Call of Duty League Week 2 Delay Announced

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 18th 2021

The Call of Duty League is right at the start of its long-awaited second season. It looks like fans will have to wait a little longer to see more of the 12 teams in action as a Call of Duty League Week 2 delay has been announced. This means that we will have to wait a while longer for the second week. 

Call of Duty League Week 2 Delay Announced

This Call of Duty League Week 2 delay was announced on the Twitter account for the league late last night, noting that competition will not be hosted today at all. This announcement’s wording is interesting because it will not happen today, Thursday, Feb. 18.

That implies that there will be no competition today, but there might be some competitions still sometime later this week. Still, we will have to wait and see what the official announcement is for the replacement of the second week of the league, as that hasn’t been revealed yet. 

Instead, Activision will reveal an exciting announcement about the revised schedule for the second week later today. We will be sure to share that new information with you when it is announced. But in the meantime, know that there will be competition for today at least. 

The Call of Duty League Week 2 delay may be a relatively short one that only encompasses today. However, we aren’t quite sure that the reasoning behind the delay in the first place is still ongoing in many parts of the U.S. today and potentially throughout the rest of the week. 

Delay Is Due to the Ongoing Winter Storms

As we noted yesterday, when Zoomaa took in some of his former fellow teammates and competitors from the Call of Duty League, much of Texas and other parts of the U.S. are encountering some intense winter storms that are debilitating and devastating. 

Especially in Texas, where many of the Call of Duty League players and teams are located right now, many households are without electricity, internet, water, and more. It is a tough time and one that would be hard to host an online competition for at this time. 

That is why we theorized yesterday that we would likely see a Call of Duty League Week 2 delay. It seems that only today is postponed, but we could see the rest of the weekend also rescheduled to another time soon. 

After all, the chance that the winter storm and terrible living conditions will continue for many of the players living in Texas will continue. If that continues throughout Friday, it is unlikely that they would compete at all in the second week of events. 

This Will Directly Affect the Weekly Format

The league organizers may be playing it by ear at this time, figuring out whether or not any competition at all is viable this weekend or if the entire schedule will need to be pushed back a whole week. If that is the case, it will change the entire schedule for the rest of the year. 

That is because the Call of Duty League’s second season is following a more tightly packed weekly format in which all 12 teams have something to look forward to every single week. Instead of the off and on again format used in the previous season, everyone has a match or two each week. 

This weekly format follows for the first three weeks of a stage, and then it concludes with all of the teams participating in a Major tournament. The points they have gathered from the past matches during that stage determine what seeding they get for the event. 

After that event, the next stage starts. The formula continues as before but with different groups led by the top two teams from the previous Major event. We are in the midst of the first of five stages this season right now. We have only had one week of competition thus far.

A Revised Schedule for the League Will Come Soon

At best, some teams have done two matches already, while some have only done a single match. There isn’t much that has happened to give us an idea of how the current first stage will turn out other than we know that Atlanta FaZe and LA Thieves currently lead the pack with the only undefeated record to date for those teams who have had two matches in total. 

It is looking to be an intense and surprising year thus far from just Week 1 alone as the reigning champs Dallas Empire was able to win one match and then fell in the second one to an upset from the Minnesota Rokkr. For the season to keep going as strong as it started, players need a chance to rest and have a safe and healthy environment. 

That is why this Call of Duty League Week 2 delay is so significant right now. It is remarkable that the former pro player Zoomaa is housing some of his former teammates who are now part of the Minnesota Rokkr, as well as some of the players from the Los Angeles Thieves team. 

Be sure to check back soon when we have more details about the new and revised schedule for the Call of Duty League, following up on these massive changes that have suddenly happened. 


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