Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight Trios and Other Modes Coming This Week

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 13th 2020

Like most weeks, Activision has released the latest news for what is releasing this week in the Call of Duty world. Not just covering Modern Warfare, this weekly update gives details on what is happening in that game plus the mobile version and 2018’s Black Ops 4.

Playlist Update Reveals New and Returning Game Modes for Modern Warfare

Activision released the latest community update for those games today to kick off this exciting week in gaming. A lot is going on for all three of those games, including new game modes to check out, teases of new seasons, returning fan-favorite game modes, and much more.

It all starts with some wonderful charity efforts from Activision that will be included in Modern Warfare this week. There is the new Outback Relief pack that players can buy on all platforms through January 31. It is the new name for the existing Outback pack that players could already buy.

What is excellent about the revamped Outback Relief pack is that all the net proceeds from the pack will be donated to relief efforts for the bushfires in Australia that are going on right now. Even better is the fact that those packs will also count towards charity.

But that is far from the only thing of note that happened this week. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and look at everything that is happening this week for all three games.

Modern Warfare Gunfight Trios Revealed

First off, we have all the new stuff announced for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Players can check out the brand-new Gunfight Trios mode later this week.

The Modern Warfare Gunfight Trios mode will be a new and changed version of the traditional Gunfight mode. The new trio’s version is what it sounds like. You can play through this competitive game mode with three players.

Instead of the traditional two players per duo team, you are playing through the new Modern Warfare Gunfight Trios game mode with three players per squad rather than just two versus two. This makes the already intense game mode even crazier as you have to worry about three enemies at once.

At the same time, though, you have a bit more leeway at your disposal since you have two teammates that can help you out. Other than that number change, though, this new Modern Warfare Gunfight Trios mode works just as you would expect it to.

This is just like the normal Gunfight mode in that you have a preset loadout that all six players no matter what team they are in will use. This changes up every so often and keeps players on their toes. At the same time, each player has one life to live per round.

It is still the same highly competitive and beloved mode but with three players instead of just two. This is great for those players who have two friends that they would like to jump online with. The question with this new mode is how long it will stick around for.

Thankfully for those of you who prefer the traditional two versus two Gunfight, it won’t be replaced by this new mode. Modern Warfare Gunfight Trios has its playlist separate from the normal one.

This brings up the question of whether Gunfight Trios is a limited-time mode or not. In the past, twists on the normal mode have taken the place of it for a short time. In this case, it has its own playlist which leads us to believe that it might be around for a bit longer.

Cranked, Drop Zone, and Double XP Return This Week

Beyond the new Modern Warfare Gunfight Trios mode, two game modes are returning this week as well. Players can enjoy the fan-favorite mode Cranked. This crazy version of Team Deathmatch is not for everyone, but it is a wild ride, for sure.

In Cranked, players can play through the standard Team Deathmatch rules of trying to get the most kills but there is a massive twist. Whenever you get a kill, you are cranked up and only have a brief window of time to get another kill, or else you will blow up.

You have 30 seconds between each kill to get another one before the explosion timer comes for you. But to balance this out, you will get the amped effects with each kill you get. This allows you to have faster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speeds plus faster normal reload and movement speed.

Those significant boosts allow you to find and take out other players quickly, but you have to move nonstop since literally every second counts. The first team to reach 150 points wins. Your first kill will earn one point, but every kill while cranked is worth double.

If Cranked is a little too wild for your tastes, there is also the Drop Zone mode returning this week for a limited time. It is like a unique mix of Hardpoint and other objective-based game modes where you must capture a specific point.

There will be a point that shows up on the map. Teams have to battle it out over that point. You get points for being in that capture area for every single teammate that is there. It pays to have everyone in the team defending the point together.

Also, there are no killstreaks in this mode unless you are in the Drop Zone. There, care packages will be dropped every so often that offer killstreaks for players that can help you defend the area. The first team to reach the required number of points will win this mode.

While you are checking out these new and returning game modes, you also have the chance to get some double experience. There will be a double experience weekend for both normal experience and weapon XP this weekend held January 17 at 10 am PT through January 21 at 10 am PT.

The double experience weekend will be around for a few days, so players have the chance to earn double experience for their season one battle pass, their overall account level, and even the levels of their weapons.

What’s New This Week for Mobile Season 3

Modern Warfare isn’t the only game to get some new content this week as players can enjoy a ton of changes and content in Season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile. We finally have a release date for the third season of online multiplayer and battle royale.

As many of the current limited-time game modes will be ending on January 15, we expected the start of the new season to be around then as well, either Wednesday or Thursday. It is now confirmed for the same day of January 15 at 4 pm PT.

There is a lot of content and changes going live with the release of Season 3. While we don’t know everything just yet, we do have some teases offered. Some drop on that day while others arrive a little later.

Two new game modes drop at the start of Season 3 while a new multiplayer map and a new battle pass season go live on January 19. In addition to all of that, there will be more content coming out throughout the third season.

We have already heard about the new Scrapyard multiplayer map released for the mobile game. This new map comes from Modern Warfare 2, revamped for the mobile version of the game. Players can check out this three-lane, popular map once again.

Also, we have our first details about the two new game modes going live later this week. The first is reminiscent of the new Ground War that players can enjoy in the main console and PC game but for battle royale that is called Warfare.

We don’t know too much about Warfare at this time. However, we assume it will likely be two massive teams of a lot of players, each battling it out across the battle royale map. For those who don’t like the battle royale portion of the game, there is a new online multiplayer mode as well.

The new fast-paced multiplayer mode Rapid Fire will release. We don’t know too much about this new mode. However, we suspect it will be one where players will have boosts that make it swifter and frenetic than we are used to.

If you are reading this right now, ranked mode is currently live for players to check out and rise (or fall) in the ranks with. Activision revealed it continues through Season 3, which starts later this week. This new competitive mode offers something new for players who want to see how good they are.

Black Ops 4 Changes and More

Finally, even the 2018 entry in the franchise Black Ops 4 is getting quite a bit of love this week. If you are still playing that game often, you will find that there is some double experience there as well. However, it works differently in that it only applies to a specific playlist rather than the whole game.

That playlist is the double experience Hardcore Barebones Moshpit multiplayer playlist. That is what you want to play if you are looking to get that sweet extra experience. It starts on January 15 and will be accompanied by some bonus drops in Zombies as well.

We aren’t sure when this double experience playlist comes to an end, so be sure to take advantage of it while you still can. On the Blackout side of things, players can check out the Hot and Heavy playlist for battle royale plus the Alcatraz Portals quads, and then the three normal modes.

And for Zombies, there is an Ancient Evil playlist that players can check out there. These playlists go live this week and likely last for around a week or so. For more details on these playlists and what’s to come for the esports league that kicks off later this month, check out the full blog post for everything you need to know that is new this week for all three Call of Duty games.


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