Call of Duty Warzone Companion App Gives Players Unfair Advantages

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 5th 2021

Balance is one of the most important elements of any online multiplayer game and, arguably, the most crucial part. But there are always players looking for the next easy advantage in a game, and that is what is happening with the Call of Duty Warzone companion app. 

Unofficial Call of Duty Warzone Companion App Is Gaining Popularity

The unofficial Call of Duty Warzone companion app is from the company known as COD Stats who operates the app and the main website that hosts the various stats for the series. It is important to know about this app because it doesn’t have any cheating involved with it. 

In the case of the Call of Duty Warzone companion app, it is more about giving players access to info that they wouldn’t have available to them otherwise in the battle royale game. It is not any of the cheating or game-altering software that has also popped up lately.

In this way, the companion app and website could be seen as entirely legal within use while playing Warzone online. However, what the app allows for has made the community heated (via Eurogamer). It can give unfair advantages to some players, depending on how they use it. 

It is there to help players discover the various cheaters who are playing Warzone and avoid them or report them if they ever come across them. At this time, it seems that the companion app is only really available for use on PC that we can tell. 

App Lets You See Other Players’ Stats

From what we can see, there is no way to use the unofficial companion app on the console platforms, be it the PlayStation, Xbox, the new generation of consoles, or the old ones. It looks like only PC players can take advantage of this feature at this time. 

As such, this is something that console players should keep in mind when playing cross-platform with the other systems, including PC. How the companion app works is that it can read the match you are in currently and give you some stats based on the other players in the match with you. 

Seeing the stats of other users in a game isn’t unheard of. Many players will flock to various websites to see their respective stats and share them online. The app made it easier to view stats while in the middle of a match.

You weren’t just able to view the stats for yourself but every player and team in the match. The info that you could see, too, was incredibly detailed and thorough, giving you a solid idea of how that player is in combat and helping you know if you want to fight them or not. 

This Helps Players to Fight Against SBMM

The Call of Duty Warzone companion app has been instrumental in fighting back against the controversial skill-based matchmaking system, or SBMM, that players in the Warzone community have been staunch against for a while now. This system has made it so that the matches you do are heavily influenced by your skill and the other players’ skill.

It is there to give you a more balanced and even meta when joining matches, but it has all but led to nothing but frustration from most community players. Most matches are a real fight to the death and not relaxing at all, making it stress-inducing for anyone but the best players around. 

But with the unofficial companion app that was not released or endorsed by Activision in any way, you could somewhat circumvent all of the issues surrounding the stats and other players in the matchmaking system since you know what you are getting yourself into. 

How players used it was to view the player stats quickly when joining a lobby and then see whether they want to stick around in that match. Since the stats were shown before the match started, you could easily leave it without penalty and then join another queue until you find the right match for you. 

Players Can’t Manipulate Matches as Much Anymore

In this way, you could manipulate the system to find the exact matches that you want where you have the best chance of winning, which is an unfair advantage that some PC players had over others. Fortunately, this has since been changed as of this week.

A patch for the update has gone out, ensuring that players cannot access the stats for the players in their matches until it has already started, therefore, making it so that they aren’t able to pick and choose their opponents as much as before. 

You could also report possible cheaters before the match even starts, but that was made invalid with this update to the app. This makes it a little bit fairer to use the app, but it still has the advantage where you can see what you are up against while in the match; you won’t be able to manipulate matchups to your liking as much. 

Players should keep this in mind, though, in the future as they play on PC since you could run into other players who already know everything about you and can use that to their advantage. They could see that you are excellent with headshots, for example, hinting at you being a fan of sniper rifles, and use that to sneak up on you and take you out more quickly, and so on.


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