Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Event: How the Club Works

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Oct, 16th 2020

Activision has released the Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update this week, marking the release of the latest season of multiplayer and battle royale content. With this new season, we now have the Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Event centered around a particular occasion.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Is All About Celebrations

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 is all about celebrations and partying it up as the entire season is neon-themed and popping with vibrant colors everywhere. This includes the content that has been released, the new cosmetic items, and everything else this season.

This is because this 11th season of the game is coming out right around the time of the mobile Call of Duty game’s original launch in 2019. That is right; it is time for the first anniversary of the game as its birthday just passed recently.

Technically, Call of Duty Mobile already turned one year old earlier this month on Oct. 1, as that is the exact date on which the game came out for Android and iOS devices after having a lengthy beta testing phase. However, Activision has waited to celebrate the birthday until now.

It all kicks off the new season with the Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Event that is live right now in the game. If you log in starting this week, you will find that the new limited-time event is happening this season. It is complete with its own content, rewards, and some challenges.

This is all in addition to the normal content that dropped in the mobile game in the latest season. There is so much to do in the game right now, whether you are a multiplayer fan or a battle royale fan or both. Here is everything you need to know about the Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Event.

What Is Included in the Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Event

For starters, there is a lot of content included in the Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Event and as part of Season 11. The new season’s actual theme this month is the anniversary, so the celebrations will continue long past the limited-time event that we have at launch.

Though this is one of the biggest seasons of the game’s history in the past year, it will only last for one month, like those that came before it. So, players will need to get in there and check everything out while you can before all of the awesome content leaves the game.

Some new game modes have dropped during this anniversary season and event, there are Halloween-themed items as well, there are some new maps both for multiplayer and battle royale, and so much more. There are new rewards for players to collect, as well as the battle pass.

But perhaps above all else, there is a new place where players can visit this season in the Club. The Club is a new social space for players to hang out between queueing up for matches or whenever you would like. This new area is a great one that you should know about.

Everything You Need to Know About the Club

The Club is perhaps the single most important thing added this season with the Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Event. The Club is a new social area that you can visit anytime you aren’t in the middle of a match. Think of it as the social hub like you would find in many live service games.

The lore behind the Club is that the fictional Japanese group Hidora Kai has unleashed a wild EMP blast that has forced all of the operators, or characters in Call of Duty Mobile, to hide underground. The characters are hiding in bunkers where they are safe between missions.

As such, they have turned one particular underground bunker into their Club, a space to hang out and chill when they aren’t on the job. Here, players will find others to hang out and chat with, NPCs to talk to, minigames to play, and so much more.

Players can select from one of four custom soundtracks to jam out to while in this space and doing all of its content. You can hang out at the bar, drink some Juggernog, and watch television or chat with characters like Adler, who is from the upcoming Black Ops Cold War singleplayer story.

There is an anniversary machine here, too, where you can take your chances to see if you will win some special rewards. This is done by picking up coins in both multiplayer and battle royale. There are Easter eggs and other hidden features for players to discover around the Club.

There are even NPC missions that you can take on by talking to Adler, Ghost, and other popular Call of Duty characters who show up here. There is a lot to the Club that we didn’t expect as it not only provides a ton of content, but it allows the game to build out its lore further.

When you are bored with chatting with other players and doing emotes, you can compete in three different minigames around the Club. Those three games are the Knife Game, Kaboom, and Darts. Starting with Darts, this is a pretty self-explanatory game.

You are in front of a darts board with some darts in hand that you can throw. You get five darts to use per time to practice this minigame and want to get the best points possible on the board. There is also a rapid speed run where you throw as many as you can for points.

The second game is Kaboom, which is more of a retro-style video game. In this one, you have a bucket with three lives. You move it side to side to pick up the falling explosives before they reach the ground. Each explosive that touches the ground will take one life.

Finally, there is the knife game in the bar area where the player is trying to stab the knife into the table without hitting their fingers in a time limit. Beyond that, there are other things you can do like pick up glow sticks and dance the night away or even pick up a paintball gun and blast everyone with colorful paint.

There are up to 20 players at once in one instance of the Club, so you can bring your friends and hang out with them in a massive party. The problem is that the Club is only sticking around through the end of the season, which sucks for such a cool place. We highly recommend letting Activision know if you want this place to stick around.

Anniversary Challenges and How to Complete Them

When you aren’t hanging out at the Club, there is some Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Event challenges for you to do. As with any major event, there are challenges and rewards to get. There are 12 challenges in total, ranging from simple and easy to long and difficult.

You can find the full list of the Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Event challenges below:

  • Login during the event challenges
  • Play one match in Alcatraz
  • Upgrade any weapon by one level
  • Win two multiplayer matches
  • Play five matches
  • Play five ranked multiplayer matches
  • Play for 300 minutes
  • Play 10 Alcatraz matches
  • Win 10 MVPs
  • Get first place in Alcatraz three different times
  • Win 10 ranked multiplayer matches
  • Kill 500 enemies

As you can see, there is a wide range of tasks. Logging in for the day is self-explanatory, while playing five matches is as well. Those matches can be either multiplayer or battle royale, and you need to win two of the multiplayer matches for another mission.

There is also a mission for playing five ranked multiplayer matches, which are different from normal ones, so keep that in mind. You also need to win 10 ranked multiplayer matches, which can be tough so make sure to either grab a team or do game modes that you are good at.

You also need to play one match of Alcatraz, one of the new maps added to the game. The battle royale version of Call of Duty Mobile now has its second map for the first time. It is the Alcatraz map from Black Ops 4.

You need to play one match on Alcatraz for one mission while another asks you to do 10 matches on that map in total. And the last challenge that has to do with that map is to get first place on that battle royale map three different times, which is not going to be easy.

Alcatraz is a very small map, especially compared to the original battle royale map that is now officially known as Isolated. You should make sure to grab some buddies who are great at close combat and battle royale so that you can win on that map three times.

Another challenge tasks you with leveling up any weapon one time during the event. For this, all you need to do is pick a weapon you like, use it a lot to take out enemies, and it shouldn’t be long before you can level it up.

Another challenge is to play the game for 300 minutes, which equals five hours in total. That is a lot of time, but it is split up between this event, so you don’t have to do all five hours at once. Thankfully, your time spent in the Club counts towards this, so that should help.

Finally, the MVP’s mission in a match 10 times is tough, so make sure to do matches and game modes that you are the best at so that you have good chances of being the most valuable player.

Anniversary Battle Pass and Rewards

For doing the 12 challenges that are part of the Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Event, you will get various rewards. Instead of giving you cosmetic items directly like past event challenges, you will get the Anniversary points to use at the machine in the Club.

You can take those points to the machine near the darts and Kaboom minigames to spin for the various prizes that are in there. You have chances of getting some special skins and blueprints through this anniversary machine, so make sure to complete all of the challenges to get the most points possible.

The Anniversary event doesn’t end with that, though, as the entire season is centered around the one-year celebration of Call of Duty Mobile. Even the battle pass itself is all about the parties. The items match that theme with colorful neon aesthetics.

Even if you don’t want to spend money on the paid version of the battle pass this season, you will still get some solid free rewards. At tier 14, for example, you will get the advanced UAV scorestreak that is a much better version of the normal one. This one gives you a more constant look at where opponents are on the field.

Then at tier 21, you will unlock the next free weapon, which is the Fennec SMG. This is a powerful and fast new weapon that will likely be an important part of the meta moving forward. Of course, the battle pass’s paid version includes a lot more rewards like the Nebula Zero skin and more.


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