Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 Details Revealed

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Jan, 22nd 2021

Activision has revealed the new season of Call of Duty Mobile that is coming soon. Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 will be the next season for the mobile game and will take the series back to its numbered roots and do something brand new in the process. 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 New Order Has Been Announced

We already knew that Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 would replace the 14th season as it was supposed to be since that was revealed previously by Activision. For a couple of reasons, the next season of the game will not follow up on Season 13 and be numbered as the 14th one. 

Instead, Call of Duty Mobile will take some cues from Fortnite in this regard and make the next season take the series back to its roots. Just like Fortnite did away with the continuation of numbers when entering its 11th season and second chapter, Call of Duty Mobile is doing a similar thing.

The 14th season will now be known as Call of Duty Mobile Season 1. This upcoming season will represent a restart for the game. This is likely there to ensure that players are not overwhelmed by the ever-increasing numbers for each season, as we could very well have Season 50 someday if it keeps climbing this way. 

Instead, it looks like this will be the permanent way of handling the Call of Duty Mobile seasons in the future as each year or so, it will likely revert to number 1 and start back over from there. It is a new year, and it has been just over a year since the game launched, so it makes sense to do this now. 

Like past seasons, there is them for this upcoming one and the theme for this particular reboot season is New Order. That ominous name gives us a slight hint that this upcoming season will be more futuristic, as hinted at in the community update announcement on Reddit this week. 

Season 1 Start Date and Season 13 End Date

For starters, when is Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 starting? That is something that we don’t technically know just yet. There is a tentative date for the start of the upcoming season, but it hasn’t been set in stone just yet. Also, that means the end of the current Season 13 isn’t decided yet either.

For now, though, the general idea is to have the start date for Season 1 and the end date for Season 13 to be around Tuesday, Jan. 26. The problem with this is that the community update from Activision makes it abundantly clear that it will not be the actual permanent date.

This is pretty strange, though, since the supposed possible release date for the new season is about four days away when writing this. It would be very odd for the developer not to know that it is coming out on that day when we are mere days away from it. 

That is seemingly problematic and tells us that the date is likely not going to be the right one. If we look at past seasons of Call of Duty Mobile, the chances of hitting that date are pretty slim. At best, we see it delayed a couple of days to maybe the following weekend around Jan. 30 based on what happened in past seasons. 

That would make the new seasons come at the end or beginning of the month, which probably wouldn’t be too bad. That would streamline things more and make it so that everyone knows when a new season will start with no issues involved in it. 

Regardless, the end of the current Season 13 is rapidly approaching, so we highly recommend that players take advantage of this current season while they still can, as it will coming to a close relatively soon. There is a bit of new content still available if you try to reach the max tier in the battle pass in Season 13. 

Final Events for Season 13

The final schedule for the events in Season 13 has been revealed. There are some last-minute events in the game, which also helps to tell us that Jan. 26 is unlikely to start the new season to enjoy the last bit of this season and get some rewards in the process.

The Snow Day battle royale event is still going on right now in battle royale, for instance, until Jan. 26, where players can complete some special challenges and get rewards in the process. These challenges all have to do with the wintery season that we are in. 

Players can get rewards for doing stuff like riding a snowboard, visiting the Ski Town, and other fan-favorite battle royale game mode activities. The Extra, Extra event is also going on right now for those players who prefer traditional multiplayer and will be until Jan. 26. 

In this event, players are rewarded for pretty standard tasks like playing random matches online, taking out other players in any game mode, and winning a few matches. Even playing with your friends will ensure that you can get some rewards from this Extra, Extra event. 

Through it, you will be able to get some unique and awesome rewards like the uncommon FHJ-18 Wintergreen skin, the rare snowframe parachute, and the epic thermite noir skin. These are more will only be available through the end of the current Winter War season. 

Also, starting today, there is a One Last Farewell login event that is going on until Jan. 26. During this time, just logging into the game will get you some rewards as we say goodbye to this season very soon. And there is the last chance for some Season 13-specific events as well. 

