Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Released: Shipment, Shoot House, More

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Mar, 11th 2021

Activision has announced and released Call of Duty Mobile Season 2, revealing the details about what is coming in this new season of content. There is a lot for players to check out in this new season. It is going to be a massive one as only the second one this year. 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Is Here

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 follows up on the first season this year as we head deeper into this new iteration of the mobile title. Activision has made it clear in the past that this is going to be a sort of yearly thing where each new year will likely bring with it a reset to the seasonal content.

It all began with Season 1 at the beginning of the year and will continue with the second season this month. Like previous seasons, this second one will last for around a month or so until something new appears sometime in April for players to check out. 

The theme for this new season is Day of Reckoning. It seems to be more of a traditional Call of Duty military-style season rather than anything else. It has a decent focus on the Modern Warfare franchise, in particular, and brings some popular content from that sub-series to the mobile game. 

A couple of fan-favorite maps have been some of the most popular and beloved in the history of Modern Warfare that players will likely be happy to know have returned for their first outing in Call of Duty Mobile. Plus, there is a lot more from new game modes to new items. 

Overall, Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 is pretty meager in its offerings compared to past seasons in general, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t have something for everyone. Though the amount of content isn’t fantastic, it is spread wide so that both multiplayer and battle royale fans have something to look forward to. Let’s take a look. 

New Operators and Battle Pass

Kicking off this new season are the operators that have joined the game. These are the characters you can play in multiplayer and battle royale matches, and there are a few new ones this season. Interestingly enough, there is an exceptional one that is here. 

Charly from the Modern Warfare series is joining the game as one of the default character options that you can choose in matches. She is free at launch of the new Season 2, meaning you can get the operator skin right now and available for use in future matches. 

This new default character option means that you won’t have to unlock her or pay for her in the credit store like with other skins. She joins the mobile game as the latest female skin. As always, though, there is a new battle pass this season with more characters and skins beyond just Charly. 

The Day of Reckoning battle pass is complete with 50 tiers of content for players to unlock and progress through the next month or so to get. There is free and paid content to get through the new Season 2 battle pass, including some new weapons. 

One new weapon and a single new scorestreak that you can unlock through the battle pass, so we highly recommend that you don’t miss out on getting these this season while they are here. At tier 14, the new scorestreak unlocks known as Napalm (more on that in a bit). 

At tier 21, you will get the single new weapon this season, which is the AS Val. The Val is a brand new fully automatic assault rifle touted as a unique weapon. While some may be disappointed by yet another AR, and that is it for this season, it seems that it will offer a unique style in the assault rifle class. 

Other free items that you can get without buying the battle pass include the M21 EBR Phantom Limb skin, Gas Cloud skin for the combat axe, and more. Of course, if you want to pay for the paid version, you will get a whole lot more this season in the Day of Reckoning pass. 

The paid content includes premium skin styles like the Mace Back for More version, Alex from the Modern Warfare series, who isn’t free like Charly is, and the new weapon blueprints. The new AS Val gun has a Judgment version this season. There is also the Jumper Cable HVK 30 blueprint. 

New Multiplayer Maps

While the battle pass is exciting on its own, what’s more interesting to many players are the new multiplayer maps. This season, there are two of them. They are some of the most popular Call of Duty maps of all-time, and they are finally coming to this mobile iteration on Android and iOS. 

The first of these is the classic map known as Shoot House. This famous multiplayer locale features a construction site-like zone centered around the, well, Shoot House. It has the standard fast-paced three-lane map design set in a training course of the military. 

There is a bit of flexibility here on Shoot House, with snipers having the chance to fire away down the three lanes for quick shots while also appealing to close combat fans who can fight across them. Shoot House is a beloved map for a reason, and you can check it out now. 

Next up, we have Shipment 2019 edition. This is one of the newest versions of this fan-favorite map coming to Call of Duty Mobile. Like with Shoot House, this is a smaller but instant classic of a location taking place in a dock full of shipping containers. 

This is a really small location but has been popular throughout the years for its frenetic and crazy gameplay. The smaller setting means that you will need to be ready for anything as well as likely have some weapons that are suited for close-range so that you can succeed in matches here. 

