Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Will Come Together With Season 1

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 30th 2020

Activision has revealed that Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War will only remain separate games for a little bit longer. The two will come together soon, with a Warzone Black Ops Cold War merge similar to that of what happened with Modern Warfare.

Warzone Black Ops Cold War Merge Revealed

This was revealed in the most recent Activision investor call (via IGN), where the publisher went over everything that will happen in the upcoming months. This is the standard call that investors hear every few months to keep them up to date on everything happening in the company.

We are sometimes made aware of information that we wouldn’t have known otherwise through these investor calls. For instance, there could be hints of sequels to unannounced games, teases for a future game, and release dates given for games that weren’t known before that.

In this particular investors call, though, the information gleaned from it is that we now know a little bit more about how the Call of Duty Warzone Black Ops Cold War merge will happen in the future. We now also know when it will happen.

It was revealed in the call that the Warzone Black Ops Cold War merge is scheduled to happen in December, so players should not expect this to happen following the launch of Black Ops Cold War immediately. It will take a little bit of time for this to occur.

The Games Will Merge This Year

That said, the Call of Duty Warzone Black Ops Cold War merge won’t take too long as it will happen before the end of the year. Though no specific date was given, the two games’ merge will happen sometime in December of this year.

This tells us that it will happen about a month or so after the launch of Black Ops Cold War, and whatever date that merge happens on will be special for not just bringing the two games together. It will also mark the start of the seasonal content that Black Ops Cold War will have.

That is right, it is following in the footsteps of its predecessor Modern Warfare and is releasing its first season of content sometime in December. That release will coincide with the merge of Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War in several different ways.

The two games will likely share the same season when that happens, enjoying the same operators, weapons, battle pass, and other store content. Players will be able to jump between the two and enjoy their favorite characters and purchased or free content on each anytime.

How the Merge Will Work

It will be very similar to how Modern Warfare and Warzone are connected, as the call revealed that all of the content that players unlock from levels one through 55 in Black Ops Cold War would carry over to Call of Duty Warzone as well.

Amid this news, this also confirms that Black Ops Cold War’s max level will likely be level 55. Will this title continue the beloved prestige system or go for something else, much like Modern Warfare did last year?

That is something that we may have to wait until launch to find out but what we know about this Warzone Black Ops Cold War merge is that players will be able to bring over their loadout from Cold War into the game while retaining their Modern Warfare one as well in Warzone.

Players can choose between the two in gameplay, which brings up many questions about the balance of Warzone. Even without playing either Modern Warfare or Cold War, you can tell that these two games are different in terms of playstyle and weapons.

Issues With This Warzone and Cold War Merge

The way you play in Black Ops Cold War is not going to be how you would play in Modern Warfare as they are balanced differently. For instance, the assault rifles seem to have more substance and importance in Cold War, whereas the SMG still pretty much reigns supreme in Modern Warfare.

Sniping is also a lot better in Black Ops Cold War (in my opinion), so those sniper rifles would be the more favored guns. Not to mention the fact that the characters feel different in both games, with running around in one not equaling the other.

This is a strange scenario that I honestly believe has one possible solution: to have two separate battle royale maps. The first one will be Verdansk that we already have that connects Warzone to Modern Warfare.

I think Warzone needs to have a second map, though, that connects it to Black Ops Cold War. When it comes to the first map, you might have Cold War characters on it, but you will never find weapons or a gameplay feel from that game there.

Solution for Multiple Games Connecting to Warzone

On the other hand, the opposite would be true for the second map where it is solely based on Black Ops Cold War, so no weapons or feel of Modern Warfare will be there. Separate these two experiences with two different maps, and I think this is what Warzone will do.

This would mean that a new map would coincide with each new Call of Duty game release every year. I suspect that the team will remove the oldest map from the game every couple of years to make way for the next one, which would help as the new games become more radically different with a new generation of consoles and so on.

This would also make sense because Activision makes it clear that players will be able to select between their Black Ops and Modern Warfare loadouts if they could do that by choosing which map to play on. However, this is all speculation for now.

For now, we will have to wait and see as we haven’t even reached the official launch of Black Ops Cold War yet. That will happen on Nov. 13, with the first season of content dropping sometime after that in December.


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