Call of Duty Mobile Will Go Back to Season 1 Instead of Season 14

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Jan, 18th 2021

Activision has posted the latest Call of Duty Mobile community update to the popular mobile game’s subreddit page. But unlike most community updates, this one is pretty shocking in terms of what it means for Call of Duty Mobile Season 14. 

Call of Duty Mobile Community Update Reveals Season 14 Isn’t Coming

The community update is much smaller than usual because the mobile game developer is not ready to share all of the news and tidbits regarding the upcoming 14th season. Instead, it did tease some details about what is going to happen in the next season. 

There is a rather shocking announcement that happened in this update for the season that might be strange to the community. The team will not be following the normal numbering system that has been used since the game officially launched in the fall of 2019. 

For more than a year, the mobile game has taken Android and iOS devices by storm. There have been 13 seasons in total, with each season roughly spanning about a month or so of content. As such, we all expected to have Call of Duty Mobile Season 14 very soon. 

However, it looks like that won’t be happening, at least not in how we initially expected it to. Indeed, the 14th season of the mobile Call of Duty game is coming, but it will not be called Call of Duty Mobile Season 14 at all. 

Instead, it will be formally known as Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 once more. This may be weird to you since we already had the first season of the game back when it was first released. So, you might be wondering why the sudden change?

The only real explanation that we are given for why Call of Duty Mobile Season 14 will be known as Season 1 is that the developer wishes to refresh the season name for 2021. This makes sense since we had most of the past 13 seasons in 2020, which could be an annual thing.

But at the same time, the community update teased that it will make more sense, hopefully, once we know more about Season 1 and what it will have in it. For now, we only know that two new weapons are coming in the next season. One of them isn’t an assault rifle.

For players who aren’t fans of ARs and their constant focus, this is probably some good news for you. It will be intriguing to see what the two weapons are. One is likely an assault rifle and the other a tactical rifle or sniper rifle. 

Current News and Events

In the meantime, while we wait for more news about Call of Duty Mobile Season 1, we know the timeline for the remaining events and modes in the game. All seasonal challenges are now available in the game, so you can tackle everything in Season 13 right now. 

Ahead of the first season’s launch, you can finish up whatever you are working on, unlock everything free this season if you haven’t already, and progress through the Season 13 battle pass. Also, there is an Extra, Extra event happening as well as a Snow Day one. 

For battle royale fans, the Snow Day event looks to be an interesting one with some new challenges for you to complete for a limited time from now until Jan. 26. In the revamped Ski Town area of the battle royale map, players will be asked to do many activities there. 

The various challenges in this Snow Day event include landing at Ski Town in a match, traveling around the map with a snowboard, dealing damage to enemies as always, surviving in the battle royale matches, and other activities would typically do in a match. 

Completing most of these missions will mean that you will unlock some special rewards in the game, including the new rare Snowblind RPD skin and the Snowblind Wingsuit. Be sure to unlock these before Jan. 26, when we presume that the new Season 1 will begin if you are interested in them.

Bug Reports and Feedback Update

Of course, the community update also went over significant bugs and other feedback that players have given to developers over the past couple of weeks. One of the biggest issues is receiving the Ghost Stealth skin character from account linking. 

The post mentions that everyone who has previously linked their accounts should have this free character in their in-game mail. If you don’t see it there, make sure that you have linked your accounts for sure, as there are reports from players who didn’t do that. But if you did, reach out to support directly to get it fixed.

Meanwhile, the black screen error in battle royale has been reported lately, and there is a fix being worked on. Unfortunately, the fix will not arrive until the start of Season 1 or perhaps even Season 2. This is a rather lengthy wait, so please bear with it and share feedback with support, if necessary. 

The BK57 exploit that had to with the weapon has been fixed. Other exploits that players reported lately will be fixed soon. When it comes to general lag, more servers have been added in the UK to help with this. More news is coming this year to make the game run better for more players. 

Finally, some players are asking about the esports season for Call of Duty Mobile. Even though the Call of Duty League proper is getting started very soon with the Kickoff Classic event, the Call of Duty Mobile events will happen later in the year. We’ll have more news to share about it down the road. 


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