New Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators Rumored to Be Data Mined

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 12th 2019

Activision and games, in general, are no stranger to leaks due to data mining, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare is no different. With several recent updates for the game happening within a short time, it is no surprise that there is new information that data miners are finding within the game files.

New Modern Warfare Operators Data Mined

A Reddit user posted today their latest findings in the game’s files since the most recent update for the game that was a surprising release. Activision just released the last update a few days ago, so it was surprising to see version 1.08 drop so soon afterward.

But thanks to that update, data miners like Reddit user Senescallo are finding some interesting new tidbits in the game. To be precise, there are some new Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators revealed thanks to the data mining from prominent leakers in the community.

Senescallo revealed 13 new Operators are expected to be in the game at some point, according to the rumors. It is possible that, like with other online games, these games are subject to change, so just because they exist in the files doesn’t mean that they will get a full release.

It is always possible that these characters are just potentially new ones that could be in the testing and development phase currently. There is always the chance that they will never see the light of day in the game itself. It could be for several reasons, depending on how things go with each of them.

For one, there are 13 of them in the list, which is closing in on the current number of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators that launched with the base game. We don’t expect that many to be added in the next couple of years but anything is possible.

There is also the fact that everything is subject to and most likely will change as development continues each of the characters. A character in an online game might start one way and end up another or be scrapped from the game entirely.

They could be removed from inclusion in the game, simply because of how powerful they are and how they could break the metagame. So, we don’t expect all 13 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators to join the game, but it is possible. In that case, you can find the full list of the leaked heroes below.

Full List of Potentially Leaked Operators

The 13 Operators are almost evenly split between the two factions of Allegiance and Coalition that make up the multiplayer groups. The list below is listed in order of appearance in the game files, which could be indicative as well (more on that in a bit).

  • Iskra: Allegiance faction
  • Kilgore: Allegiance
  • Nero: Allegiance
  • Stohli: Allegiance
  • Trigg: Allegiance
  • Yandi: Allegiance
  • Farah: Coalition
  • Ghost: Coalition
  • Hooper: Coalition
  • Kato: Coalition
  • Lynch: Coalition
  • Quin: Coalition
  • Zedra: Coalition

There isn’t much revealed about the new Operators other than names and affiliations. But what we do know is what they will likely look like in the game itself. This has led to even more speculation regarding one specific Operator on the list.

There is the Lynch character aligned with the Coalition. The picture of the character in the data resembles the real-life sports star Marshawn Lynch. It is leading many to believe that this character might be a portrayal of the actual athlete, which wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

It could lead to other celebrity inclusions in the game or future games in the series. Beyond the Lynch character, there are two other characters worth noting, and they are Ghost and Zedra. Both are also from the Coalition, but they have a more notable presence in the data.

They both have their banner dedicated to them as well as nicknames in the game files. Ghost is known as the Ghost of Verdansk and Zedra is known as The Nightcrawler. With such prominent data available, they seem like the most likely candidates for being added in the future.

The actual listing of the characters is in alphabetical order for each faction, so it could be that Ghost and Zedra are the closest ones to releasing. However, both being from the same faction is a little strange considering what has happened in the game thus far.

Currently, there are 18 Operators for players to choose from, split evenly between the two factions at nine each. It would certainly be very odd for two characters of the same faction to release at the same time and leave the Allegiance at a significant disadvantage.

When We Could See New Operators

It leads us to believe that there are likely a couple of Allegiance characters added soon. How soon that would be is the real question to be asking. The first season of the battle pass is set to arrive next month in December, bringing rewards and seasonal content to the game.

The start of season one will likely see the launch of some of the new Operators for players to use in multiplayer. We do not expect all 13, but two to four could be a substantial addition to the game. We at least see one for each faction added, if not two, for each.

And it is highly likely that one or two of them will be Ghost and Zedra from the Coalition faction since they have more prominent data. After all, the Reddit data miner who revealed this didn’t reveal if any other data was shown in the game files for these characters.

As with other games, you can usually figure out their mechanics and abilities just from the text and other files in the game. It could just be that we will see those files show up in a future update. The other interesting question that we have is how Activision will monetize the new Operators.

Will they be sold separately, in a bundle together, both, or will they be free to everyone when they release? Currently, we don’t know. It is even possible that unlocking new Operators will require the player to purchase the season one battle pass, like with skins in other games. We will have to wait and see for now.


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