Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Arrives: Dome, Catch the Gold, More

by in Call of Duty Mobile | May, 27th 2021

Activision and Tencent have released the latest season of content for Call of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is here and includes a wide range of new additions and changes, from new maps to play on, new game modes to check out, balancing for various items, and much more.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Is Out Now

Since the relaunch of the seasons in COD Mobile to restart from Season 1, every new season has had a main theme that is attached to it and that is also the case for Call of Duty Mobile Season 4. Known as Spurned and Burned, this season has a distinct feel to it that could be appealing to some.

This season is seemingly all about that classic Wild West feel to it, which is not too surprising given that we have had this type of season in the past when the mobile game was in the original set of seasons. This return to the Wild West will be welcome for some fans of this tone.

The theme is not just for show, either, as players will have the chance to enjoy collecting items, exploring maps, and playing game modes that are all centered around this cowboy and outlaw idea. By the time that you are reading this, you should be able to jump right into the season.

You can check out the Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Spurned and Burned right now on Android and iOS devices. The fourth season does not go above and beyond what we have seen from recent seasons, but it does include some great content that is worth taking a look at.

Spurned and Burned Battle Pass

New Dome Map Arrives

A new season would not be complete with some game modes and maps to check out, and Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is going to have its own set of new maps to come over the course of the next month. It all starts here at launch with the latest Modern Warfare map: Dome.

One of the most popular multiplayer maps from Modern Warfare 3, Dome is a classic location where you are set in the middle of a desert fighting your way through a military radar station. Be it the various buildings, containers, tower, and so on, this is a tight-knit and dangerous map to play on.

But it has become iconic in the pantheon of Call of Duty maps and it will be a welcome addition in Season 4, especially with the Wild West theme. Set in the desert, this is one of the more bland and isolated map locations, but one that fits in well with the outlaw idea.

With the arrival of Dome, players have yet another map that is great for close combat situations, but it does have some areas where snipers can set up and have a nice view of much of the area and there are some more mid-range locations for players who prefer that style.

Dome is far from the only map that is coming in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4, but it is the only one at launch thus far. The Coastal and Tunisia maps will be launching later on in the season for Prop Hunt, which while not completely new, will add some new locations to try out in that fan favorite party game mode.

Capture the Gold and 1v1 Duel Modes

For the new map that you will be playing on, there are two main game modes that are launching this season. The first of these is Capture the Gold and is a fairly familiar game mode but with a twist. Capture the Gold is a take on the standard Capture the Flag multiplayer mode.

In Capture the Gold, players are no longer tasked with finding the enemy flag to take but the gold that you can find at their base. You need to grab that gold and then take it back to your own base to score. However, the simple change from a flag to carry to gold is not the only difference here.

Capture the Gold also increases a special twist where the person carrying the gold is able to eliminate other players and, when they do, the players will drop power-ups. These buffs will boost the player in various ways and give you the chance to gain the advantage and have a better chance of securing that gold.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Update brings "Capture the Gold Flag" Mode -  Technology - Headline English
Have a blast with the Capture the Gold mode (image credit Headline English)

The other new game mode is coming later on in the season and that is 1v1 Duel. This is similar to Gunfight but different in that it is solely meant for those one vs one matches. The rules are a bit different, too, since you only have two players competing against one another.

There seem to be respawns in this 1v1 Duel, unlike Gunfight, so dying in a round will not mean that it is the end for you. The goal is to reach seven kills against your opponent first in the round and you will claim the victory for just that round in particular.

To win the match in total, you will need to win three rounds first (so 21 kills in total). It is currently unknown what maps will be used for this game mode, but we fully expect the smaller ones from the Gunfight modes to be utilized as they are great for this type of experience.

Heartbeat Sensor and Holger 26 Arrive

There is a new tactical item that is launching in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 and it is coming as a new seasonal challenge. Rather than unlocking it through the battle pass this season, you need to complete some challenges to unlock the infamous Heartbeat Sensor item.

Taking the place of the tactical grenade slot in your loadout, the Heartbeat Sensor is capable of picking up the signs of life from nearby enemies. What this means for you is that triggering this item will pull it out and allow you to scan for nearby enemies.

unlock holger 26 cod mobile season 4
The new Holger 26 (image credit CharlieINTEL)

This can be done every few seconds in the match, but there is a catch with this powerful item. Since it allows you to find the locations of nearby enemies, similar to what the spy plane does but much more often, the trade-off is that you are unable to fire while you have the sensor in your hands.

This means that you have to quickly decide when is the best time to use the Heartbeat Sensor and find the enemies that are close to you before they find you first and can take advantage of your temporary vulnerability. For aggressive players always looking for the next enemy, this is going to be a must-have item.

If that item is not really your thing, maybe the new weapon will be. There is only the second new LMG weapon that is launching in Call of Duty Mobile later this season. The Holger 26 is making its mobile debut in the title, offering a very flexible light machine gun that is capable of different playstyles.

It will also be available through some seasonal challenges for you to complete, so stay tuned for that in the future. Furthermore, there is a new melee weapon that will launch in Call of Duty Mobile in Season 4 and that is the Sickle that will likely be unlocked through some challenges, too.

Weapon and Vehicle Balancing

The launch of Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is a great chance to reevaluate some of the weapons and classes that are in the game thus far. Tencent has taken the time to pass over each weapon and category to make sure that they are in the right place balance-wise.

This has resulted in some changes to certain weapons and classes, including the SMGs to make them stronger in close quarter situations. This is also done for the assault rifles to make them more valuable in the mid-range situations as well as balancing the accuracy and damage for LMGs.

When it comes to the sniper and marksman rifles, the attachments and various features of these two weapon categories have been adjusted to be optimized from now on. There is also a large-scale upgrade to Gunsmith with the launch of Gunsmith 2.0 where you will have an even deeper and better experience customizing your weapons.

Weapons are not the only ones to get some changes this season as the vehicles that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile, like in the battle royale modes, have been optimized. For the motorcycles and off-road, all-terrain, and assault vehicles, there is improved durability to keep them around.

For off-road vehicles only, there is also improved acceleration so that you are able to maneuver around the map more quickly and using whatever path you want. There are new tank operations that you can choose in the vehicle settings if you wish for the control of certain vehicles to be different.

Clan Wars and World Championship 2021

There is a brand new competitive multiplayer feature dropping in Call of Duty Mobile with this new season known as Clan Wars. Finally, your clan will matter more than just a tag attached to your name as you will be able to compete against other clans for rewards and a progressive league system.

How it works is that your clan will be paired up with five other clans to compete in a six-day tournament. You will be fighting for control of the various nodes on a map during the event. You will earn points for each node that you do well controlling and progress through the league as your clan does better.

The new Clan Wars mode is joined this season by the return of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship. The World Championship 2021 is coming soon and will run through much of the summer this year. Ranked players will have the chance to enter into the event, try to get as high as you can in the leaderboard, and earn some rewards in the process.

This year, the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021 has several new items offered to players who participate and do well, including the Seraph Precious Metal operator skin, KN-44 Championship Mindset, and the Ranked Series 2 frame. The World Championship 2021 event is live now and will run through the end of July.


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