Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Drop Zone and More Release This Week

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 14th 2020

It’s another week, so you know what that means: Activision has released a new Call of Duty weekly blog post that goes over everything that is happening this week in the franchise. Everything from the new Modern Warfare Drop Zone game mode to what’s happening in Call of Duty Mobile is here.

Latest Weekly Call of Duty Blog Post Released

Like in previous weeks, this week covers all of the main Call of Duty games available at this time for the franchise including Modern Warfare, Warzone, Mobile, and Black Ops 4.

It doesn’t have anything to say about the recently released Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Campaign as that is likely just a standalone experience without any multiplayer or other components set to release for it in the future.

That said, what is announced this week in the latest blog post is important as it covers some new game modes, playlists, cosmetic items, and more that are happening across the Call of Duty universe. Also, it goes over what’s happening right now for the Call of Duty esports league. Without further ado, let’s jump in and take a look at what’s new this week.

What’s New for Warzone: Scopes and Scatter Guns

It all kicks off with what’s new for Call of Duty Warzone. The battle royale game mode for Modern Warfare and standalone free title has been ramping up in new content nearly every week since its launch around a month ago and it doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

This week, battle royale fans will have a new twist on the last squad/person standing formula with a new game mode. The new mode is called Scopes and Scatter Guns trios and will feature an interesting weapon-focused twist on the familiar trios game mode that the title launched with.

While it does not do anything major to the Verdansk map in battle royale, it does change up how players will play through each of the matches in this game mode. Scopes and Scatter Guns only has two weapon categories available to it throughout the whole map and that’s sniper rifles and shotguns.

That’s all that you will find around the massive map when you play this new limited-time game mode. It is all about grabbing a team of three players and figuring out how to handle the delicate balance between shotguns and sniper rifles, two weapons that couldn’t be any more different from one another.

How will you handle the onslaught of players who are sniping constantly from long distances while also dealing with those close interiors where the shotgun will reign supreme? It is a delicate balance that will require some intense strategy and excellent aim to get that coveted battle royale victory. This mode will only be around for a limited time, so be sure to check out while you still can.

In addition to that, there is a new in-game bundle of weapon items that players can get in both Warzone and Modern Warfare. The Twin Dragons bundle is the latest addition to the store and features a pair of golden legendary weapons that you can get.

The Twin Dragons bundle comes with not just the two new weapons but two epic themed customization items to make them even better.

Modern Warfare Drop Zone Releases This Week

When it comes to Modern Warfare-specific releases this week that aren’t also in Warzone, there are quite a few. It starts with the new Modern Warfare Drop Zone game mode that is going live this week. Oddly enough, it isn’t known if this is a limited time one or not, so keep that in mind.

The Modern Warfare Drop Zone game mode is all about securing an objective together. In this mode, players on each team will need to battle it out to control the drop zone point. While you are doing this, you are earning points towards your total, much like in classic Domination.

Also like that standard mode, you can only win the match by reaching the required number of points first to win the match or just having the most points out of the two teams when the time runs out. While this does sound a lot like other modes, the twist comes with why it is called the drop zone.

You are not able to earn or use killstreaks at all unless you are in the Modern Warfare drop zone. While you are there, the game will continuously drop care packages that will contain killstreaks within them. You can then turn and use these on the enemies to keep the objective secured.

It is a strange new mode that is all about not only securing the point but doing it smartly so that you can gain the advantage over the enemy in the process with the killstreaks. Players will also be able to pick up another new bundle in the store this week.

It is the Cleanup Crew bundle that is mainly focused on the Otter Operator. This bundle contains a lot of different items like two epic blueprints that will further your collection as well as more items themed around the one-man army himself. The Cleanup Crew bundle will be available in the store this week along with other new items.

Season 3 Moshpit and Double XP Weekend

To join the new Modern Warfare Drop Zone game mode this week, there is also a new playlist that is out for the game. It is known as the Season 3 Moshpit playlist and will feature a plethora of game modes and maps. The only catch is that the maps are all revolving around this current season.

The newly released Season 3 has three new maps that players can check out in the form of Talsik Backlot, Aniyah Incursion, and Hovec Sawmill. All three of them are focused on the classic six versus six gameplay that Modern Warfare is known for.

When you play through the Season 3 Moshpit, you will find that this playlist in particular only contains the new maps that were released this season. So, you are guaranteed to get one of them for sure and the game modes range from objectives to Team Deathmatch and everything in between.

