Call of Duty Warzone Caldera Map Will Include Shipment But Not the Vanguard One

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 1st 2021

Call of Duty Warzone is growing soon, with the first season’s release connecting it to the recently released Vanguard. With the connection of the two games, the new Caldera map will launch. It will reportedly come with a Warzone Shipment location to explore and loot.

Warzone Shipment Location Discovered

The Warzone Shipment location was not necessarily noted by Raven Software when going over the new Caldera battle royale map, but, instead, a place that an eagle-eyed Twitter account noticed. It is thanks to the Modern Warzone Twitter that we know about this familiar area. 

The user posted about the Warzone Shipment location on the Caldera map recently, revealing that it looks like the fan-favorite multiplayer map is making its way to battle royale soon. It is clearly seen in the screenshot that was shared along with the post

The screenshot shows that this is an official one that Activision shared about the upcoming Warzone Pacific season. In the screenshot, we can see what looks to be a little port area that is near a major city on the Caldera map and around it are some familiar shipping containers. 

Without a doubt, just a glance at this area clarifies that this is supposed to be the Warzone Shipment but now on Caldera. The beloved multiplayer map from the Modern Warfare series is seemingly making its way to the new battle royale map themed around Vanguard. 

This Shipment Appears to Be Similar to the Modern Warfare Version

The new Warzone Shipment on Caldera certainly is reminiscent of the tiny, chaotic, but a much-loved map with the shipping containers there with almost the same number of them and the classic openings for players to run through and have a little bit of cover there. 

It even has the forklift in the middle of the Shipment area featured in the original multiplayer map. It looks like developer Raven Software has taken this tiny, challenging locale and recreated it on the Caldera map to give players a sense of familiarity there. 

What is interesting about this version of the Shipment map is that the Twitter account notes that it seems to be based on the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot version of it. What is intriguing about this is that it is not necessarily based on the recently released Vanguard WWII version. 

That is fascinating since the Vanguard Shipment map was released right around the same time as the upcoming Caldera map. The battle royale island is set in Vanguard’s version of World War II. This makes it rather interesting that Raven would opt for the Modern Warfare version rather than the new Vanguard edition. 

Vanguard Shipment Has Destructible Containers

The main difference between the Modern Warfare version of Shipment and the new Vanguard one is the destruction system that is heavily implemented into the World War II game. Destruction is a huge part of this game, to the point of being disliked by many, where you can destroy doors, windows, some walls, and so on. 

One of the new features in the Vanguard Shipment map is that you can destroy some of the shipping containers in the middle of the match to create new viewpoints and so on. Fortunately, only the shipping containers on the second level can be destroyed, but it is still a feature that some fans of previous Shipment versions are not too happy with. 

That could be why Raven has opted to go for the more classic Modern Warfare Shipment map that is non-destructible and more what players would expect from it. This version of Shipment differs, though, because it does not have the map borders that the multiplayer version has. 

Instead of having several shipping containers blocking the player from running outside the boundaries of this area, those are gone, and we can see the city in which this dock is located. It is a beautiful, tropical city that has what looks to be some industrial buildings in the background. 

Could We See Other Familiar Locations on Caldera?

We can also see the jungles and forests beyond the buildings, giving an idea of what this particular area of the Caldera map will be like. This is the first location that we have seen for the island that will feature a familiar locale from a past Call of Duty game. 

However, this is not unexpected, as Warzone and the Black Ops 4 Blackout map have done this in the past. Battle royale maps typically pay homage to multiplayer maps, like Nuketown in Blackout and many different Modern Warfare locations in Verdansk. 

As such, it is unsurprising to see that Shipment is on Caldera, but are there other familiar places, too? We can think of a few that would make a lot of sense on this island map. Though these multiplayer locations are in different regions canonically, it could make sense to have them on Caldera. 

For instance, there is Gavutu, which is one of the best maps in Vanguard. The larger-scale multiplayer map takes place on an island where some ships have crashed and chaos has gone from the sea to the sands. It is a beautiful and fantastic map and one that would make sense on Caldera. 

We could see it available on a corner of the map, along with maybe something like Numa Numa, another island-based WWII location. Hopefully, we see these, if not other beloved locations, appear on the Caldera map when it launches in just a few days with Season 1 of Warzone Pacific. 


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