Call of Duty Mobile Season 11: Cranked Mode, King Map, Anniversary

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Oct, 14th 2020

We are excited to announce that Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 is finally here. This special update to the game brings the game’s 11th season, which doesn’t sound like an exceptional number, but it’s a special time. This new season includes new content like the Cranked mode and more.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Is Here at a Special Time

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 is here. There is more to be excited about than just releasing a new season in battle royale and multiplayer. This new season comes at an exceptional time for the game as it is now celebrating the first anniversary.

Originally coming out in early October 2019, Call of Duty Mobile is now officially a year old. The game is celebrating in a major way with the release of the 11th season of multiplayer. This season comes with new content and significant changes to the game on Android and iOS.

The new season releases today (Oct. 14). Players will check out much of the new content and changes coming to the mobile version of the Call of Duty series. Activision has detailed most of the changes for the new season in a post on Reddit.

Oddly enough, this season does seem to be not as significant or groundbreaking as we expected it to be. Season 10 wasn’t that great either with its somewhat shorter cycle, but Activision teased that the first anniversary Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 would more than make up for that.

It is rather strange that there seems to be less new content and changes than usual, but there likely is more on the way in the future that we don’t know about currently. For now, though, here is everything that we know about the new season currently.

Damascus Skins Are Here, XP Card Changes

First and foremost, Activision addressed some specific concerns and requests at the start of the general patch notes for Call of Duty Mobile Season 11. Some of the overwhelming feedback from the community has affected some of the changes for the game.

One, in particular, is the endgame camo situation. In the public test version of the game, the Damascus camo for weapons was available for an endgame goal that players could work towards. It was something that got players excited about coming to the main game in the future.

However, it didn’t take long for Activision to shut down those hopes by noting that it was just for the test build and that a different camo would come out as the final one for the game. Fortunately, time has passed since then. The developer has changed its mind on the matter.

The community was able to fight for the popular Damascus camo. We are happy to reveal that it will be one of the final camo skins for weapons. It is available now in the Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update, where you will be able to collect the skin for your various weapons.

Details are scarce for now on how to unlock the Damascus skin for your favorite weapons, but we will be sure to give you a guide on that soon once we have nailed down how to do it. But that isn’t the only surprising part of the whole weapon skins situation.

Activision also announced that this isn’t going to be the final weapon camo in the game. The beloved Diamond skin, another top tier weapon camo, is coming later down the road. We don’t know when it will release but likely months from now to give players the chance to get Damascus.

The other major change is for the experience cards that let you earn more XP for a while. Due to the Gunsmith release in the past, XP card prices are being significantly lowered in the store to let players pick up these cards at a lower price. Also, the lowest tier XP card has been removed, leaving only the purple and blue cards.

Ranked Series 7 and New Battle Pass

A new season of Call of Duty Mobile means that there is a new ranked series as well. Ranked Series 7 is here. It will begin this month and last, interestingly enough, until sometime in December. This essentially means that it could last for about two seasons or so.

With the seventh-ranked series release, there are some new rewards that players will get through the ranked play. There is the new epic weapon blueprint Kilo Bolt-Action Dealer, epic soldier Where to Sir? Tedd, Steeled Frame, High Roller calling card, and the Series 7 epic charm.

Of course, Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 wouldn’t be complete without releasing a new battle pass. And a new battle pass calls for some new items to be in it. On the free side of things, players who don’t want to spend any extra money will still get some pretty valuable items.

The first is the brand new SMG weapon that you can unlock in the Fennec SMG game. This particular SMG is an aggressive and fully automatic gun with buttery smooth recoil and a blazing fast fire rate.

Overall, all of that sounds pretty overpowered to us, with the Fennec capable of blasting out a ton of fire at once without worrying about having terrible recoil. We aren’t sure what the negatives of this weapon are, like low damage or short-range, but, man, does it sound strong.

The other main free battle pass reward in Season 11 is a brand new scorestreak that you can unlock and then use in multiplayer matches. It is the advanced UAV that takes the usual UAV and amps it up. Instead of pulses every few seconds to show an enemy’s locations, the advanced UAV will show you the real-time position of enemies on the minimap.

