Call of Duty Mobile Juggernaut, More Drop in Season 8 Update

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Jul, 10th 2020

Activision has released Call of Duty Mobile season 8. After a month or so since the launch of the last season, we are now ready for the eighth season to date. From the onset, there is a ton of new content to check out, including the new Call of Duty Mobile Juggernaut game mode and more. 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Is Here

Call of Duty Mobile season 8 is here and you are able to download it right now if you are on Android or iOS devices. No matter which platform you are on, the update is now available. However, there is something that is worth mentioning regarding downloading and installing this update patch. 

Unfortunately, we are currently getting reports at the time of writing this about the update causing issues for players on the various platforms. Some are reporting that the game is causing major crashes for them after installing season 8 and that it is virtually unplayable at this time. 

It is possible that there is some massive issue with the patch that needs to be resolved by the developer immediately. As such, keep this in mind when updating the game. If you aren’t comfortable with doing so until a fix is issued, we understand and that is not a bad idea at this point. 

Regardless, once the update is working and fixed for all of the players, you will be able to check out a ton of new content, game modes, a map, and more that is available in season 8. Titled The Forge, this season follows up on the radioactive seventh season with a post-apocalyptic theme with items and areas to reflect that. Here’s everything you need to know about it. 

Season 8 Roadmap and Battle Pass

Starting off things is the roadmap for the next month or so that will cover all of season 8. The roadmap doesn’t cover everything that will be released this season, but it does go over most of the new content and more that you can expect in season 8. 

For the paid battle pass this season, you are guaranteed to get a lot more items than that, most of which are just unique cosmetic ones. Some items of note are the Tank Dempsey Wrecker skin at tier one when you purchase the pass, Prophet Dust Bowl skin at 30, and the Kreuger Reaper skin at 50. 

What is interesting about the paid pass this season is that it is the first time that you are able to get a new cosmetic type in the form of a skin for the battle royale tank at tier one. In addition, emotes are back, which was long-requested from the community with a single emote at tier 49. 

If you have the paid battle pass, you will also get 25% extra experience for the battle pass for the duration of the season. Because of this, it is better to go ahead and get the premium version now if you are going to be playing a lot and are already planning to purchase it. 

Call of Duty Mobile Juggernaut Game Mode Arrives

For those of you who are more interested in the new content this season, by far the biggest drop is the Call of Duty Mobile Juggernaut game mode. This one will be familiar to series veterans who played games like Modern Warfare 3 back in the day on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

This Call of Duty Mobile Juggernaut game mode is all about the Juggernaut suit, something that is quite controversial and loved at the same time. In this special game mode, there will be six players in total that will be competing with five of them taking on the player with the Juggernaut suit. 

The player with the death suit is actually using the familiar X-51 Goliath scorestreak that has the death machine and plenty of armor to keep them alive for a long time if used right. There are no loadouts in the game mode; instead, players will use armament boxes to get skills and the like. 

The gist of it is that the five players on the opposing side will need to equip gear and try to take down the Call of Duty Mobile Juggernaut suit. While the other player is trying to survive as long as they can, using their immense firepower to take out the other players in the match. 

What’s interesting about this game mode is that it isn’t a complete team-based game type as it might seem. This is because the player who takes down the Juggernaut user will then become the Juggernaut themselves and have to fight against their former allies. 

In this way, it is more like a temporary team mode that is actually more like a free-for-all. There will be only one winner and that is the player with the most points by the end of the match. So, it is in the player’s best interest to take down the Call of Duty Mobile Juggernaut and become them so they can wrack up some easy points. 

To celebrate the launch of the Call of Duty Mobile Juggernaut game mode, there is an event going on this season called Juggernaut Mania. It will only stick around from now until July 16, but it will offer various rewards and challenges for players to complete through the new game mode. 

Some of the rewards that you can get exclusively through this event include the M4LMG Sight Unseen skin, Gravedigger Frame, J358 Stream skin, and many more. This event is only here for less than a week, so be sure to complete these challenges as fast as you can. 

New Highrise Map and Survival of the Fittest

Like with any new season in Call of Duty Mobile, there is at least one new map to check out and this season, it is the Highrise one. This one will be familiar to anyone who played Modern Warfare 2 as it is one of the fan favorite maps from that game. 

Highrise is a medium-sized map that provides a wide range of different opportunities for strategy. You have the indoor offices that allow for close combat, the open rooftops for snipers and mid-range attacks, and several different floors for strategizing and getting around your opponents. 

New Items and Katana Operator Skill

As with any new season, there are some new items that you can pick up in the item shop. Some of the new items right now are the epic RUS-79U Moonstone skin, BK57 Strapped skin, and many more. If you do not want to spend cash, there is a free operator skill that will be available this season. 

The new Katana operator skill is exactly what it sounds like: you will be able to wield a deadly katana. When you use this skill in combat, the camera will shift to a third-person one and you will be able to lock onto enemies, and slice through them with a one-hit kill attack. 

What’s crazy about the Katana skill is that it can lock on even through smoke but you do have to worry about farther away enemies who can still shoot you down in the process. Later this season, you will be able to unlock the new Katana skill through the Katana Kill event. 

Two New Events This Summer

There are two new events that are set to come out this summer and these are major ones. The first is the Solstice Awakened limited time event that will begin on July 17 and will offer some awesome rewards in exchange for completing various tasks like an epic Man-O-War weapon skin. 

This will be themed around the season 8 theme of post-apocalyptic and will have players playing various maps to collect different items. You’ll then be able to use those resources to exchange them for different rewards that will be given out through the event. 

Players will have to wait a little bit longer for the next event, which is the Days of Summer one. In this event, there will be more lighthearted and summer-themed items that you can get. This special seasonal event will include the first ever skin for an operator skill, the Purifier in this case, and a new character to play as. More to come on this event later in the season. 

Public Test Build and DR-H Weapon

With the release of season 8, an announcement has been made that there will be another public test build event for players who like to see what is in the testing phases for the mobile game. Once again, this testing version of the game will only be available for Android and be a separate app completely. 

This particular test will go over something very unique, a feature of some sort that needs as much feedback as possible before releasing potentially in season 9. This is a great way to get in there and see what season 9 might be all about, long before it releases sometime in August. 

Last but not least, there is a new weapon available this season known as the DR-H. It is the latest assault rifle for Call of Duty Mobile and it is, oddly enough, billed as a close to mid-range weapon that is really strong but has a high recoil at the same time, hence the limited range. As noted, you will be able to unlock this weapon and use it in combat by reaching tier 21 on either the free or paid battle pass this season. 

For more on the Call of Duty season 8 patch notes that we weren’t able to cover plus comments from the community regarding everything, be sure to check out the full list of all new content and changes here on the official Reddit thread for the mobile game. 


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