual for a weapon blueprint as much of the interesting parts of these unique weapons is not just changing up the look of it but the stats as well with attachments and other unique stuff. However, the Gallantry will now match the Mac 10 in its stats.

The stats for the Mac 10 are already impressive enough so it seems that this change was made to make sure that the Gallantry blueprint wasn’t too powerful. From there, we come to the normal weapons that have been changed, including the Warzone DMR 14 nerf.

Yet Another Warzone DMR 14 Nerf Released

The DMR 14 has been one of the most popular weapons lately and for good reason but this might change now. There was a Warzone DMR 14 nerf before but it simply wasn’t enough. Now, though, the changes are much more substantial and will affect it greatly.

For one, the bullet penetration of the weapon has been reduced from the sniper rifle status to now assault rifle level. Damage falloff ranges have been decreased, too, making it 70% less than it was before. Recoil has been increased, too, and the locational damage multipliers have been adjusted.

Overall, the Warzone DMR 14 nerf means it will not work that well as it did before and be more on the assault rifle side of things. The problem with this is that it is a slower weapon than most ARs so it should make it more balanced. Will it be too much, though? We’ll have to wait and see for now.

The DMR 14’s tactical rifle brother, the Type 63, has also been nerfed some in this update but not as much. It also has bullet penetration now that is similar to that of an assault rifle and its damage falloff ranges have been decreased to 55% less than it was before, making it far less powerful.

Then there is the burst pistol, which has seen a rise in its popularity in the past couple of weeks. The overall max damage has been reduced a little bit for it from 45 to now 40. Additionally, attachments have been nerfed some in this update as well, which is pretty unique.

Attachments Have Also Been Changed

For the burst pistol, the Akimbo attachment has been adjusted to now have all location damage multipliers be set to 1. For the DMR 14, two attachments have been changed. The first is the front grip, which has vertical recoil reduction removed and horizontal recoil reduction has been increased from 20% to 30%.

The field agent foregrip has its vertical recoil reduction decreased from 35% to 25% and the horizontal recoil reduction increased from 35% to 30%. It is a similar situation for the Type 63 as two of its grips have had their recoil reduction rates changed.

The front gripe had its vertical recoil reduction completely removed and the horizontal recoil reduction increased from 20% to 30%. Meanwhile, the Spetsnaz ergonomic grip had its vertical recoil reduction decreased from 45% to 30% and the horizontal reduction also decreased to 40%.

One of the most important changes in this update is that the infinite stim glitch that we talked about recently is now gone. Players will not be able to infinitely use the stim while dropping their weapons when they are cooking a grenade. We’ll see if it returns again in the future.

And last but not least, the seasonal challenges have been fixed to now appear and track as intended.


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