Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Is Here: Scrapyard, Monastery, More

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 24th 2021

Call of Duty Mobile continues its path this year by offering a rebooted number of seasons for players on Android and iOS. For the next month or so, players will have the new Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 to check out, offering new multiplayer maps, battle pass items, and more. 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Is Here

As always in the new reboot of mobile seasons, Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 has a theme to set it apart from the previous seventh season that the mobile game had, and that theme is Elite of the Elite. Yes, that very strange and uninteresting theme is the one for the upcoming season, which is honestly fitting. 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 launches later this week, at the time of writing this, on Wednesday, August 25, at around 5 pm PT. At that time, players will download the new patch for the seventh season on Android and iOS and start checking out all of the new content. 

In all honesty, before we even jump into the new content in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Elite of the Elite, it is worth noting that this is perhaps the worst season in terms of the amount of content to date. There is a huge lack of new content, even compared to the usual additions that we get. 

Sure, there are some new multiplayer maps in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Elite of the Elite, but there are no new game modes, at least at launch, only a single new weapon to use and very little outside of that. The game is far from dead, but the content this season is almost dead on arrival. 

The state of the new Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 indicates that some major changes are likely necessary for the future. I would even go so far as to suggest that the one-month length of each season is just not working anymore, as it might be clear that the developers can only do so much in the time given. 

It may very well be time for the seasons in Call of Duty Mobile to get longer to allow for more impactful additions and changes that will help us enjoy them while they are here. This rather lackluster season is especially notable after Season 6 brought the long-awaited return of Zombies, and even if it was starting to show a decline in content. 

At the very least, the benefit is that Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 is only going to be here until around the end of September, so that means it is only a matter of time until the next season, which we hope is going to be much better than this one. Here is everything you need to know about the new Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Elite of the Elite. 

Elite of the Elite Free Battle Pass Items

We have the new Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Elite of the Elite battle pass for starters. Like other battle passes to date, you have the usual additions here with free content for players who do not want to pay for the battle pass and items for those who do not mind paying for it. 

In terms of free items that everyone will be able to earn just through progress in the battle pass and unlocking them, a few are themed around the Special Forces, which is this season’s crux. There are two main additions that you will want to know about. 

The first is the new operator skill, Kinetic Armor, that players can get at only tier 14 in the free version of the pass. If you want to boost your armor strength and withstand fights for a little bit longer, then this operator skill might be for you, potentially turning you into a walking tank briefly. 

The other major addition is the single new weapon this season, which is the Hades LMG. This is a powerful new light machine gun that players may want to consider using. It is unlocked at only tier 21. Other various free items that you can get in the pass include the Blue Scratch Razorback weapon blueprint, AS VAL Wolves, and more. 

Paid Battle Pass Items

There is also the paid battle pass, which players can purchase if you want access to even more cosmetic items and weapon blueprints. Keep in mind that new gameplay additions, like brand new weapons and skills, will never be tied to the paid version.

You will only want to get the paid battle pass if you want cosmetic items like new weapon skins, operator skins to run into battle with, and a whole lot of Call of Duty points. And those items are what you will get with the new paid battle pass in Season 7. 

For those interested in the paid battle pass in this Elite season, you will be able to get the new Demir operator character, one of the main characters in Season 7. For pre-existing characters, you will get the Huntress operator skin for Charly, Balkan Special ATU for Mil-Sim, and the Sarge version for Griggs. 

There are also many new weapon blueprints for you to collect, including the Prototype Omega blueprint for the QXR, the Revati skin for the Rytec AMR, and the Outcast Vengeance for the M4. The pass would not be complete without some love for the new Hades LMG, so you will also be able to get the Shoulder Cannon version of it. 

Monastery Arrives

Two new multiplayer maps are coming in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Elite of the Elite. The first of these is Monastery, which is unique this season for being a brand new map. It is not too often that we get brand new multiplayer maps in Call of Duty Mobile (not like Gunfight-specific), so this is a great moment. 

Much of the mobile game is built on bringing in maps from across the pantheon of the Call of Duty franchise, but Monastery is something entirely new for everyone to get in and learn how to play. This once peaceful location has been overrun with operators trying to find their ways around the tight-knit buildings and paths. 

