Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege Mode Will Return in Season 9

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Sep, 14th 2021

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most successful mobile games out right now, and one of the most popular game modes in the title is the still relatively new Undead Siege mode. Unfortunately, it does look like the Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege mode could be going away for a while. 

Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege Is Leaving

A recent tweet from the official Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account noted some details regarding the Undead Siege mode. The announcement started by thanking players for the “excitement and appreciation” of the zombie horde-focused game mode. 

Because of the success of the Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege mode, the plans now are for it to expand into something bigger than it is currently. The general idea is to support and update the mode with more content than in its initial state, which is great news. 

However, this great news comes with some unfortunate occurrences that will require players to be patient while these updates and changes are being made to the game mode. As part of this, the popular Zombies Call of Duty Mobile mode will be leaving the mobile title for a while. 

The tweet announcement revealed that the Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege mode would be leaving the mobile game soon, which could disappoint fans. This is especially true for those logging into the game to play this mode (like me these days). 

Undead Siege Will Not Be in Season 8

The Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege mode will be leaving the title with the conclusion of the current seventh season of the game. Unfortunately, after this season, players will not be able to enjoy Undead Siege for the time being as it will be taken down to implement various changes. 

This is sad news for fans of the game mode, but the great part is that this is not going to go the route of the original Zombies mode released in Call of Duty Mobile. For so many seasons after its removal, players were left wondering when it would come back if that would even happen. 

Undead Siege finally saw the return of Zombies in Call of Duty Mobile, so it is rather disappointing to see it leave the game so soon after its release. Fortunately, we know when it will be returning. That is not too far off for fans of the zombie mode. 

Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege will be returning to the game in Season 9, despite not being available in the next one. It is only taking a single season off from the mobile game to give just enough time to address changes and then bring it back in a big way in the following season. 

Undead Siege Will Return in Season 9

What this means for players is that Season 8 will be devoid of any Zombies content, which is a fair bit of time but not too long overall. Seasons in Call of Duty Mobile are not like its console and PC counterparts, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, where the seasons go for a healthy amount of time. 

In Call of Duty Mobile, the seasons will generally stick around for about a month or so, and then the following month will see the next season’s debut, making for about 12 or so seasons a year. At most, this means that players will have to wait for around a month or so until season 9 arrives. 

Honestly, this makes sense since Season 8 will go through the middle of September and into October. We imagine that it will be in the second half of October 2021 when we get the season 9 release date and the anticipated return of Undead Siege.

Interestingly, this timing means that Activision and Tencent are aiming to have the popular undead game mode come back right around the perfect timing of Halloween. Having a spookier Season 9 themed around Undead Siege and Halloween would be excellent. 

A Spooky Season 9 Could Be Amazing

This would give a chance for Undead Siege to come back in full force and, hopefully, feature a lot more content than what we have gotten from it thus far. Right now, it is only a simple zombie mode where there are five days that you survive in a section of the Isolated battle royale map with teammates. 

You have a circle that is the safe zone at night and scavenge for weapons and loot during the daytime. The zombies are minimal during the daytime as you try to gather equipment. They attack the circle at night, trying to destroy your generator. 

You have to survive against the zombies while defending the generator and staying in the circle for five days to win the match. It is a pretty simple game mode and one that could expand upon heavily to allow for much more than just this. 

For one, the fact that it uses the battle royale map for Call of Duty Mobile means that we could get an Outbreak-like game mode where you do not just stick in one specific area and can roam around the map with friends, completing various objectives there. 

Alternatively, we could see a situation where multiplayer maps are added to the list of available locations for Undead Siege. Also, I would like to see a more traditional Zombies wave-based mode show up in Call of Duty Mobile again, but that is a mode that will likely come later down the road. Stay tuned for our full coverage of Call of Duty Mobile season 8 soon. 


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