Call of Duty Warzone Buy Back Quads, Gunfight Face Off Announced This Week

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 15th 2020

Activision has released the latest announcements for the Call of Duty franchise. This week, players can look forward to a good bit of content in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Warzone, and even Mobile like the Warzone Buy Back Quads mode and more.

Latest Call of Duty Playlist Announcements Are Here

The latest batch of Call of Duty playlist and other announcements come from the official Activision blog as always. Per usual, the publisher has kicked off this week by detailing everything around the Call of Duty universe for the next seven days or so.

As we get closer and closer to the release of Black Ops Cold War soon, it is strange that the announcements are getting slightly thinner and stranger. For one, there is little to do with the Call of Duty League and Black Ops 4, the latter of which is understandable but the former not as much.

Fortunately, this hasn’t stopped Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone from getting some solid announcements. Though the content has been a bit light for Modern Warfare lately, this week is a pretty solid week for the current mainline game as we are now about two months away from the next main title’s release.

The announcements start with the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal that finally happened last week, which you can find out more about here. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much new info revealed in the announcements this week other than teases of more info to come.

Playlists for Modern Warfare: Gunfight Face Off, More

What is new this week, though, are the playlists that will be happening for Modern Warfare. Several new and returning playlists will be dropping in the game this week, offering multiplayer players, Gunfight, and even Ground War some twists to check out.

For those players who like the traditional multiplayer matches, the Shoot the Shiptember playlist is continuing this week. This is a twist on the usual Shoot the Ship playlist that is seemingly going to be available for the entire month of September for those who like it.

Shoot the Ship is a fan-favorite game mode since it blends two of the most popular original maps in all of Modern Warfare: Shoot House and Shipment. If you are a fan of either of these maps, you are guaranteed to get one of them in the Shoot the Shiptember mode.

There are various game modes that you can enjoy on Shoot House and Shipment, including the usual main modes of Team Deathmatch, Domination, and so on. For those of you who like Gunfight’s highly competitive nature, there is a playlist to check out this week.

Gunfight Face Off Moshpit is dropping this week, allowing fans of Gunfight’s intimate and competitive feel to enjoy some other game modes instead. Instead of the usual two on two, three on three, etc. style of Gunfight with only one life per round, there will be other game modes in Face Off.

Gunfight Face Off will put players on the typical tiny Gunfight maps that are primarily used for duels and gives you different game modes to play on there, instead of Gunfight. You could be playing Cranked, Grind, and other game modes on these really small maps, adding a new dynamic to the modes.

This week’s final major playlist for Modern Warfare players is actually for Ground War and brings back perhaps the most popular twist on the large team battles mode. Ground War Reinfected is back in the game only for a limited time, allowing for a massive version of the classic Infected mode.

There will be much larger teams of survivors trying to withstand the potentially much larger horde of infected soldiers across massive maps where you can hide and fight back.

Call of Duty Warzone Buy Back Quads

For those of you who prefer the battle royale or free-to-play style of Call of Duty Warzone, there is a single new playlist this week in that battle royale game. That mode is Warzone Buy Back Quads, and it features a simple but cool take on the typical quads battle royale mode.

For the most part, the Call of Duty Warzone Buy Back Quads mode is the usual four-player squads-based battle royale game but with a twist. In most battle royale matches, you have to respawn teammates in one of two different possible ways.

You can buy a respawn for totally dead teammates from the buy station using your hard-earned cash or have your teammate survive through the Gulag to come back. However, in Call of Duty Warzone Buy Back Quads, there is another option for returning to the game.

Players will want to keep enough cash on them at all times to pay for a single respawn token as this game mode makes that a whole lot simpler. If you have enough cash when you die in this game mode, you will be immediately brought back into the match without going through the Gulag and all that.

This is a neat take on the typical respawn method as it means that the Call of Duty Warzone Buy Back Quads matches will be a lot more intense, quick, and a little less lonely. So long as players are always stocking up on cash, respawning shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Teams should focus on the missions and the like while surviving to ensure that you have enough cash on everyone to keep fighting. Players will be able to jump back into the fight upon death immediately, so be sure to land in the right spots to help your team still fighting. The catch is that Buy Back Quads will only be available this weekend.

