Call of Duty Mobile Season 13: Grind, Nuketown Russia, More

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Dec, 18th 2020

After a couple of rather lame seasons, Call of Duty Mobile fans have been waiting for an excellent season to come along, depending on who you ask. While the recently revealed and upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 might not be groundbreaking, it does look to be a good one. 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 Start Date and Time

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 might be the unluckiest numbered season to date for the mobile Call of Duty game, but it does look like players will be lucky enough this year to receive some nice holiday treats. Overall, this new season looks to be heavily themed around the holidays. 

As such, players will be treated to tons of snowy goodness and all sorts of holiday cheer throughout the game modes, items, and even maps that players will encounter in the new season. It isn’t a massive season overall since it doesn’t have much new to it besides the typical stuff, but that doesn’t stop it from looking to be a solid one nonetheless. 

Players will enjoy the new Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 soon as it will be finally releasing in just a few days. While it usually comes out around the weekend for players to check it out, this one is coming out on a Monday for some odd reason. 

The new season of content will be kicking off in just a few more days on Monday, Dec. 21, which is one of the latest in the month that we have ever seen a Call of Duty Mobile season. The season will begin at 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET) in North America, so it might start on Dec. 22 for much of the world, including Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

It makes sense for Activision and Tencent to wait this long to come out that day since it is the official start to winter, even if much of the world is dealing with the snowy season already. It is the perfect time for a winter-filled season, and that is what Season 13 is. 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 has many new and revamped content, including two holiday-themed maps, some minor changes for battle royale fans, a new game mode in the mobile title, and a battle pass all about the holiday season. 

Two New Holiday-Themed Maps

While we have a few more days left of Season 12 until the start of the 13th season, we do have details about what will be happening this season. Stuff like bug fixes and other minor changes like that are unknown for now, but we know the significant new content dropping this season.

The first of these are two changes to existing multiplayer maps that will be dropping in the new season. Unfortunately, it does look like there will be no new map this season at all, which is pretty lame, but this is made up because two maps are getting some makeovers. 

They are two of the most popular maps in Call of Duty Mobile and the franchise: Nuketown and Raid. First up is Nuketown, with the beloved map in the suburban neighborhood getting a massive makeover. It’s more of an entire setting change than anything else. 

Nuketown is taking a trip for the holidays and visiting Russia around for the new Nuketown Russia take on the map. First seen in Black Ops 4 a couple of years ago, this holiday-themed version of the map will be making its debut in the upcoming season of Call of Duty Mobile. 

Nuketown Russia is no longer the United States-based location that you already know and love, now set in a nuclear testing site in the snowy areas of Chernobyl. This means that the entire map will be covered in snow. The buildings and locations will all change up with new looks. 

It is the same general design and layout that everyone knows and loves but with a new Russian winter twist. Rather than the buses and stuff in the middle of the arena, for instance, players will take position between the train cars and other reinvented areas. 

That is not the only holiday map this season, though, as there is also the new Holiday Raid map. The fan-favorite Black Ops 2 Hollywood Hills map will get a holiday makeover with the entire place (unrealistically) covered entirely in snow and ready with its decorated mansion grounds.

The glorious locale will have a new look to it that will make the competition even more fierce and confusing in this darker and snowier version of the Raid mansion that you know and love. 

Grind Makes Its Debut

While the maps this season will be relatively familiar to players, especially if you are a Call of Duty veteran player, there is one new game mode for you to check out: Grind. Grind is the launch of this popular game mode in Call of Duty Mobile. 

This game mode is a mix between Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint, where you have to deal with the main objectives of roughly both game modes in the same match. The two-game modes’ rules come together to make for a chaotic and risky multiplayer experience that is all about dog tags. 

Like in Kill Confirmed, you have the dog tags that you need to pick up to score and win the match by taking out enemies. However, unlike in that game mode, Grind does not allow you to pick them up and immediately score points towards winning the match. 

Instead, this is where the Hardpoint inspiration comes when you have to pick up the dog tags and then deliver them to set locations around the map. These locations will likely be heavily guarded by enemies looking to deny you the chance to score some points, so be very careful. 

If you get taken out on the way to Grind’s scoring area, you will drop all of the dog tags that you have and potentially miss out on precious points that could win you the match. It is a risky system where you have to figure out if you want to go ahead and deliver the one or two tags you have or pile them up to get a massive set of points at once. 

Season 13 Winter War Battle Pass

As always, a brand new season of content means that there is a new battle pass, both free and paid, that you can progress through. The usual suspects are all here in this new Season 13 battle pass known as Winter War. You can get cosmetic items as well as new weapons and other items. 

Whether or not you want to pay for the full paid battle pass, you will still enjoy the excellent content here. On the free side of things, there are two main items that you can get: the EMP Systems scorestreak at tier 14 and the new Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle at tier 21. 

Beyond those, there are some more standard free rewards that you can get in the battle pass this season. But if you opt-in for the paid Winter War battle pass, there are more items that you can get across the 50 tiers of content in the game. 

Some new winter-themed operator skins can get like the Golem Siberia skin and much more. There are also some new blueprint weapons that you can get in the pass, including the GKS Pack Warrior weapon blueprint and others. 

For those of you who are fans of battle royale, there isn’t a whole lot this season for you to enjoy, but there is one significant change to the original battle royale map Isolated. Players in that map will check out the expanded Ski Town named location that just got a lot more interesting. 

A new vehicle here is known as the rocket-powered snowboard that will let you get around the snowier parts of Isolated in some pretty wild ways. It can be stored in your backpack for easy use without it having to take up too much space in your inventory. 

The snowboard allows you to traverse the snowy hills of Ski Town and the surrounding areas, doing tricks along the way if you’d like a nice little break from the usual battle royale competitions. Ski Town also gets a new ski trail and cable car for you to explore on the slopes as well. 

On the Brink Holiday Limited-Time Event and New Items

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without some events to celebrate the time. The latest meta event in Call of Duty Mobile is the On the Brink limited-time celebration. This time around, your job is to activate and deploy various sleeper agents all around the city centers on a map. 

You can activate the spies by playing multiplayer and battle royale matches as always. On the way to completing the On the Brink event, you can unlock new weapon sets to provide a recruitment bonus for you. If you can get the job done and recruit the spies, you will unlock new uncommon weapons, items, rare content, and even epic items. 

The new seasonal challenges that will come along with the On the Brink event are joined by some unique challenges that come with special rewards. You don’t have to pay anything to complete the two new item challenges this season and unlock some unique items. 

The first of these is the QXR, a new SMG weapon that you can unlock through some challenges this season. This weapon is designed to tear through your enemies, so we imagine it will be a close combat beast for those looking for a new addition to their arsenal.

There will also be the chance to unlock the Restock perk that allows you to recharge your lethal and tactical equipment over 25 seconds easily. This even includes the combat axe getting a recharge, so the Restock perk will be a solid one for fans of explosives and other equipment in battle. 

They are joined by the new EMP Systems scorestreak and Peacekeeper rifle, as mentioned previously. The former will allow players to disorient the enemy by disabling their electronics, select attachments, tacticals, likely their HUD, and even scorestreaks. 

Meanwhile, the Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle is from Black Ops 3 and has a unique double-row magazine that will ensure that it is one of the most exciting weapons in the game to date. If that isn’t enough, a new mythic weapon blueprint releases this season and will be based on that rifle. Stay tuned for more details on that and how to get it soon. 

For more on everything that Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 has to offer in this upcoming snowy holiday-themed season, check out the full content details on the Activision Games blog site right here and get ready for the new season on Monday, Dec. 21. 


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