Call of Duty Mobile Attack of the Undead 20 Revealed

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Jan, 15th 2021

It looks like Call of Duty Mobile could be getting a pretty giant new game mode very soon, if a certain reported leak is to be believed. From what we can tell, it seems that there will be a Call of Duty Mobile Attack of the Undead 20 game mode very soon once we are done with the current 13th season

Public Test Build Leaks Attack of the Undead 20

The leak this time around comes from various users who claim to have played this game mode in the latest beta version of the mobile Call of Duty game. As always, Activision is making a live beta test version that is entirely open to the public for testing ahead of release.

In general, most game modes and changes in the beta version of the new Season 14 of content will be pretty accurate, given our experiences with similar past builds. Though there are some exceptions, for the most part, the beta gives away some of the new content for the next season.

As part of this, the users who are enjoying the public test beta version of Call of Duty Mobile right now have discovered what seems to be a brand new undead-based game mode coming soon. It looks like Call of Duty Mobile Attack of the Undead 20 will be one of the additions in the next season.

Of course, we haven’t had the chance to check out the public test build for the upcoming 14th season of content just yet, so be sure to keep this all with a grain of salt. And even if it is true, there is a slim chance that it won’t actually release in Season 14 but later down the road, so keep that in mind. 

What Attack of the Undead Is

That said, the possibility of a Call of Duty Mobile Attack of the Undead 20 is pretty exciting. You may look at that name and wonder what it is since we already had Attack of the Undead in the past. It is a zombies-based game mode that is PvP-centric rather than PvE like normal Zombies. 

Instead of having the standard Zombies experience that we know and love in Call of Duty, Attack of the Undead features an online multiplayer experience where two teams per usual. On one side, you have the survivors, who are humans trying to survive until the timer runs out. 

On the other side, you have the undead players trying to kill all humans and convert them to their side. Typically, there are several different rounds in a single match that will let players rack up points towards being the best player in the game. 

The only way for the humans to win a game of Attack of the Undead is to survive until the round completely hits zero while fending off the undead attacks. Dying as a human does not respawn you back as a survivor but takes you to the undead side. 

How Call of Duty Attack of the Undead 20 Changes the Formula

Meanwhile, the undead have to win by taking out the humans in the match before the time runs out. Typically, it favors the undead over the humans, but the new Call of Duty Mobile Attack of the Undead 20 mode could change things significantly. 

Given the 20 in the name, what this means is that there are 20 players in this version of the match, instead of the usual 10 or so that you would find in the game mode. Besides, two undead members start on that side. 

The other 18 players in the match will begin as survivors, really giving the humans a chance to survive against the horde of the undead, more so than in the normal version of the mode. To help with this unbalance, the two starting members of the undead will have some special gear for a limited time. 

The first two undead will start the match with their normal weapons that they would use in a multiplayer match instead of the single melee weapon they usually use. This means that they will be even more deadly at first than usual. 

What Equipment the Teams Have

But with so many players on the survivor side, if you can take out the two undead from the start with minimal casualties, you will have a pretty good advantage for the rest of the match. This is because the gear for the two original undead changes when they first die. 

They will then come back with the normal knives you would expect in an Attack of the Undead game mode. Any undead who joins them later on will also start with a knife. It will play out like a normal match of the game mode otherwise, but with a whole lot more people involved. 

The undead also can move faster than normal humans and silent movement in general. The humans, on the other hand, also have some perks of their own. They can swap weapons fast, reload them, use their operator skills quickly, and collect ammo after killing an undead member. 

If you find yourself in one of these matches on the humans side and end up, unfortunately, as the lone survivor against 19 undead trying to kill you, the game will give you a bit of a boost to help. You will have more health to contend with the monsters and a unique item to take them out. 

The Call of Duty Mobile Attack of the Undead 20 mode is in the current public test build, so interested players can check it out in the beta on the Android version. It will likely come to everyone in Season 14 very soon but stay tuned for the official confirmation soon. 


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