Call of Duty Modern Warfare Shoot House 24/7 Returns in Latest Update

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 10th 2019

Activision and Infinity Ward have continued to listen to their fans and have released the latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in response. This update is an important one because it fixes some crucial issues with the game as well as brings back a fan-favorite mode in the game.

Activision Releases Latest Update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare

The latest December update for the game is a small one that is tiny compared to the massive one that was released earlier in the month. That update was there to finally release the first season of battle pass multiplayer for the game after a month and a half or so since the game’s launch.

This smaller update isn’t here to piggyback off the previous update and add too much more to the game but really to fix the game and acknowledge what fans have been requesting for the game. As such, it is still an important one that will be great news for fans of certain features.

Since it is a smaller update, this latest version of the game adds a few playlists and changes some in the process. As part of this, a fan-favorite playlist is making its triumphant return to the game and there are some crucial bug fixes that are good news for affected players.

Update Brings Back Modern Warfare Shoot House 24/7 Playlist

The first addition in this update is the return of the highly requested fan-favorite playlist Shoot House 24/7. Players can now enjoy the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Shoot House 24/7 playlist again in the game. Players will find it as one of the core playlists available in the traditional multiplayer experience.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Shoot House 24/7 playlist was one of the many ones that were removed from the game recently in favor of some other playlists. We covered that already in the massive Season 1 update for the game and players were not happy with the results.

Some of the new playlists just didn’t live up to the Shoot House 24/7 one. If you don’t know what this playlist is, it is basically all about the fan-favorite map in the game called Shoot House. When you queue up for this playlist, you are guaranteed to be put into a match on that map.

If you love that map, it is perfect for you since you are guaranteed to always get it. Of course, the mode that you will play on that map, though, will change between various potential modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and so on.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Shoot House 24/7 playlist takes the place of the Crash 24/7 playlist that fans weren’t as fond of. This comes after backlash from fans that prove that bringing stuff up to both Activision and Infinity Ward can create some change in the game.

What Else Is New in the Latest Update?

But that isn’t all that happened in this update. Though small, it had some other key changes and additions as well. In an interesting choice, Activision made the choice to remove all the night maps from the Hardcore multiplayer modes that players could battle in.

It is likely that this is also a response to players who felt that the night maps weren’t as conducive to the Hardcore experience as the other normal maps. The Gunfight map rotation has been changed, too, bringing the Docks map back into it after it was removed.

In addition, the Grazna Raid and Arklov Peak maps have been added for the first time to Hardcore Team Deathmatch so players who enjoy that playlist should start seeing them again. Speaking of Arklov Peak, it is also now in the Hardcore Headquarters playlist where players can check it out there.

Modern Warfare Update: General Fixes

Beyond the new additions to the game, there are a bunch of general fixes that are part of this update. They number quite a lot more than the new additions and changes to the game in this version. It all begins with a fix for players who are viewing the details of a weapon.

When players were attempting to view the details of a weapon in the mission’s tab, they would be kicked back to the menu. That has been fixed. There is also a fix for the cargo ship that would be clipping through the playable area on the Docks map.

There was also an issue where players would not be able to see or even shoot down an opposing team’s Counter UAV item. This has been fixed and shouldn’t be an issue anymore. There is also a fix for the VTOL audio that would persist even after it has been shot down.

There was also a fix for a crash that would occur while the character is prone and firing the AK-47 with a launcher and with the Fully Loaded perk equipped. Players should also see the Jack Frosty and Old Wounds world models appear the way they are supposed to.

There is also a fix for the Special Operations Just Reward where the HVT truck would crash into portions of the map. As for Survival Special Operations, though, the respawn flare should now work as it was intended to.

Fans Still Have Issues with Sizzling and Freezes After Update

Despite all these changes and more that are in the latest update for the game, there are still some issues that players are dealing with. The Reddit thread where the update patch notes were revealed, there is a string of players who are noting the problems they are still having.

For many of them, these issues began to spring up after the release of the December 3 update that brought along the start of Season 1. PC and console players are still dealing with an issue where the sound of killstreaks, equipment, and vehicles are sizzling for some reason.

In addition, there are some freezes that are happening when players respawn in a match that wasn’t happening prior to the Season 1 update. Users are reporting these issues on Reddit and other platforms, and we hope to hear about a fix for them soon.


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