Call of Duty Warzone Bullfrog and Streetsweeper Weapons Nerfed

by in Call of Duty | May, 7th 2021

A new update is out for Call of Duty Warzone, changing up a good bit of the balancing for the title. While it doesn’t necessarily add new content to the huge battle royale game, it does adjust the balance of it, including weapon nerfs for the Call of Duty Warzone Bullfrog gun and more. 

New Warzone Patch: Bug Fixes and Loot Update

The new patch is here already by the time that you are reading this and it contains some changes for the loot pool as well as some major bug fixes. Starting with the adjustments to the loot system, there are two main weapons that have been changed and will now show up differently in matches for players. 

Both of these weapons are shotguns from Black Ops Cold War and will, therefore, affect the early game rounds of matches from now on. First up is the Streetsweeper shotgun that now has its common variant and uncommon version removed from the ground loot. This affects both the main Verdansk map as well as the smaller Rebirth Island map. Furthermore, the rare and epic variants have also been removed from the supply boxes. This essentially limits the times that you will find this shotgun when you are playing in matches. 

The other shotgun, the Hauer 77, on the other hand, had its common variant and uncommon version added to the ground loot while the rare one has been added to supply boxes. This emphasizes the Hauer 77 from now on much more than the Streetsweeper as it was before. This is because the Streetsweeper dominated the early rounds of a match too much and there were few counters that a player might have for it at that time. In fact, this isn’t the only measure against the shotgun as we’ll see in a little bit in the weapon nerfs. 

There is a bug fix for the map locations in Verdansk that would allow the player to go beyond the boundaries of the map, in addition to the ones that were recently addressed. There is also a fix for the Ak-47, FARA 83, XM4, and RPD having their aiming down the sights move speed and firing speed decreased with certain attachments. 

Warzone Bullfrog, Streetsweeper, More Changed

Then there are the weapon nerfs that have come about in this latest update for Warzone. We imagine that some of them are going to be quite controversial in the community, starting with the CR-56 AMAX, which is the only weapon from Modern Warfare affected at this time. 

The AMAX is a powerful, dominant AR weapon in the meta and its minimum damage has been decreased from 32 to 31 now. That one point might not seem like much, but it will overall affect the time to kill considerably, meaning that it will not be as powerful as it was before. From here, we only have Black Ops Cold War weapons. There is the FARA 83 AR that has had its headshot multiplier decreased from 1.5 to 1.35 while the base aiming down the sights move speed has been decreased by 7%. Since this gun is pretty versatile, Raven is trying to make the time to kill longer for it. 

Next up, we have the Streetsweeper coming back for round two in this update. As mentioned previously, this gun has been nerfed and that doesn’t just include the loot pool but stats as well. The base hip spread has been increased, recoil increased slightly, and the ADS speed reduced slightly. Raven notes that shotguns are really only used in the early parts of a match but this is here to counteract the fact of how devastating the Streetsweeper can be in those early portions. This should give players more time to react when up against one of these beasts in a match. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Bullfrog SMG

From there, we come to the SMGs and, specifically, Call of Duty Warzone Bullfrog that has been considerably nerfed in this update. The max damage is now 32, instead of 34, but there are some buffs to somewhat balance this out. The damage range is farther now, increased by 11%. The base move speed has been increased by 1% while the sprint out speed is now increased by 13%. The Call of Duty Warzone Bullfrog changes are a bit complicated in this regard as they do nerf it in some aspects but improve other parts of how the SMG works in battle. 

The main reason behind this is the fact that the headshot multiplier for the Call of Duty Warzone Bullfrog is exceptional and it has had one of the fastest time to kills to date. Oddly enough, though, these changes do not affect the headshots at all, but other elements of the gun. The general idea is to decrease the output of the weapon but still allow for those fast headshot kills. What this could mean in practice is that it will take that skill to get those quick kills now with the Call of Duty Warzone Bullfrog, but they still exist for those players who like this SMG. 

The final weapon that has been addressed in this small patch is the recently released PPSh-41. It is one of the latest weapons that was introduced at the start of season 3 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, and it is being adjusted here to give it a distinct identity apart from other SMGs. To do this, the max damage range has been increased by 4% while the open bolt delay has been decreased by 80%, which is quite a lot honestly. Raven is hoping to make the PPSh-41 a very fast fire, high capacity SMG that is great in the short to mid-range fights.

It is uncertain at this time if these changes, like for the Call of Duty Warzone Bullfrog and others, will affect Black Ops Cold War as well, but it is presumed that these are specific to the battle royale title for now. We imagine that Treyarch will have its own set of changes and nerfs to make to the weapons that currently dominate the multiplayer meta soon. 


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