Call of Duty Vanguard Download Size Will Be Much Smaller Than Past Games

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 27th 2021

The install and download sizes for Call of Duty games have ballooned in recent years to become exceedingly large. The games are no longer making news for being over 100GB on consoles but breaching the 200GB-mark. Fortunately, the Vanguard download size will seemingly dial it back some. 

Call of Duty Vanguard Download Size Will Be Relatively Small

Texture Streaming Will Help With Install Size

That feature is the new on-demand texture streaming technology that is expected to save players a significant portion of hard drive space if it is not enabled. Texture streaming is not that new to the series, as it recently popped up in the most recent games as an option. 

The problem is that it only helped so much there, so it is possible that the Vanguard download size is being helped by the new tech that involves on-demand texture streaming. This should save on assets in the files for Vanguard, helping to keep the overall install size relatively low.

How low? Activision is noting that it should save anywhere from up to 30% to 50% on the hard drive disk space that the game will require. Those are significant numbers, for sure, but that is also a wide range that could vary from player to player and system to system. 

To make matters worse for some players, the reduced Vanguard download size is only available to players on the current-gen consoles of Xbox Series X, Series S, and PS5, as well as PC through This effectively means that PS4 and Xbox One users on the last-gen will potentially experience some hefty install sizes still. 

Black Ops Cold War Was Painfully Large

Even still, this is good news for the players who have been able to secure a current-generation console or have a powerful PC to run this beautiful WWII-themed game. If you are, you could be looking at a title that is nowhere near the levels of Black Ops Cold War and possibly even Warzone. 

This is great news since the PS5 version of Black Ops Cold War is an insanely large game that is even bigger than the PC version. In my own experiences, I remember getting the new console last year and Black Ops Cold War on PS5 was one of the first games that I received on it. 

However, the issue was that installing that game immediately took up around half of the hard drive space for the entire console, and there was no real extra storage option at that time, either. It was a problematic situation, at least somewhat offset by the customizable nature of the install sizes. 

You can pick and choose what parts of the game you want to keep on your console or PC, like the multiplayer game mode, campaign, Zombies, and so on. If you do not care about the campaign, you can ignore that game mode and keep multiplayer and Zombies. 

Even then, each section is pretty large on its own. I only have the multiplayer side of Black Ops Cold War on my PS5, or else I would not be able to have other large, persistently online multiplayer games like battle royale counterparts Warzone and Final Fantasy XIV. 

Unfortunately, I had to complete the campaign and then throw it into the abyss to never return to save room for multiplayer and Zombies. Still, even that was not enough, and recently I had to delete Zombies, too, after enjoying the maps there, like the final Zombies map for Cold War, to save space for other games. 

With 30%-50% of the Vanguard download size being smaller than the past games, we are looking at possibly a smaller enough Call of Duty game that would allow some players, like me, to not have to delete both multiplayer and Zombies to save hard drive space this time around. 

We should find out more about the actual install sizes for Call of Duty Vanguard soon, as pre-downloading will begin later this week. It is then that players on current-gen consoles and PC will be able to see the actual numbers for the game and download it ahead of its official launch over a week from now on Friday, November 5, 2021. Be sure to check back for our full launch coverage of the game then. 


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