Snipers Only 3v3 Gunfight Releases

Some new maps wouldn’t be right without some new game modes to try them out on, and that is what Snipers Only 3v3 Gunfight is here for. Gunfight is one of the most popular Call of Duty game modes in recent memory, and it is expanding with a new version in Mobile. 

For those who don’t know Gunfight well, it is traditionally a two-on-two game mode where the teams only have one life to live per round. Everyone in the match has the same equipment that changes every so often. It is a difficult and competitive mode that isn’t for everyone. 

But in the case of Snipers Only 3v3 Gunfight, it ups the ante with three players on each team, instead of just two. The arsenal that the two teams will be using changes to only has sniper rifles as weapons rather than other equipment. 

It will be an even more challenging and crazy version of Gunfight since you will only be using long-range weapons on maps built for just about anything but sniper rifles. There are a couple of strategies, like aiming for headshots or waiting for the enemy to have their guard down while reloading. The first team to win six rounds takes the match in Snipers Only 3v3 Gunfight. 

New Vehicle and Multiplayer Perk

There are a few new items this season in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Day of Reckoning. The first is a new perk known as Recon. Pick up this new perk for your loadout, and you will be able to see enemies in a new light. Taking out an enemy will then scan and display other nearby enemies on your minimap for you to then hunt down. 

Joining the new Recon perk is a new scorestreak that you can equip for your loadout in multiplayer, and that is the Napalm strike scorestreak. This popular one from past Call of Duty games, including the current Black Ops Cold War, is a powerful but limited streak unique. 

What it does is call in an air strike that carpet bombs a line of area on the map that you pick. Not only does it have a chance at defeating several enemies when the strike lands, but it leaves a continuously damaging line of fire on the ground for anyone unlucky enough to run through it. 

For battle royale players, there is some love this season and the new truck vehicle that is landing in the game mode. The truck is a heavy-duty vehicle with good protection, off-road capabilities, and the chance for lots of players to travel around together. 

It is capable of holding up to six players at once, with some hanging out in the bed of the truck. This will allow for some nice line of sights on the enemies around, so passengers can easily shoot at enemies that you pass by while on or off the roads. 

Pursuit and Battle Royale Events

Furthermore, while there seems to be no real or significant changes to the maps in battle royale this season, some new events are coming all season long to make up for that. Five unique game modes will happen in battle royale this season, some of which you might be familiar with. 

The first of these is here right at the launch of Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 and is battle royale Blitz. This unique game mode features a much quicker battle royale experience with smaller zones and less time in the match overall. If you want some short bursts of battle royale action, this one might be for you. It is available at launch until March 18. 

On March 19, the second battle royale game modes will arrive and are known as battle royale Tank mode. This new Tank game mode is likely the one that we had heard about before Season 2. In it, players are tasked with surviving to the last team or player standing but with a twist. 

There is a heavy emphasis on tanks in this version, offering players the chance to use it in combat to build it first. They have to visit specific locations to build the tank and then can use it in the match. There are also unique repair places for the tanks for when it is inevitably damaged.

This Tank game mode in battle royale offers a unique experience unlike any we’ve seen to date. It will be an explosive and vehicle-focused last team standing event, so be sure to check it out when it is here for a limited time from March 19-25. 

Following that is the classic battle royale sniper mode from March 26-April 1. In it, you have the standard battle royale match but with the twist where the gear is heavily focused on sniper rifles only. Following up on that is battle royale Warfare from April 2-8. 

This one is a Team Rumble Fortnite-like mode of two large teams taking each other on in a mode that has respawns, surprisingly. The first team to reach the required number of eliminations will win the game. And last but not least, Alcatraz will return for the final battle royale mode of the season April 9-16. 

There is a special seasonal event coming later this month for those of you who are more traditional multiplayer fans. The Pursuit event will feature a unique event where you have your own Special Ops soldier. You will send them out on operations to gather loot.

You will be able to strengthen and earn experience for your soldier by playing the multiplayer and battle royale matches. The stronger the soldier gets as they level up, the better the loot that they will find. Better yet, if you can max out their level before the end of the event, you’ll be able to add them to your roster of operators for free. More on this event is going to come later on. 


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