Monastery will be a much more narrow and complicated experience, mostly emphasizing close-range combat but with some room for other gameplay in certain areas. Monastery will be a brand new map location for everyone to figure out when it arrives at the Season 7 launch. 

Oddly enough, Monastery will only be featured in two game modes at launch, and those are the Frontline and Team Deathmatch modes. It seems that the focus is mainly on making the map available for the Deathmatch-style experiences, but, hopefully, it comes to other modes in the future.

Scrapyard 2019 Debuts

The other main map launching in this new season is Scrapyard 2019 from the 2019 entry in the series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The rebooted Modern Warfare brought a lot of new and old maps, including the latest iteration of the classic Scrapyard location. 

Fortunately, Call of Duty Mobile will now be the next ones to play this beloved Modern Warfare locale when the 2019 version of Scrapyard drops at the launch of the season. This is a highly competitive and balanced map, making for a wonderful addition to the map pool. 

In Scrapyard 2019, players are taken to a scrapyard of aircraft parts and pieces with plenty of coverage sections and storage sheds. This is a classic for a reason, with the balance in the map being one of the best and offering plenty of playstyles.

There are long-range capabilities for the snipers out there, more close-range fights in certain areas, and mid-range for those who prefer that. From what we can tell, Scrapyard will be available in most, if not all, of the main multiplayer game modes in Season 7. 

Cyber Attack Event Arrives Later This Season

A new season would not be complete without some new limited-time events to check out. Season 7 is no different from the new Cyber Attack event that will happen later in the season. It is not available at launch, but it is coming very shortly after that. 

Starting on September 3, players will be able to engage in the Cyber Attack event for an unspecified time. This unique meta event will see your account be assigned the command of a personal soldier who will work on your behalf. 

How it works is that the metagame of the event is that you will send your soldier on missions every six hours or so for them to come back with special items for you to collect. These items can range from new skins like the Dark Ops Zero one to the Technic Turret SKS weapon blueprint and more. 

The way to ensure that your soldier is successful in these missions and bringing you back rewards is by strengthening him in battle. As you play through the multiplayer and battle royale matches during the event, you will earn experience that can be used to make them stronger and increase the chances of getting better items. 

Ozuna Joins Call of Duty Mobile

Another event of sorts at the launch of Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 is the award-winning artist Ozuna joining the game in multiple ways. The in-game collaboration between the music artist and Call of Duty Mobile will add numerous content. 

For starters, you will be able to hear the song that he has written for Call of Duty Mobile playing in the lobby between matches as you hang around with your buddies. Furthermore, it will be heard in the battle royale vehicles you ride around during the seventh season. 

There will also be a limited-time game mode inspired by Ozuna, known as Ozuna: Kill Confirmed where you will be able to check out a special version of the classic multiplayer mode. It is not known how long the Kill Confirmed special mode will be here, so be sure to check it out while you can. 

An event like this would not be complete without some Ozuna-themed items. That is happening, too, with the release of the Ozuna crate. You will get the Ozuna operator skin that is a version of Merc 5, the Osito En Vivo calling card, and the Caramelo camo skin series. 

Battle Royale Draw and Regional Playoffs

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021 is still going strong. It is in the midst of the regional playoffs in stage 4 right now. With four more regional tournaments happening very soon, players still have the chance to see some insanely competitive, high-level Call of Duty Mobile action live. 

The Japan and Latin America tournaments will happen August 28-29, while the North America one will occur September 4-5. Lastly, there is the regional playoffs in Europe that will happen September 18-19. The best part is that players can earn rewards for Call of Duty Mobile by tuning into the live matches. 

At the launch of the new season, Call of Duty Mobile will be offering the first-ever battle royale draw. This will include some items that will be beneficial for battle royale fans out there, like the legendary 

Direct Fire Support vehicle skin for the helicopter, plus a host of other epic battle royale skins in the Hexoglyph series. 

Among these skins is the new Blackjack operator, whom fans may recognize from Black Ops 3, who was the black market weapons dealer for that game. 


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