For the premium players who want the paid battle pass, there are some great rewards this season like the new epic skins, five epic weapon blueprints including for the new Fennec SMG, legendary Tac Insertion calling card, and other themed items.

Later on, in the season, there will be a new event centered around the new Tactician perk that players will be able to unlock. This perk gives the player an extra piece of tactical equipment to use in battle. There is also going to be an event for the new NA-45 weapon from Advanced Warfare. There is also a Halloween event coming soon.

Cranked Makes Its Debut in Call of Duty Mobile

On the multiplayer side of things, there is a new game mode dropping in Call of Duty Mobile Season 11. The popular and crazy Cranked mode will debut this season, where players will deal with one of the most insane versions of Team Deathmatch ever.

In Cranked, it is the usual formula of trying to get as many kills as your team to win the match. But the twist is that every player is equipped with a bomb that will blow them up if they aren’t part of the action quickly enough.

Players will need to either get kills or assist their teammates’ kills to keep the timer on the bomb going. If it hits zero, you will go boom and have to respawn.

The new Cranked game mode will be available on the Crash, Standoff (more on this one in a bit), Crossfire, Cage, Rust, and Shipment maps in multiplayer. Activision also teases that there will be a special Halloween-themed fan-favorite game mode dropping this month in celebration of the spooky season.

King Is the Newest Map Plus Halloween Teases

Alongside Cranked, there is a new map that is dropping in multiplayer this season called King. It might sound familiar to veteran players as King is a fan-favorite Gunfight map from Modern Warfare 2019. Players will be able to fight to the death on this small but awesome new Gunfight map.

Unfortunately, King won’t be available for Cranked or the other main multiplayer game modes. Since it is rather small, it will only be available for the Gunfight and Duel game modes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there are new maps this season for the general game modes like Cranked.

That said, the Standoff will be getting some major changes this month in celebration of Halloween. Standoff spooky edition will make its return and give players the chance to get their frights in while also running around blowing each other up. We should have more details on the Halloween event soon.

General Multiplayer Changes

In the general changes to multiplayer, some of the weapons are getting new attachments. The new Fennec SMG has a new gun perk coming out known as the classic Akimbo perk. This will allow you to dual wield two weapons at once with a high fire rate but no aiming down the sights.

The AK-47 is getting a new attachment randomly known as the 5.45 Caliber Ammo attachment. This one will greatly increase the fire rate of the AK-47, making it good for close-range combat instead of mid-range like it usually is.

The HVK30 is getting a new attachment, too, known as the Large Caliber Ammo. This one increases the damage to the head and upper chest shots, making the HVK30 more suitable for mid-range combat when you have this attachment equipped.

The 10v10 Team Deathmatch, 10v10 Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Capture the Flag game modes will now be available on more maps. Those maps aren’t named in the patch notes, but, presumably, this will greatly expand the larger-scale matches in Call of Duty Mobile.

For the Attack of the Undead game mode, there will be increased damage and health for the survivors after they have gotten their eighth and 10th kills in the match. On the undead side, they will get more health and axe damage after their second and fourth kills.

A new marker setting will allow the player to customize the size and even opacity of the objective markers and item markers in the settings. This will allow you to see enemies with clearer vision better.

Battle Royale Additions and Changes

For those of you who are battle royale fans, it looks there aren’t too many additions this time around, but the few ones are rather cool. The first is that you will now find the Purifier weapon in the battle royale matches. This is the classic flamethrower usually used in skills in multiplayer.

The Purifier flamethrower will torch enemies in close-range. Players will need to jump in water to stop burning. There is a new mod known as Sleuth that will allow the player to reveal the locations of enemies on their minimap briefly when they have damaged them.

There is also a new ammo type known as Ballistic Expert. It is special ammo for only special weapons like the new Purifier weapon, War Machine, Tempest, and the Annihilator. Players will now be able to equip legendary and epic camos in the battle royale loadout section.

There are some new settings you can turn on or off in battle royale and the automatic obstacle avoidance setting for vehicles. There is also the chance to set the default armor plate loot limit in the settings and the ability to make sure you switch to your main weapon automatically after throwing lethal or tactical equipment.

We could only cover the basic major changes and additions to the game, but there are more minor changes and bug fixes that you can find in the full patch notes on the Call of Duty Mobile Reddit post.


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