These next few days are your last chances to get the seasonal challenges done, the Magma Eruption Mythic Drop, the Crevasse Crate, and the Winter Mason bundle. Now, if we are right and the season does go on a little bit longer than is anticipated, we wouldn’t be surprised if all of these go on until the actual end of the 13th season. 

Two New Weapons in Season 1

When all is finally said and done, though, there will be a whole new season of content to enjoy with Call of Duty Mobile Season 1. Not everything was revealed about the season — again, pretty suspicious at this point — but we do know some important details, at least. 

For starters, there are teases for two new weapons that are going to be joining the mobile Call of Duty game in Season 1. The first of these weapons is going to be an assault rifle; no surprise there at all. But the critical thing about this is the role that the new AR gun will play in the season. 

It won’t be just a typical fully automatic assault rifle either, as it will be a burst one, which will be great for fans of those more precise and powerful guns. This new burst assault rifle that has not been named just yet by the developers will be powerful, extremely accurate, and versatile. 

With the accuracy and power, players will be able to use it for the mid-range fights that assault rifles are meant for and even long-range fights. We imagine that tricking it out in the Gunsmith will make it even more suited to long-range fights. 

This could mean that you could stand toe-to-toe with some of the more long-range players out there with this burst assault rifle. It will be available in the next season’s battle pass, so you’ll need to reach a specific tier in Season 1, and you will be good to go. 

The other weapon, though, is a much different story overall. For those rolling your eyes at yet another assault rifle releasing in the game, this one might be for you. This one is only the second weapon of its type and class in the entire game. 

This tells us that it is likely a tactical or marksman rifle. These rifles are unique in that they straddle the line between a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, blending aspects of both. In this particular case, this gun is like the new burst assault rifle in that it is focused on longer-ranged fights.

Though it is likely to be a tactical rifle (but this has not been confirmed yet), it will focus more on the long-range battles but with a faster fire rate than you find in most sniper rifles. This will likely make it a new fan favorite for players who want to take out players quickly and from afar. 

You will be able to pick up this new weapon in a couple of different ways, like a seasonal challenge later on in the season. These new weapons will reportedly be beneficial for the new map that is coming in Season 1. 

New Multiplayer Map and Modes

A single brand new map has been revealed for Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 at this time. The next map to join the roster of multiplayer locations is a brand new one. Like Cage before it, it has the unique status of being built from the ground up for this mobile game. 

It is a mid-sized map in general and takes place in the middle of a city. This city location has been abandoned. Nature has come to reclaim the city for its own. Players will have to fight through this abandoned city in the shopping district, getting ready for the holidays before being abandoned for some mysterious reason.

It will likely have open areas to allow the two new weapons to excel on the new map. Along with the new map, there will be a couple of new game modes for players to check out, too. One of them is one that we already knew about from the public test beta, which is Attack of the Undead 20. 

It has been confirmed for season 1 and will bump up the number of players in each match to 20. Two players will start as zombies and try to take out the remaining survivors. Some other twists to it will make it more fun and engaging than the regular multiplayer mode.

But the new modes don’t end there. There are going to be several new game modes that are going to launch for battle royale. From the sounds of it, most of them are going to be limited-time modes that cycle throughout the season, but fans of battle royale should have a lot of content to look forward to in Season 1. 

Other Details Revealed for Season 1

Last but not least, the community update answered some quick questions that players have been having about Season 1. The first is regarding new voiceovers, to which the developer answered that some of the best operators like Ghost would be getting new voiceovers in this new season. 

The New Order theme of the season will be more on the fantastic and futuristic side of things, rather than the grounded military themes that some seasons have had. On the topic of Overkill, it will not be coming this season as this perk still needs to wait until weapons are almost perfectly balanced. 

There are also no new updates for the Gunsmith in this new season update, but some tweaks might be coming soon. And as for the Call of Duty Mobile China features, Activision is looking on a case-by-case basis to see what features and modes might work for the global version. No news was shared about what could come in the future at this time. 


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