The Season 3 Moshpit playlist is an excellent way to get accustomed to all three new maps quickly and figure out your strategies for them plus which of them is your favorite. Likely, this is only around for a limited time, but it could last for the rest of the season. We will just have to wait and see on that part.

And while you are playing through the Season 3 Moshpit playlist this upcoming weekend, you will be able to earn some double experience as well. Not long after our last double XP weekend, another one is happening this upcoming weekend.

It will include double the normal experience as well as double the weapon experience for the whole weekend. This will not just affect the Season 3 Moshpit playlist but all of Modern Warfare multiplayer, Spec Ops, and even the battle royale spin-off Warzone.

The double XP weekend will kick off this Friday, April 17 at 10 am PT and will run until Monday, April 20 at 10 am PT. This is a great way to get an early start on the new season and its battle pass tiers, so we highly recommend that you don’t miss out on it.

Gun Game Is Back in Call of Duty Mobile

Moving on from Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare, we have what’s new for Call of Duty Mobile this week as well. The great mobile iteration of the franchise is in the middle of Season 5, Steel Legion, right now and it is expanding this week with new challenges, a returning game mode, and more.

It all starts with the new challenges this week that will be great for helping players to advance through the battle pass tiers. In particular, one of the best tiers is at tier 25 and is a new scorestreak that anyone and everyone can get, regardless of owning the paid battle pass or not.

The newest scorestreak is the Shock RC car that lets you send this remote-controlled vehicle out to detect nearby enemies and paralyze them with a continuous electric shock that will open up the door for you to come in and finish them off. Players can complete some of the new challenges to earn tiers to move up through the battle pass and earn this scorestreak for free.

For those of you who want a new game mode to play, a returning fan favorite is back in Call of Duty Mobile right now. That game mode is none other than Gun Game, one of the biggest modes in the history of the series. This classic game mode will only be around for a limited time, so get in there and enjoy it while you can.

For those who don’t know Gun Game, it is a crazy match type where every player starts with the same weapon at the beginning and getting eliminations with those weapons will then give you another one until you win the whole match by getting a knife kill. However, the catch is that getting melee’d knock you back down to the previous weapon.

Players will have to be extremely versatile in their play styles as you will go through everything from assault rifles to explosive weapons to sniper rifles and everything in between. Gun Game will be out for a limited time in Call of Duty Mobile.

Some new rewards in this season’s ranked mode will last until June 1. Players can get the epic Ruin skin and the popular Man-O-War weapon by checking out the ranked mode lobby and advancing through the ranks before time runs out.

Updated Weekly Playlists for Black Ops 4

Even Black Ops 4 is still getting some love this week with the updated playlists for those who are still chipping away at Treyarch’s 2018 Call of Duty game. While most of the playlists this week are the same as always, the one unique one is the double experience One in the Chamber mode.

This mode alone will grant players some extra experience as you go through one of the most challenging game modes of all time. In One in the Chamber, everyone starts with the Annihilator and a single bullet in the chamber. Every kill that you get, you will earn another bullet for the gun so players will have to conserve and use ammo wisely.

While you are only able to shoot with the Annihilator, you are also able to melee still so players have to deal with the delicate balance of choosing the right method for each combat scenario. The free-for-all game mode is but one of many this week in Black Ops 4.

For traditional multiplayer, players have the double XP One in the Chamber, Nuketown, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit, and Merceneary Deathmatch Moshpit. Players in Blackout battle royale will have Hot and Heavy, Alcatraz Portals Quads, normal quads, duos, and solos.

And last but not least, the Zombies fans will have the Blood of the Dead playlist to check out this week.

Latest News for the Call of Duty League

The latest news for the Call of Duty League is out now as well. The Dallas Home Series Weekend event this past weekend marked the triumphant return of the esports league as eight of the 12 teams battled it out to see who would come out on top.

It was the craziest competition yet with the finals, in particular, ending up nothing as we had expected. The Florida Mutineers came out the replay of all the action on the Call of Duty League YouTube.

The next event for the league will be in a little less than two weeks, hosted by the Chicago Huntsmen from April 24-26. Until then, though, the first league-hosted Challengers Cup will happen this weekend April 18-19. And for those looking forward to more league action, some exhibition matches will happen this week.

This Thursday, April 16, the five teams of Atlanta FaZe, Florida Mutineers, New York Subliners, Minnesota Rokkr, and Seattle Surge will compete in a challenging match of battle royale on Verdansk in Warzone. That will have casters and commentary on the action live on the YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more details about the league as we near the next event.


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