Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 The Hunt: Headquarters, Terminal, More

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Sep, 11th 2020

Activision has released the latest season of content for Call of Duty Mobile. This new season is Call of Duty Mobile Season 10, marking the 10th season for the game. That is a huge milestone as few major first-person shooter games have ever actually reached this number just yet.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 Is Here

With the release of Call of Duty Mobile Season 10, we now know that the theme and title for this season: The Hunt. The ominous name is a strange one that doesn’t tell us too much about what is happening this season for the popular mobile Call of Duty title.

But what we do know is that Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 is the 10th season to release for the game since its initial launch nearly a year ago. Next month will mark the first anniversary of the game’s full launch on Android and iOS, so this is an important time.

And Activision understands this, delivering on a pretty substantial season that follows up on Season 9 that just released. Many players are surprised since it doesn’t even feel like a full month has passed since the last season launched with the most important content to date.

As such, it is important to keep your expectations in check as, in all honesty, Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 is unable to live up to the expectations that were set forth by the previous season. That said, it seems to be one of the best seasons of the mobile game to date, which is great. Let’s dig into everything that you will find new and changed this season.

Events Schedule

Activision kicked off its announcements for Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 by going over the events schedule as of right now. A lot is coming this season. We only know about some of the events and limited-time game modes that will happen this season.

First and foremost, the new Headquarters mode will be the new major limited-time game mode that drops this week and will run for about two weeks until Sept. 24. Also, there is a new map Terminal that will have a 24/7 playlist until Sept. 27 to play it any time you want.

Then there is the Boarding Pass event to usher in the new season that has started. It will last only until next week on Sept. 17, and it asks you to play the new multiplayer map, complete various missions, and earn some new rewards in the process for doing so.

At the same time as that event, there is the Carpe Diem limited event until Sept. 17. This one focuses on the new game mode that launches this season, with players completing various missions related to it to earn some unique weapon skins and other rewards.

This is all in addition to the three new seasonal challenges, the latest update for the credit store, and the new monthly login event. A lot is happening this season. This only the beginning of the next month, as we expect there to be more events and challenges later on.

New Weapon and Season 10 Battle Pass

One of the most important additions to Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 is the new weapon known as Echo. This brand new weapon is part of the shotgun class and is unique for being an automatic shotgun. Being that it is an automatic weapon, players can expect it to be fast and powerful.

The speed doesn’t stop it from still packing a powerful punch. Players can quickly take down multiple enemies in a row with it so long as they are close enough to feel the full force of the Echo. The base version of the new shotgun is here as well as the Epic Demon Eyes blueprint version.

It is through the Season 10 battle pass that you will be able to unlock the new Echo weapon and its Demon Eyes weapon blueprint version. As always, there are a ton of rewards that you can get this season through the new battle pass, and that includes the free version.

You don’t have to spend anything if you don’t want to this season, and you will still earn several impressive rewards. The free version will get the LK24 Forest Floor weapon skin at tier four, the new operator skill Equalizer at tier 14, and the Echo shotgun at tier 21.

This is followed by the new HS0405 Forest Floor skin at tier 31, the Forest Assault calling card at tier 38, the Safety First charm at tier 46, and the HG40 Forest Floor weapon skin at tier 50. If you want more rewards, you will have to purchase the paid battle pass to get more.

It includes some extra rewards like the Mara Valkyrie skin at tier one, the GKS Scion skin at tier one, and the Black Widow charm also at tier one right as soon as you get it. Some of the other highlights are the Demon Eyes Echo weapon blueprint, the Tombstone Mace skin, and the legendary calling card Fatal Attraction all at tier 50.

Everything You Need to Know About Headquarters

When it comes to the new game modes this season, there is only one available at the launch of Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 and Headquarters. This is a classic Call of Duty game mode that veteran players from other titles might recognize.

However, if you don’t know it, it is basically like a unique take on the already existing Hardpoint mode. It is similar in how both game modes deal with a point on the map that both teams are trying to capture to score points for them.

But what makes the Headquarters game mode unique is that each team will want to be the first to capture the radio item that moves around the map. Each time it moves around the map, the first team to capture it will have permanent radio possession.

The other team will not be able to take the point back at all and will have to destroy the radio or the other team. On the other hand, the team who does capture the radio will lose all respawns while captured, so they will each have one life to live to defend it to the end.

The goal is to hold onto the radio for as long as possible with your single life until you are taken out. The first team to reach a certain number of points or have the most points at the end of the match will win it all.

New Terminal Map and Hardcore Mode

There is a brand new game map in multiplayer as well that players will enjoy other game modes on. It is the Terminal map, one that will be quite familiar to players who love Modern Warfare 2. It is one of the most popular maps from that game.

As the name states, the Terminal map occurs in an airport terminal as a plane is getting ready to lift off. You can fight in various spaces like the outside tarmac, the gate hall for the plane departures, other indoor areas, and even the inside of the actual plane itself.

There are a wide variety of play styles that are promoted on the Terminal map and, therefore, it will allow for a variety of equally diverse game modes on it. Some of the game modes you can play include Team Deathmatch, 10v10 Team Deathmatch, Domination, 10v10 Domination, Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and many more.

If that isn’t enough for you, Call of Duty Mobile is finally getting Hardcore mode this season. It will come later on in the season and offer the most realistic experience you can get. Players will be challenged as every single bullet will count in this very tough multiplayer game mode.

Your health in this mode is reduced to only 30% of the normal max, meaning that even a single bullet could easily take you out. Also, health recovery is disabled, so you will have to rely on perks or run around with no recovery.

There is no killcam, so you will not see where the other player was after you are taken out, and the HUD is limited to only have a minimap when the UAV is used. And last but not least, there is friendly fire damage in this game mode, so, yes, you can take out your teammates.

You will need to be extra careful as it will be really easy to accidentally take out a teammate when trying to shoot the enemy. However, you are limited to only two team kills before the damage becomes reflective and fires back at you instead.

Seasonal Challenges

Three new seasonal challenges are available at the launch of Season 10, with four more on the way in the future. The first of these three is Survival Kit, a six-part challenge series that deals with players jumping into battle royale and playing matches there.

There isn’t much love for battle royale this season, but this challenge will reward players for playing it. Through it, you will get the Pelt version of the RUS-79U, the Night Terror spray, Freight Train HG40, the Venus frame, and the epic Fly Trap HG40.

The second of the three new challenges this season is the Master Operator series. This one is all about playing multiplayer and using some of the operator skills that you already have. It is divided into seven parts, and you will be able to get the Plated Green FHJ-18, Plated Green M4, Camper calling card, and Iridescent M16 through this challenge.

Last but not least, there is the Run and Gun challenge series built into six parts and has to do with Gunsmith. You will want to use specific weapons with certain attachments on them for these missions. Doing so will grant you the Pelt J358, Pelt GKS, Charge spray, and rare Freight Train GKS.

What’s Coming Next for Season 10 The Hunt

While there is a lot already available at the launch of Season 10, there is more on the way soon. Activision teased what else is coming this season like another new map known as Pine. This seems to be a brand new map from the ground up for the game and is a close combat forest-heavy map.

It will be best suited for Gunfight and that one on one duels. Battle royale players will finally get some new content later on in the season with the new class known as Hacker. This new class will let players annoy the enemy by disabling their minimap, shutting down their equipment, etc. It will be part of a limited-time event later on this season.

Unfortunately, we were only able to cover just some of the amazing content here in Call of Duty Mobile Season 10. Though we could cover the vast majority of the significant new game content, there are other minor changes like bugs, fixes, and more that you can find out more about here.


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