Call of Duty Mobile Gold Rush Event and Season Roadmap Revealed in Community Update

by in Call of Duty Mobile | May, 8th 2020

Activision and Tencent have revealed the latest Call of Duty Mobile community update for players to check out on the official Reddit page for the mobile entry in the series. The new update for the community includes a ton of information, including details on the Call of Duty Mobile Gold Rush event.

Latest Call of Duty Mobile Community Update Is Here

Players check out the new community update for Call of Duty Mobile now, including lots of details about this new Gold Rush event and so much more. The update this week is meant to give details not just on the new limited-time event as it happens but the whole month of May.

Players can find a lot about everything that is going to be happening this month in the recently released season. The new season is here called Once Upon a Time in Rust, following the recent pattern for seasons of having a themed name rather than a number attached to it.

Once Upon a Time in Rust isn’t just a cute (and long) name for the new season of multiplayer and battle royale, but it is also a reference to the Rust map that is part of the new season. The popular Modern Warfare 2 map launched with the start of the new season and is at the heart of it.

Not only is the map one of the new additions to the game, but the entire theme of the season is the Wild West. Hence the new Call of Duty Mobile Gold Rush event that is happening right now and everything else that is on the way for the rest of the month.

Event Schedule for May

The community update kicks off with the entire (as far as we know) event schedule for May, which is likely going to reveal what’s happening for the rest of this season, for the most part. Some of these events are live now and others are on the way soon.

The first event kicked off last month on April 29 and is live right now, with only a few more days left to go. That is the 2v2 Showdown mode that is similar to the Gunfight game mode that is quite popular in Modern Warfare. It will only stick around for a little while longer until May 14.

Starting today, May 8, the Call of Duty Mobile Gold Rush event is live right now for some time. It will only stick around for less than two weeks until May 21. We will have more details on this event in a little bit, but know that the bulk of the action is in Kill Confirmed and battle royale.

Starting today also is the winner bonus short weekend. Starting today and lasting through Sunday, May 10, players will be able to get a bonus for winning the ranked mode games. This will be available not just this weekend but every single weekend this month.

Also happening this weekend is the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Qualifier event. It starts every Thursday in March and will last through the weekend. It is only around for a limited time, so teams and players wishing to qualify for the main event shouldn’t waste any time.

Starting next week is the launch of the free for all mode in multiplayer. It will start on May 13 and last for less than a week until May 19. Finally, on May 14, the new seasonal challenges will drop with the new SMG weapon called the Cordite with both paid and free options available for it. That is all we know about for May for now, so there might be more in the future.

Call of Duty Mobile Rust Season Roadmap

As the Rust season of Call of Duty Mobile continues, there is a lot that players have to look forward to. A new season roadmap was released for this season, detailing some of the interesting content that players can look forward to for the rest of this month.

While it doesn’t cover everything that will happen this season, it does go over most of the new and important additions to the Rust season. What is already available in the game is the new Rust map, Capture the Flag game mode, operator skill Annihilator, and the Pharo and Outlaw weapons.

But there is more on the way like the Gold Rush version of the battle royale game mode, which you can play right now starting today. Alongside it, is the launch of the Kill Confirmed game mode, which is shocking that it isn’t already available in the title.

Then in mid-May, players will be able to enjoy the release of the new map called Saloon that will be home to the 1v1 Duel game mode that is also releasing around the same time. Also around mid-May is the tactical grenade Cryo Bomb for use in multiplayer matches.

And last but certainly not least, in late May, players will be able to get the new battle royale class Poltergeist, which as the name states, allows you to turn invisible for a brief time to sneak up on enemies or run away from a losing battle.

What You Need to Know About Call of Duty Gold Rush Event

While much of that content is stuff that you will have to wait for, there is something available right now at the time of writing this and that is the Call of Duty Mobile Gold Rush event. This limited-time event is available now and players can enjoy checking it out.

Following up on the Wild West-themed season, this Gold Rush event is the first one of its kind, linking up with the actual theme of the season. As the name implies, this event is all about collecting gold and that is exactly what you will do in the two-game modes this event is available in.

