Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle Mode Is Coming in Season 2

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Mar, 1st 2021

Some new information has come out about the second season of Call of Duty Mobile ahead of Tencent and Activision’s intended release cycle. This leaked information includes the new Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle game mode, a new class, and much more. 

New Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Content Leaks

The leak this time around comes from the YouTube channel AnonymousYT who posted about these sorts of leaks before. What makes this particular leak reliable is that we have footage of some of the content and its source. 

Like most Call of Duty Mobile seasons these days, Activision is releasing a public test build that players on Android can download and install to see what is coming in the next season of content. Because of these test builds, we can find some information about the next season early while the current Season 1 is still going on.

This is pretty standard for Call of Duty Mobile. Season 2 is no different as we now have leaked information. While this is likely true, not all the content shown in the public test build is meant for that particular season, like before where we had to wait for certain features. 

But given the scope and detail in some of these features, like the new Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle mode, we think that this will reveal more details about Season 2 than not. Starting with the Tank Battle mode, it is one of the biggest pieces of Season 2 content we now know about. 

Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle Revealed

If you are a battle royale fan like us in Call of Duty Mobile, then you might have been disappointed in the lack of quality new content over the last couple of seasons of the mobile game. Well, it does look like Activision is making Season 2 have more of a focus on the game mode. 

This is seen in the new Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle that is actually dedicated to the battle royale side of things, rather than the normal online multiplayer segment. This unique mode takes place on the original Isolated map and features a match where players need to make a tank.

To make your tank, there are five pieces that you must gather together to build it. How you get the five pieces is through the vending machines that are already located throughout the map. When you get there, though, it gets pretty interesting. 

Not only are you likely to run into other players doing the same, but you get to customize the tank to an extent. You also have the option of picking up some anti-tank weaponry for fighting against the other vehicles that you will come across during the match and repair equipment.

How the Game Mode Works

Beyond that, there is a unique depot that you can capture to repair and supply your tank during the match. Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle isn’t necessarily changing the battle royale format but adding some unique layers on top of it. 

It will likely be the same last player or last team standing format, but with the added tanks thrown in. With everyone having access to tanks nearly, this will make the matches much more chaotic and explosive, with different strategies needed than in regular matches. 

This new Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle isn’t confirmed to be a permanent or limited time mode at this time since we don’t have an official announcement of it anyways. We imagine that it will only be here for a limited time, potentially for the season, and that would be about it, if not shorter.

New Spotter Battle Royale Class

But the Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle will be a great place to show off the other new battle royale feature in Season 2: the new class. A new battle royale class is coming, known as the Spotter. It honestly sounds like a pretty overpowered class, but we will have to wait and see about. 

The passive ability is known as Fly Swatter. It shows the player any nearby enemies who are gliding while also increasing the rocket launchers’ reload speed, so players who like explosives might enjoy this class. But the active ability that you can trigger is the one that sounds extremely powerful. 

It is known as Cluster Strike, which launches an air strike to an area that the player has chosen. It sounds a lot like Apex Legends battle royale characters’ abilities have or specific Call of Duty scorestreaks, so this is something that players should keep in mind as we imagine we’ll see this a lot moving forward. 

Overall, it seems that the new Spotter class will be a potential must-have if done right in Call of Duty Mobile moving forward. Teams will likely want to have a Spotter on their team in most matches to not only spot nearby gliding enemies but deal some serious area-of-effect damage. 

They will likely be an especially important asset when it comes to those later rounds of matches when the circle is rather small. There isn’t much room at all for players to run. We know this from the public test build, but we imagine that there is much more to Season 2 than this, so stay tuned for future updates. 


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