Call of Duty Mobile Hunt for Makarov Event Is Live Today

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Sep, 18th 2020

Call of Duty Mobile is getting a new limited-time event on Android and iOS, and this latest event is the main one for the current Season 10 The Hunt. Like the World War 2-themed event last season, this Call of Duty Mobile Hunt for Makarov event is themed around the actual season’s name and will offer an interesting minigame of sorts.

Call of Duty Mobile Hunt for Makarov Event Is Here

Players can start playing it now on Android and iOS, so dive right in to start earning rewards and points for this Call of Duty Mobile Hunt for Makarov event. However, you will not be able to do it forever as the event will only stick around in the game for a limited time.

Unfortunately, the event’s actual end date has yet to be revealed, so that is uncertain. However, if it is anything like the previous limited-time main event for Season 9, we imagine that The Hunt for Makarov event will be a lengthy one.

Presumably, this main event for Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile will stick around for at least a couple of weeks. We wouldn’t be surprised if it stuck around until the end of the current season, which is likely to happen sometime in early October, so you do have potentially a good bit of time to do this event and earn all of its rewards.

Hunt for Makarov Event Explained

As for what the actual Call of Duty Mobile Hunt for Makarov event is, it is the next take on the minigame-like format that the event last season started. In it, players aren’t just completing challenges and missions to earn rewards as they participate in a minigame outside of the normal matches.

This minigame of sorts is a different take on the one we had last month where players had a metagame that involved taking over various cities in Europe to defeat the Axis powers from World War 2. Instead, this particular limited-time event is themed around Makarov, who might be familiar to some players.

The infamous villain from Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the star of this event as players will be attempting to hunt him down. He was spotted in a convoy leaving the Zakhaev Airport and is heading into the jungle for hiding. It is up to the players in Call of Duty Mobile to find him in the jungle.

To do that, you must participate in the minigame this season and explore the jungle to find this sneaky villain and bring him to justice before he can cause more harm. To explore the jungle, though, you will need some explore points in Call of Duty Mobile.

How to Earn Explore Points

Since these explore points are so important and integral to progressing through the Call of Duty Mobile Hunt for Makarov event, you will need to know how to earn them. Like the previous event, these points are pretty much just earned through playing the mobile game.

As you do matches online in multiplayer and battle royale, you will earn some explore points, presumably based on how well you do in those matches, but it could also be a set number per match. These are the points that you will then use to explore the jungle and hopefully find Makarov.

As such, we highly recommend that you do whatever game mode you prefer to do and keep doing that as always until you have enough explore points for the jungle. Then go and check out the event page to find the map of the areas that you need to explore.

For every area that you explore on the map, you will get a reward from this event to keep and unlock the next area. The rewards vary, but the biggest and best reward is at the very end if you can explore all of the jungle areas. That ultimate reward is the epic M4 Feral Stalker.

General Tips for the Event

Here are some general tips that you should keep in mind when doing this Call of Duty Mobile Hunt for Makarov event. First off, be sure to check out the challenges that are going on this season while doing your matches. You can kill two birds with one stone by completing challenges and earning points.

If you do not have a match preference for earning explore points, though, you can always do the Terminal 24/7 playlist that Activision recommends for this event. There is also a photo frame of Makarov that you can find in battle royale. Activision recommends that you check out the four newest areas on the map.

Those areas are Outpost, Dormitory, Radar Base, and Campground, so you may find the photo there in the event. And last but not least, if the in-game rewards aren’t enough for you, there is a comic that you can read in the game. The story on Makarov is expanding throughout the season as new chapters are added to the comic.


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