Call of Duty Mobile Reportedly Reaches 172 Million Downloads

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 5th 2019

Call of Duty Mobile has taken the world by storm, in terms of mobile games. Releasing finally out of beta in early October 2019, the game surprised the gaming community by how great and deep the game is. It truly captured the console feel of the series and translated it to a mobile-centric experience.

And now we have official numbers on just how well one of the biggest and best mobile games of this year is doing. A new report is suggesting that the Call of Duty Mobile downloads have increased significantly since its launch around two months ago to reach some impressive new milestones.

The report comes from Sensor Tower, a site dedicated to all things surrounding mobile games and statistics about them. Sensor Tower is a trustworthy source, but it is noting that this is still a report until we have an official announcement directly from Activision regarding overall downloads.

Call of Duty Mobile Downloads Reach a New Milestone

The report states that the overall Call of Duty Mobile downloads reached 172 million downloads and counting. Sensor Tower posted about it on its official Twitter account, along with some other interesting facts.

It is interesting when you take into consideration how many downloads the game launched in October. Just a few days after launching the game on the App Store and Google Play, it reached more than 35 million downloads. That is quite impressive for a game that just came out.

It was followed up by a massive 100 million downloads by the end of its first week on the market. That was a record-breaking number that put it past other impressive mobile games like the also recently released Mario Kart Tour, which was able to do 90 million downloads in its first week.

It even surpassed other battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. Those two games received between 22 to 28 million downloads in their first weeks.

This is no surprise given the scope of the franchise over the past decade. Also, it is free to play so that you don’t have to spend any money to enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, the impressive launch didn’t keep up the same rapid growth.

In total, the game was able to reach around 146 million downloads throughout its first month of October. That was impressive alone, but it has since reached nearly 21 million more Call of Duty Mobile downloads during November, which is far less than before.

Sensor Tower further broke down these numbers by the regions where it was most popular in terms of downloads. The game has been downloaded the most in the United States, where around 28.5 million downloads, or roughly 16.6% of all Call of Duty Mobile downloads, happened.

India followed closely behind with 17.5 million downloads or 10.2%. In third place, Brazil received 12 million installs or 7%. There is also the matter of the divide in downloads between Google Play and the App Store.

Google Play took the lead just barely over the App Store with a little over half of the total downloads since the game’s launch at a little over 89 million of the total downloads or 52%. On the other hand, the iOS version trailed just behind at 83 million downloads or 48% of the total downloads for the game.

Revenue for Call of Duty Mobile Stays Strong

While the downloads for the game dipped quite a bit from the first month of launch to the second one, the revenue remained rather strong. The game received most of its revenue in its first month, making around $55 million, which is impressive given the player count.

It only dipped a little bit to around $31 million for November. That is still quite impressive, and the game is likely a significant success for Activision and Tencent. Like with the total number of downloads, the United States made up the most significant portion of the revenue stream.

United States player made up most of the revenue with spending around $36 million of the total $86 million since launch, which is about 42%. What is surprising, though, is the second-place region for total revenue in the mobile game.

Instead of seeing India or Brazil, who were second and third, respectively, for the total downloads, it is Japan in second place. Japanese players were the second-biggest spenders, paying out around $11 million or 13.2% since the game’s launch.

Finally, in third place was another surprising result with England, who brought in $2.6 million in revenue for the game, or around 3% of the total money made. Whereas most of the downloads came from Google Play, it is quite the opposite case when it comes to the total revenue.

Most of the money made for the game thus far came from the App Store, where it generated more than $51 million, or just around 59.2% of the revenue. Google Play, on the other hand, was able to make around $35 million, or 40.7% of the total revenue.

The game remains as one of the top 25 free games in most major markets, so it will likely stick around for months to come. With new content and seasons on the way, there will be more reason for players to download the game and generate more revenue.


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