Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Release Date, Details Reportedly Leak From Test Server

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Jul, 26th 2020

Given that we are in the middle of season 8 currently, it seems weird to already know so much about the next season in Call of Duty Mobile, but that has reportedly happened. Apparently, lots of details including the Call of Duty Mobile season 9 release date recently were discovered.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Release Date Leaks

The Call of Duty Mobile season 9 release date leak comes from Fossbytes who reported that the test version of the mobile game’s new season is currently available for use. Though users are likely not supposed to release info about what they are testing, this info has reportedly leaked.

The information includes a ton of new details about the new season that actually spoil a lot of what is likely going to be in it. As such, those players who would like to be a bit more surprised by what is offered in season 9 should turn away now and just wait a few more weeks for it to release.

The biggest news from this test version is the possible Call of Duty Mobile season 9 release date. Supposedly, the new season will be coming out on August 6 or around that date, as the battle pass for the current season will be expiring around that time.

This is rather interesting, as that would make the current season one of the shortest that we have had since the mobile game officially launched last year. But it is possible that this is due to the fact that the current season is rather light in terms of new content and hasn’t been especially popular in the community.

Battle Royale Is Getting a New Map

This could have been due to the work from home situation that many companies like Activision were promoting for the last few months, which may have affected development on the mobile game. Thankfully, though, it looks like the next season will have some awesome content.

When the reported Call of Duty Mobile season 9 release date arrives, there will be a lot of new content for players to check out as part of the new season. First and foremost, there is supposedly a new battle royale map that will be released in the game.

Battle royale is one of the two core pillars of the mobile title and is quite popular and good, but it only has one map at this time. What is interesting about the idea of a second map is the fact that the original just got a massive upgrade and expansion recently.

But according to the leaked test server info, the new battle royale map will actually be Alcatraz, which players may remember from a couple of different Call of Duty games. Alcatraz appeared in both Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 4, the latter of which is where it had a major purpose as one of the battle royale maps.

How Alcatraz Will Work in Battle Royale

It seems that the prison island will be returning in Call of Duty Mobile as one of the battle royale maps for players to choose from. Though it will be part of the battle royale suite, it won’t technically have the normal battle royale match style for players to play on it.

Instead, it will play host to only the Warfare game mode that has spun off of the battle royale format. In Warfare, players are on the normal battle royale map and have a 50 versus 50 big Team Deathmatch battle. It seems that the new Alcatraz map will be the host of that permanent game mode.

But instead of the usual 50 on 50 match format, it will shrink down to only 10 on 10 in Warfare where players will have the whole map to go around and fight enemies until one team gets the required number of eliminations to win the match.

Besides the new map in Call of Duty Mobile season 9, the Gunsmith will reportedly make its debut in the game. This new feature will allow players to work on the various guns that are in the game to decide things like the laser sight, grip, magazine, and other gun attachments.

New Operator Skill, Scorestreak, and Multiplayer Maps

As standard for a new season, there is a new scorestreak that will join the multiplayer portion of the game and it is the Shield Turret. Familiar to those players who have played Modern Warfare, the Shield Turret lets the user deploy a turret that has a shield to protect you while you decimate your opponents.

To match the scorestreak in multiplayer, there is a new Operator skill that will be released in battle royale and it is the Equalizer. Hailing from Infinite Warfare, this skill will allow the player to operate a rather powerful machine gun that can destroy enemies with ease.

From what has been seen in the test server, it looks like two new multiplayer maps are coming to Call of Duty Mobile in season 9. The first of these is Pine, which is a two on two multiplayer map that is in Modern Warfare. Given that it is only two on two, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is the new Gunfight map for the mobile title.

And the other new multiplayer map is Terminal, a fan favorite medium map from Modern Warfare 2 that will reportedly make its debut as the new standard online map for various game modes. Speaking of game modes, there is a new 10 on 10 Team Deathmatch game mode that will release.

It will be similar to the normal Team Deathmatch, but with 20 players in the whole match. It seems that this is separate from the Warfare battle royale mode and will likely be available on only some of the bigger multiplayer maps in the game.

Players won’t have to wait long to see if these leaks are true and play the new content as the Call of Duty Mobile season 9 release date is currently reportedly set for only a few more weeks from now on August 6.


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