If Buy Back Quads isn’t your thing, there are a few other game modes this week, but they are just the standard ones that we all come to expect in Warzone. The other game modes are normal battle royale solos, duos, trios, quads, and then Blood Money Trios.

New Items in the Store

As always, a new week in Modern Warfare and Warzone wouldn’t be complete without some new gear for players to check out in the item shop. There are new items and bundles available this week, especially for those who liked the recent anime kawaii-themed bundle.

This week, players have access to the Tracer Pack Anime Super bundle for purchase in the store. This particular bundle is all about anime-themed weapons that have some tracer capabilities while looking super cute and very Harajuku-like pink in the process.

The Tracer Pack Anime Super bundle is quite large and welcome for a single bundle, containing three weapon blueprints in total, a new riot shield skin, melee weapon skin, and much more. The three weapons included in the blueprints are a new legendary assault rifle, legendary SMG, and another epic assault rifle.

All three of those have some cutesy aesthetics to them that will allow you to look great on the battlefield and trace players if you would like. All three of the blueprint weapons allow you to shoot them at enemies in matches and apply some pink tracer dust.

It will allow you to see them even more clearly in battle and know that they are the enemy you shot at earlier to finish them off. This is especially great for Call of Duty Warzone, Search and Destroy, and other game modes where each life is key to victory in every match.

This week’s other new bundle is the Alex Death Stalker bundle that you can pick up in the store for a limited time. This particular bundle is all about offering a brand new look for the popular hero Alex from the main singleplayer campaign story in Modern Warfare.

The fan-favorite character has a new outfit in the Death Stalker bundle that doesn’t just come with a nice new skin for Alex. You will also get two legendary weapon blueprints to use in battle focused on a completely silenced loadout so that you can fight from the shadows.

What’s New in Call of Duty Mobile

For those of you who are Call of Duty Mobile fans, a lot is going on this week with that mobile iteration of the popular first-person shooter franchise. Season 10 The Hunt is still going on right now in Call of Duty Mobile on Android and iOS devices and a lot is happening this week.

Players will be able to pick up a brand new perk for multiplayer matches, a new operator skill to use in combat, and much more that will happen later this week. Right now, players can play matches and earn items like the new Echo shotgun weapon in the Season 10 battle pass.

Also, players can get the new Equalizer operator skill to use in combat, focused on maximizing your fire rate. When players use the Equalizer skill in combat, they will be granted the akimbo SMG special submachine gun capable of unbelievable firepower.

Every single time that you hit the fire button while using this special SMG, the weapon will shoot two bullets instead of the usual one. So, you will essentially be shooting double the bullets with this weapon, therefore, having double the damage on enemies and potentially half the time to take someone out.

Also available this week is a brand new perk that will drop as part of a new seasonal challenge. The High Alert perk will allow players to have a visual cue on their HUD screen to show them when an enemy player targets them, but the player can’t see them.

For instance, the classic High Alert perk is great for cases where you are running around, and an enemy comes up behind you and is ready to start shooting at you. The perk will alert you that someone is looking at you so that you are, hopefully, able to turn around and fight back, move out of the way, and so on. You will be able to unlock it in the Vigilance challenge.

Lastly, there is a strange new limited-time game mode that will drop later this week called The Hunt for Makarov. This one is the major themed event for the season, and it seems to follow in the footsteps of last season’s event where players were able to participate in a metagame of sorts.

In the case of The Hunt for Makarov, players will be able to search and explore the special jungle using search points earned by completing tasks in multiplayer and battle royale.

In every area that you can explore in this limited-time mode, you will find rewards and declassified intel to uncover more secrets. The Hunt will begin this Thursday, Sept. 17.

All-Star Player Was Crowned This Week

On the Call of Duty League side of things, the All-Star Weekend event took place this past weekend, bringing a formal end to the 2020 inaugural season for the league. Thirty-two of the best players from the league competed in a tournament styled around one on one duels.

Instead of the usual team matches, these handpicked and fan-favorite players fought in one on one Gunfight duels with the best of three rounds format to see who would advance into the next round. Thirty-two players went in and represented all 12 teams in the league, with only one remaining at the end.

In the end, only one player was the winner of the whole tournament, becoming the All-Star player for the 2020 season. That player was determined to be none other than Cellium of the Atlanta FaZe, but you can find out more about how he got to that point in our All-Star Weekend recap.


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