Call of Duty Modern Warfare Prestige System No Longer Exists, Replaced by Seasonal Levels

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 1st 2019

Activision released Call of Duty Modern Warfare over the weekend, allowing players to enjoy the latest entry in the long-running shooter franchise. This latest entry is a reboot of sorts for the military shooter series, offering a revamped look at modern war in 2019.

Modern Warfare Prestige System Doesn’t Exist

As part of this, the narrative and gameplay aren’t the only changes in this game. There are also some progression changes, too, including the Modern Warfare Prestige system. As those dedicated fans are playing through the game and reaching the standard max level of 55, they are finding Prestige is not what it used to be.

The entire Modern Warfare Prestige system no longer exists period. This means that you are no longer able to prestige like before and reset your character’s level progression. How it worked in basically every game before this one was there was a standard max level in multiplayer.

If the max level was like in this one and was level 55, that was the max level that a player could hit. However, they could “prestige” if they wanted to and reset their character level down to level one again. This was an interesting method that was both loved and hated by fans.

It was loved because it was a way of basically indefinitely playing through the multiplayer progression system and restarting it over and over. It offered players who prestiged each time a unique reward like a new weapon skin, cosmetic items to show off your status online, and so on.

However, this did come at the cost of various items that you got during your normal multiplayer progression. For instance, if you unlocked a certain weapon or attachment during those 55 levels or so, you would likely reset that and must unlock it all over again after prestiging.

Regardless of your personal stance on the Modern Warfare Prestige system, it is no doubt that it is gone in this latest game. It isn’t like it is gone for good, though, as it has instead been replaced by a completely different way of progressing your level through multiplayer.

Since there is no real Modern Warfare Prestige system, that also means that players aren’t reaching the max level in the game and then resetting their progression back to square one. Instead, you are going to reach the max level of 55 and keep it there for the time being.

Prestige Replaced by Officer Ranks

Instead of the Modern Warfare Prestige system from there, we now have the Officer Rank that players will level up instead. Each player’s max level is 55, but some levels go beyond that normal max. It takes a whopping 960,000 experience in total to reach a max of 55.

That is a lot of experience, so it will likely take most players a good bit of time. There are always those who rush through it as fast as possible to prestige and the like. What you will find in this game, though, is that reaching level 55 will allow you to level up beyond that.

The Officer Ranks are the new levels that exist in multiplayer beyond the first 55 levels. There are 100 of these that bring the game up to 155 levels. What’s great about this from the start is that the first 55 levels are set no matter what and will never be reset.

This alleviates those concerns over having to reset your progression and potentially must re-unlock certain items as you level up again. But at the same time, those players who want more from the progression system can enjoy the Officer Ranks, which are the new prestige levels.

These 100 levels are seasonal, functioning quite a lot like the battle pass that most online games like this one also have. However, it is different in that it is something that players will need to earn once they have already reached the max level of 55.

This means that those players who enjoy the game casually might not even reach the first officer rank this season if they don’t reach 55 before the new season begins. These 100 officer ranks will include their own set of unique rewards for players to collect as they go along.

This provides a great rewards system that is new and different each season, making sure that there is always something exciting on the horizon for players to look forward to even when they have already collected everything available for that season.

This also means, though, that the start of a new season will mean that players who reached level 155 or whatever will be brought back down to the original max level of 55. Then you will be able to start leveling up through the next set of 100 ranks for the new season and gain its rewards.

There are also some special challenges that the Officer Rank system has that sets it apart from the traditional Modern Warfare Prestige system. When you reach a new rank in the 100 ranks, you will receive a new challenge that you can complete.

Completing that challenge will grant you some experience boost and a new medal to show off online. With this, players can sort of have the best of both worlds when it comes to continuing their multiplayer progression but without the cost of resetting their current one.


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