Call of Duty Warzone Community Wants a Train on the Battle Royale Map

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 9th 2020

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most inventive battle royale games that we have ever seen in the genre with features like the Gulag, bounties, and more. But there is a feature that the battle royale game doesn’t have and that is a Call of Duty Warzone train system.

Player Suggest a Call of Duty Warzone Train

That exact feature is something that a Reddit user recently came up with and much of the battle royale game’s community is on board with the idea of having a Call of Duty Warzone train. The player in question is the Reddit user Thisisopposite who posted about it on the Warzone Reddit page.

They titled the Reddit thread about how they suggest that the battle royale game gets a train that moves around the entire map throughout the battle royale match. They then went into greater detail in the body of the post, noting how and why they would like to see this implemented.

They noted that the train could pass around the entirety of the massive Verdansk map in Warzone, never being marked by the overall in-game map so that you are unable to know exactly where it is. And as the circle gets smaller, it continues on its same path along the area.

This means that it could pass through the storm at times and be in the circle at other times, making it a gamble for some players to use it later on in the match. They think that it would be “really interesting” for the game overall, giving players the chance to ride along the train with their friends.

Community Is Mostly Supportive of This Idea

Also, they would be able to see other squads on the train with them and either fight or just enjoy the ride, depending on the situation. Lastly, they think that it would be good for the train to have its random loot pool, so you could head here first and grab supplies while riding around and having a good time with your buddies online.

Overall, this is not necessarily a new idea entirely for the battle royale genre but it is a solid one that would certainly work well in the game. And it didn’t take long for the Call of Duty Warzone train idea to kick off with the community on Reddit with it being 86% upvoted by users.

And most of the comments are in support of the idea, thinking that it would be a great chance for the map to not feel so large and hard to traverse at times in matches. We like this idea, too, as it would certainly help with those players who can’t seem to find a vehicle or just want a new way to experience the game.

If you are having trouble getting around the map, just head to the nearest train station and hop on once it passes by. The whole unmarked part is the only issue, as while it sounds cool in theory since you wouldn’t have to worry about everyone hopping on it, it would render the whole point of finding a way to get around the map pointless unless it is really fast.

How the Warzone Train Could Work

Other than that, though, the idea is sound and one that Activision should consider for the game. This wouldn’t drastically change the map at all, as it isn’t necessarily a new named location or anything like that. The only changes would be to add the rails and the train stations.

For instance, the train could go in a large circle around the outer area of the Verdansk map, with train stations at major areas that it passes through. While the concern could be that it would destroy many areas that it passes through, the train could simply be built on a rail system that goes above the ground if that is a problem.

It is a neat idea that we hope that Activision and the developers consider in the future for the game, perhaps, at the start of a new season as one of the major map changes. This is a great idea that other battle royale games have done in the past, though this user stated that they didn’t know about them.

Both Apex Legends and PUBG have train systems on one of their maps that is a cool feature for those games. In the case of Apex Legends, it has the train on World’s Edge that players can use to get around the map and pick up loot at the start of the game.

Trains Aren’t New to Battle Royale Games

On the other hand, PUBG more recently added the train system to its game with the return of the Vikendi map. The most recent update for the game even added another line that goes vertically across the map, so that players could get through the middle of the map as well.

These have proven to be some of the most beloved and successful gameplay features of both of those games and their maps, so it would likely work just as well within the confines of Warzone. This is especially the case if someone is not the best at driving vehicles around.

Or, if they are playing by themselves and don’t want to give away their position by hopping into a loud and easily found vehicle that could swiftly lead to their death. And this wouldn’t be the first time that Warzone has taken from a game like Apex, as it has a similar ping system and its revive system could have been inspired by Apex Legends as well.

For now, though, the Call of Duty Warzone train idea will remain just an idea as we haven’t heard anything confirmed about it just yet. Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming fourth season for the game, as that will likely see some changes for the map and more.


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