Call of Duty Mobile Katana Skill Released Today, How to Unlock It

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Jul, 31st 2020

Activision has released a new Operator skill for Call of Duty Mobile on Android and iOS. Even though the current season is just about to finish off in the mobile game, players will still have some content to do before the season is over. This time, it is the new Call of Duty Mobile Katana skill.

Call of Duty Mobile Katana Skill Is Out Now

The new Call of Duty Mobile Katana Operator skill is available right now if you are reading this on both Android and iOS. This new Operator skill is the latest one to be added to the mobile Call of Duty game and can be used only in the online multiplayer side of things. 

At this time, it looks like you aren’t able to use the Katana skill in the battle royale portion of the mobile game. However, it is going to likely be a great asset for players in multiplayer matches and you might recognize this skill from 2018’s Black Ops 4.

In that game, the Spectre character could use a very similar skill to this new Call of Duty Mobile Katana ability and players who checked out that game will recognize it well. Basically, the ability actually changes the gameplay when you use it and switches you to a third-person perspective. 

When you do this, you are given the katana weapon and are able to use it to demolish enemies. You can target them and then leap to them (so long as they are close enough) and slice at them. Most enemies will be taken out in a single slice. The one downside to this skill is that you are very vulnerable to bullets and long-range attacks, so watch out for that. 

How to Unlock the Katana Skill

If you’re looking to use the new Katana skill in Call of Duty Mobile, you are going to need to unlock it first. Fortunately, you don’t need to pay any currency or real world money to unlock this new multiplayer skill but you will need to take some time out to complete some challenges.

There are some challenges for a limited time only that you can complete and they will lead you to unlocking this new skill. This is the only way that we know of for unlocking it, but it is possible that Activision could release it in the store separately for players who want to pay and unlock it quickly. 

The Katana Kill challenge has a total of eight challenges that you must do in order to unlock the skill. Fortunately along the way, you will also get some other rewards that make the wait for the skill even more worth it. We are going to go over the missions that you need to do and some tips for completing them quickly so you can get the new skill. 

The first challenge is to play three matches of Gunfight on the Gulag map. For this one, you just need to queue up for Gunfight and make sure that you do three matches on the Gulag map; you don’t need to win them. The next mission is to log into the game for five days, so just remember to log in for the next five days and you’re good to go.

Next up is to kill five enemies using the DR-H weapon. This can be done in any game mode that you like, so just pick a game mode that you are good at and fire away with that weapon in your loadout. This next one could take you a while but is easy in difficulty: pay 30 Team Deathmatch games in total.

Next up is to kill five enemies using your existing Operator skills in any type of multiplayer match. Just equip your favorite skill and use it to take out your enemies. It doesn’t matter what the skill is, so just make sure it is one that you are really good with and can easily decimate the enemies so this challenge won’t take you too long. 

Next up is another play one where you just need to play eight Domination matches in total. The one after that is to play 10 online multiplayer matches in total with a friend. This one could actually pair really well with the Domination challenge if you want to kill two digital birds with one stone. 

You just need to grab a friend and then play some Domination matches with them and you will tackle two of these challenges at once. All that leaves is one more challenge for you to do this in this limited time event and that is to place first or be the MVP in four different multiplayer matches.

In terms of pure challenge, this is by far the hardest mission on its own. You need to not only grab first or be the MVP, but you need to do it four separate times. Now, the distinction between first and MVP is because first is for those free-for-all matches while MVP is for those multiplayer ones. 

We recommend picking a game mode that you have been really good at in the past, and hopefully have already gotten first or MVP in before. In my personal situation, I would go for Gun Game as that is something that I have been able to get first place in before. 

Once you have done that four times, you will get a few rewards. You get the Crash spray, Sight Unseen weapon skin for the sticky grenade, the Sight Unseen skin for the MW11, and finally, the Katana.


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