Call of Duty Mobile Zombies End Date Revealed

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Mar, 4th 2020

Call of Duty Mobile is in the middle of a major transition phase for the game, one that we haven’t seen at this level since it officially launched for everyone in October last year. Like with most things in life, some changes are for the better while others are harder to deal with.

Activision released the highly anticipated Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 update on Android and iOS mobile devices, letting players experience the fourth iteration of the online experience. Like previous seasons, it changed a whole lot about the game.

Players now have a new map to explore and play on in multiplayer. There are also a few returning game modes and cosmetic items to buy or unlock as part of the new battle pass. And that is just part of the rather extensive package.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies End Date Announced

Many changes and additions are for the better. However, one change is unfortunate and disappointing for many players. Alongside the release of Season 4, Activision also announced the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies end date.

The popular zombie wave-based game type has an official end date as part of the Season 4 announcement. It ends sooner than we expected while still allowing for some time with it. The official Call of Duty Mobile Zombies end date is March 25.

The end date was revealed as part of the official patch notes on the sub-Reddit page for the game that we already covered. It was buried in the middle of the other features and gameplay changes this season, so it is certainly easy to miss it among the more positive announcements.

The Call of Duty Mobile Zombies end date is coming up soon with only a few weeks left. As such, players should hop in and get in as much game time as they can before it gets removed from the mobile game.

This announcement isn’t a surprise. We already knew it wasn’t going to be permanent. Activision made that clear when it first released last year. However, the problem was that no end date was given when it was released.

Why It’s Being Removed

Thankfully, we do have a bit of notice before it leaves the game, but it is unfortunate, nonetheless. The reason for removing the mode is because of the level of quality. According to Activision, it hasn’t reached the necessary level that the company desires.

Because of this, the already released (in some locations) Nacht Der Untoten map will not release in the global version at this time. Fortunately, the silver lining to this whole situation is that it is likely not the end of the Zombies mode.

Activision noted in the Reddit thread that the Zombies mode might come back in the future and with the second map Nacht Der Untoten in two. That it isn’t going to happen now. We don’t recommend holding out hope for it in the next few months, either.

This would only happen once the developer can make the Zombies mode reach the level of quality high enough for it. The problem is not the time it takes but the fact that the focus isn’t on that mode at all.

There’s No Telling When It Will Return

At this time, development is focused only on the multiplayer, battle royale, and ranked modes in the game. Because of this, there is no telling when the development will free up enough or be devoted to making the Zombies mode better.

We don’t expect to see it return until quite some time from now when it can get addressed. It could change at a moment’s notice in the future. The current state of things means that players shouldn’t hold out too much hope for now.

Players can do something important while waiting for more information regarding the future of the Zombies mode. Activision wants to see feedback and reception from players about the mode before taking it away from the game.

The company takes into consideration the thoughts of players and that it matters. Players can try to make their wishes clear for the Zombies mode to come back sooner rather than later social media platforms and perhaps that could make a difference.

More importantly, we recommend that players attempt to enjoy Zombies while it is still in the game as well. If a slew of players come back or play it for the first time, this could show a ton of interest in it being a staple part of the game permanently.

This could result in development continuing the mode sooner. After all, players have already affected the mobile title, as also noted in the patch notes. Because of the community outcry and players participating in the mode, Hardpoint is now a permanent part of the online multiplayer.

It is certainly possible that a similar situation could occur for Zombies if the community jumps in. For now, though, the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies end date is March 25, so get as much time out of it while you still can.


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