Call of Duty Mobile Fennec SMG Can Be the Best, Most Broken Gun in Season 11

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Oct, 23rd 2020

It seems that nearly every time that Call of Duty Mobile (or just about any other multiplayer game out there) adds a new weapon in a season, that weapon is likely going to be the best around. Such is the case this season with the new Call of Duty Mobile Fennec SMG.

Call of Duty Mobile Fennec SMG Can Be Broken

When looking at the new SMG weapon from a glance, it doesn’t seem like the Call of Duty Mobile Fennec gun is that big of a deal. However, without a doubt, you can make this weapon one of the best guns in the whole game if you use it correctly and do certain things with it.

This has already led to many players taking the gun, customizing it to their liking, and making one of the most broken games in the mobile game history. The game has been out for a year now and celebrates its first birthday with the current Season 11.

There is a lot of content this season, like the Club that you can visit, the Halloween event that is happening just in time for the spooky season, and so much more. As part of the new content, the Call of Duty Mobile Fennec was also released as a brand new weapon for players to collect.

While on its own it is a pretty great SMG that stands out among the rest of the guns in its category, it can be elevated to so much more as the community has recently discovered. Here’s what we know about how it works and how it can be made broken in the game.

How the Fennec SMG Works Normally

Usually, the Call of Duty Mobile Fennec functions as a pretty standard submachine gun, albeit extremely powerful and best in its class. You aren’t able to immediately use it in multiplayer this season unless you do one particular thing.

You can get the Fennec SMG by unlocking it for free through the battle pass this season. Thankfully, everyone has access to it so long as you can reach tier 21 before the end of the season next month. Otherwise, you will likely have to purchase it with currency in the in-game store.

When using it in multiplayer matches, it is a strong one that comes at some costs. It has a smaller magazine size when it comes to other SMGs with only 25 at its base and a rather limited range, the latter of which is pretty standard when it comes to a gun in this category.

Even still, it is a powerful beast when it comes to close-range fights. If you want to try it out before you reach tier 21, you can always check out in battle royale as I did. Even with the base version, I was able to decimate opponents like crazy in close combat in the new Alcatraz battle royale map.

You can kill enemies with the Call of Duty Mobile Fennec SMG in a rather quick fashion before they have even figured out what’s going on with its rather impressive rate of fire. But it can be made even stronger through some key changes in the Gunsmith.

How to Make the Fennec SMG the Best Weapon in Season 11

By visiting the Gunsmith this season, you can provide the Fennec with some powerful attachments that will make it go from one of the best in its class to potentially the best weapon in the entire season. Without a doubt, it can even unbalance the meta and make this gun broken.

There are a couple of main routes that you can take the Call of Duty Mobile Fennec in (as noted by Essentially Sports). It depends on what type of player you are. If you are more of the wait and see player who wants to camp or stay in a vantage point, this first option might be for you.

It involves giving the Fennec the extended light barrel, RTC steady stock, Ranger fore grip, and extended magazine A in the Gunsmith. This essentially reduces the mobility of the SMG in exchange for overwhelming accuracy, control, and slightly better range.

Sure, you won’t be able to run around fast and gun down foes as easily with this loadout, but it is excellent for those who like to play the strategic waiting game in battles. The other option is in the opposite direction and amplifies this mobile, flexible beast’s close combat nature.

With this Gunsmith loadout, the recommended attachments are the MIP light barrel short, no stock at all, the stippled grip tape, extended magazine A, and the MIP laser 5mW. This boosts the mobility to almost max in exchange for limiting control and accuracy even more.

The thing is, though, if you can already control the Fennec in hipfire situations to get kills, then this setup should be no problem for you. You should still be able to do hipfire normally and will be able to decimate enemies in close-range. This is perfect for aggressive players.

While we don’t know if the attachments or gun, in general, will get a nerf in the future, it is highly recommended. I ran a couple of Alcatraz matches to try out the new map and found the Fennec in two of the matches and easily won the match with it both times. It is worth a look if you want to keep pace with the other players this season.


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