The first is battle royale, where you will be able to collect gold around the massive map using treasure maps found in special barrels. The other game mode is the newly released Kill Confirmed, which is Team Deathmatch with the twist of requiring players to pick up the dog tags to earn points to win the match.

In this case, though, players will be collecting gold like in battle royale and that gold can be used for some unique rewards in the events section of the main menu. There are a lot of rewards that you can get using the gold, but some of the standouts include the Flowing Bronze series of battle royale class camos, the Flowing Bronze LK24 skin, and the Moonstone epic M4LMG skin.

The Call of Duty Mobile Gold Rush event will only stick around for a limited time until May 2, so just under two weeks. With not a whole lot of time to it, we highly recommend that players try and get as many rewards as you can before the event leaves the season.

Alongside the Call of Duty Mobile Gold Rush event are some new Wild West items that you can get. The first legendary of the month was just released in the form of the Frontier Justice Draw. Players can try their hands at this to earn items like the High Noon version of the Outlaw and the Tombstone variant for Seraph.

The first-ever weapon set is also part of the draw, including the Natural Hunter line of knife, smoke grenade, and the High Noon Outlaw weapon that blasts enemies into particles. This set not only gives you a player XP bonus but a bonus towards the Gold Rush event.

The other new draw this season is the Dust to Dust one. You will be able to get the Dustkicker version of the RUS-79U to change its look as well as the Scarlett epic character who hails from the Black Ops series. Other themed items in the draw include the AK-47 Mirage, RPD Mirage, and the DL Q33 Frontier.

Addressing Feedback

Like with previous community updates, this one goes over some of the feedback that the developer has received lately. The first of these is about the battle royale updates. Regarding those players who would like to see more changes with battle royale, you won’t have to wait too long.

Battle royale fans can look forward to the release of some substantial changes to the map soon. Unfortunately, they won’t arrive until the release of the next major update, which is currently scheduled to happen sometime in June.

One thing that players have a lot of issues with is easily reaching max level already in the progression system after each major release. Some of the suggestions for it include raising the level cap, adding a prestige system of sorts, or using some other changes to increase the progression system.

Nothing can be revealed at this time about what changes will happen in the future for it, some systems are being designed to help with the overall progression and, at the same time, a variety of options are being discussed for changing things. But players will just have to wait on this one.

And lastly, there are those players who have already completed all of the seasonal challenges within a short time and now have nothing to do in the Rust season. Thankfully, some more challenges are coming in mid-May with the release of the Cordite weapon. In the meantime, more challenges could be added to future seasonal events.

About Recent Bug Reports

The community update concludes with the bug reports that players have been dealing with lately. The first of these is related to audio as some players have been having audio problems after the most recent update for the mobile title.

The developer is currently investigating reports of the audio cutting out in the middle of a match or right after dying in the game. Fortunately, these seem to be relatively rare, but players are encouraged to reach out if they experience the audio issues with info about your device and more.

Fortunately, on the other hand, many of the black screen issues that some players were having were resolved in the most recent update. Also, the internal data shows that there are fewer crash reports overall. This is great news, but the investigations into these will continue regardless.

Finally, the last issue is related to the recently released Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Qualifiers that started last weekend and will continue this weekend. Thankfully, few players have had issues regarding the qualifiers, but there are some.

For instance, some players are reporting that their points aren’t showing up for the event. Thus far, the only reasons for this happening are that the player is trying to play the event after it is already over or their points are simply delayed in arriving in the game.

The other main issue that players are reporting is not being able to sign up or enter the event in the first place. This one is pretty rare, but the issues thus far seem to be related to those who are using the Garena version of the game.

If you are using that, you won’t be able to sign up. Only the global version of the game is eligible for this World Championship Qualifier event at this time. However, an alternative event for Garena players may show up soon.

For more about the new Call of Duty Mobile community update, be sure to check out the full Reddit post here. There, you will be able to see more stuff we weren’t able to cover like the weekly community highlights from fellow players, some official developer comments, responses, and more.ruus


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