Call of Duty Vanguard Preload Dates Revealed for All Platforms

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 27th 2021

Call of Duty Vanguard is just around the corner, containing only the third game that Sledgehammer Games has created mostly on its own and the latest World War II-themed game since 2017. Fortunately, the impending release means that the Vanguard preload dates are also rapidly approaching.

Vanguard Preload Dates Revealed

The Call of Duty blog posted details about the Vanguard preload dates and when users can expect to start downloading the game early ahead of its official launch next week. Fortunately, Activision and Sledgehammer Games give players a solid chunk of time to download Vanguard before release.

We originally expected that the Vanguard preload dates would be sometime around a couple of days to a few days before the game’s launch next week on its highly anticipated release date. We expected it would begin next week since that has happened in the past for other games and betas. 

However, there will be a lot of time to download Call of Duty Vanguard, which is great news considering how massive this game will likely be. The Vanguard preload dates begin this week rather than next week and will give some players a week to install the title. 

That is an overwhelming amount of time downloading a game, which is especially welcome given the huge download sizes that we have seen for Call of Duty games recently. With some players still having data caps and/or relatively slow internet speeds, this is a welcome change of pace. 

When Preloading Will Begin for Console Platforms

The Vanguard preload dates will begin later this week, starting on different days and at different times, depending on the platform you will be playing on. Starting with the PlayStation side of the game, both the PS4 and PS5 versions will start preloading simultaneously. 

This will begin on Thursday, October 28, at around 9 p.m. PT in North America and South America. Unfortunately, the PS4 and PS5 users in the rest of the world will potentially have to wait a little bit longer than that, or even before then in some cases, as it will be around midnight local time on October 29 in the other regions. 

For the Xbox versions, including the Series and One consoles, the Vanguard preload dates will begin at around the same time as the PS4 and PS5 in North and South America. They will start on October 28 at 9 p.m. PT. 

The problem here is that there is no mention of the different times and dates for the various regions on Xbox One and Series X/S, so this presumably means that it will be at the same time around the world, just adjusted depending on your specific time zone. 

PC Preloading Will Come Next Week

And then there is the PC side of Vanguard. Unfortunately, this is not as positive as it is more akin to what we originally expected for the Vanguard preloading. There are few details about when exactly this will begin, but we know it will start sometime on November 2. 

That is around three days, possibly less, before the launch of Vanguard around the world. That is not as much time as the console versions, but it could still be enough to get it installed, even for slower internet speeds, and be ready to hop in as soon as the game goes live in your respective region on November 5. 

Unfortunately, the Vanguard preload dates are only available to the players who have preordered the game and the digital version. This is not relative to the physical copies of the game that will likely have a much easier time installing and playing, but you will also lack the ability to get it done ahead of time. 

Furthermore, you have to preorder the digital versions to enjoy the preloading of Vanguard, so make sure to figure out which version is best for you and preload it now to have a chance to have it installed in time for the midnight launch in your region. 

Preordering Vanguard Comes With Various Freebies

Preordering the game digitally will also reward you with some extra goodies, like the Night Raid Mastercraft SMG and Arthur Kingsley operator that you can use right now in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. You will also get the Frontline Weapons pack for Vanguard and the Ghost of War ultra skin for Cold War and Warzone. 

Activision noted that if you run into any issues with your preorder and cannot download the game early, head to your platform’s store, find the Vanguard listing, and follow the prompts to download the game early. This should help to force the download and install the title. 

Better yet, the overall download size for Vanguard will be significantly smaller compared to its predecessors, making it an even smoother experience when preloading the game. It will be up to 30%-50% smaller than past games in the current-gen and PC versions of the game (sorry, PS4 and Xbox One users). 

This is due to the new on-demand streaming textures feature available for Vanguard that should reduce the size of the assets available in the game. Better yet, players will be able to pick which game modes to install on your respective platform when preloading and afterward, too. 

If you know you will only want to check out the campaign, multiplayer, or Zombies first, you can just choose to download that portion and have it ready for launch. Or you could download all of them, then delete the campaign or other mode when you’re done with it to save space. 


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