Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend Tournament Announced

by in Call of Duty | May, 20th 2020

Activision has revealed its latest addition to the Call of Duty League. Known as the Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend, this new tournament is the latest in a string of changes that were recently made to the first season of the Modern Warfare esports organization.

Call of Duty League Branches Out to Battle Royale

Fans and pro players alike will have a new competition to enjoy with the start of the Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend. This new event will be a supplement to the original season of normal Modern Warfare play that teams are currently engaged in at this time.

So far, the Call of Duty League has only slightly dabbled in the Warzone battle royale game that was recently released in March earlier this year. It has grown to become one of the biggest free to play games on the market for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in just a short time.

It has grown so popular that you could easily say that it will likely overtake its predecessor and mainline game, Modern Warfare, in the future. To this point, Activision is setting up the spin-off title to be its own thing, like we were hoping for, that will carry through the years as other Call of Duty games are released.

Until then, though, the Call of Duty League is still in the midst of its first season of competitive play. Activision has allowed teams to compete in Warzone in some minor ways, but the Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend is the first step towards something much more significant.

Which Teams Will Participate in the Event

Starting this weekend, everyone will be able to enjoy the first-ever Warzone Weekend tournament that will showcase which of the 12 teams in the league is the best at the battle royale game. This is not just a first for the league but Warzone as well.

The Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend event will feature all 12 teams from the league competing together as one against one another in a private battle royale match to see who the winner will be. This is rather interesting since there are no private matches available in Warzone at this time.

As such, this will be the first private lobby match ever created and played through in Warzone history, albeit the history for the game doesn’t go too far back. This even points at a future where the battle royale Call of Duty title will have private matches available to everyone around the world.

Rumors in the past have even suggested that fact, so this only goes so far as to confirm that it is certainly possible. We hope that this first private match leads to other competitions not led by Activision that can take advantage of this very useful feature for tournaments.

The Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend is presented by Metro by T-Mobile and will be exclusive to the Call of Duty League teams. All 12 of them will pick four players each to create a quads squad that will battle against one another on the same massive Verdansk map as always.

As such, this will be a much smaller pool of players overall in the match than is usual for a Warzone battle royale match. Instead of up to 150 players and the like, there will only be 48 in total; less than a third of what is usually in matches like these online.

It will be interesting to see how this very different style of play for the Warzone match will affect the outcome of it. The map is so large that the 12 teams could easily land in 12 different locations, gear up, and not have any battling for at least the first circle, if not more.

That could potentially lead to a less than exciting competition at first, but it is also possible that the pro teams will choose to go a very aggressive route and start hunting down each other as soon as they drop on the ground. For now, we will just have to wait and see how this plays out.

How to Watch the Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend

If you are interested in watching all of the competition as it happens live, you will be able to do so this weekend. The Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend will air live on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel on Sunday, May 24 at noon PT (3 p.m. ET).

Viewers will be able to tune in then and watch the competition happen live as it happens. Those of you who are looking forward to the next big event for the league, you might be wondering why this is when the first Warzone Weekend will happen since it is in the middle of something.

You wouldn’t be wrong to think that at all, since there is another event that will be happening right around the same time. The first Warzone Weekend will happen as a lead-in for the final four bracket during the Seattle Surge Home Series Weekend tournament.

Players and fans are already looking forward to the sixth Home Series Weekend tournament that will take place this weekend and, with it, changes to the overall leaderboard and team points. The first Warzone Weekend event will happen on the same day as the third and final day of that competition.

Event Could Have Already Happened

What is odd about this is the wording of this announcement of the upcoming Warzone Weekend. In the official blog post announcing the upcoming competition, it is noted that it will showcase the best moments from the “pre-recorded competition” among the world’s best Call of Duty players.

This is odd and seems to hint that the upcoming Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend event will be pre-recorded. If this is the case, then when exactly did the competition take place? Has it already happened at the time of writing this or will it happen later this week?

This is strange, but it at least means that fans will be able to head to the YouTube channel for the league anytime they want after that initial broadcast time and watch the competition on-demand. We don’t expect it to take too long as it is a single match of battle royale.

Presumably, this will be a single match between the 12 teams in the league where they will fight to see who will win that match as the last squad standing on the map of Verdansk. In this way, it will be a standard battle royale match but with just less players and a lot more talent.

How the Prizes Will Work for the Warzone Weekend

Oddly enough, because it is a simple competition that just takes place in a single battle royale match, it will likely be over in less than an hour for sure. Because of that, the way the prizes work is pretty simple as well and won’t be like most esports competitions.

This upcoming Call of Duty League Warzone Weekend is simply put: a winner takes all competition where only the team that ends up on top will be crowned victorious and take the prize money that competes. As far as we know, the other teams will end up with nothing for their troubles.

But the winning team of the Warzone Weekend event will net themselves a nice cash prize of $10,000 to be shared between the team members, which is pretty good for a random new event like this one that won’t last for very long at all.

As for the teams themselves, there will be four players in each of the 12 teams and the league teams can select from among themselves who they want to compete in this event. The only requirements that the league has is regarding three of the four members of each battle royale team.

Who Is Allowed on Teams

At least three of the four players on each team must be directly from the specific Call of Duty League team that is competing. So, for instance, Chicago Huntsmen must select three players from its team to have a team for the Warzone Weekend tournament.

Now, for who those three players are, it can be anyone from the team itself. It could be three of the starting players, or three of the substitute players who don’t get much action due to rules and being on the bench, or it could be a mix of both scenarios.

As for the fourth member of each team, this is the one that could be a wildcard that could shake up the competition. Each team can round out their players with a fourth member who could, of course, be from the existing Call of Duty League team (like a starter or sub) or someone else.

For this wildcard slot, the teams are allowed to bring in a special guest if they would like to. They can bring in any guest player that they want that isn’t part of the Call of Duty League currently. This is interesting and could lead to some crazy scenarios, depending on who is picked.

Teams, for instance, could bring in celebrities like in other competitions who like to play battle royale or help a rookie out who seems pretty talented at the game. Popular streamers could even show up and lend a hand, or this could be a chance to let an amateur or semi-pro Challenger player participate.

This Format Could Help Challengers

The options are pretty endless at this point, but we could see this benefit the Challenger players, in particular. For those who don’t know, the Challengers portion of the Call of Duty League is like a semi-pro training grounds where they compete at the same time as the main Home Series Weekends.

For this, the players will battle it out against one another for money, fame, and the possibility of being recognized by some of the actual Call of Duty League teams. We have already seen at least one player from the Challengers make the jump to the official league and it is likely to continue.

What is great about the Warzone Weekend is that it allows Call of Duty League teams to test a specific Challenger player that they are interested in and possibly see how they would work with the rest of the team. This could turn out to be a great way for these players to be scouted out and brought into the big leagues.

For now, though, this is only hypothetical, so we will have to just wait and see. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long as the first Warzone Weekend will happen this weekend, Sunday, May 24 at noon PT. This also looks to be the first of many Warzone Weekend events to come in the future.

Activision even teased that future competitions could change up how the team rosters will work. It noted that teams in the future could be composed of a mix of rosters from across the league and the broader Call of Duty community, but for now, this is how it will work for the first event.

That said, if there are to be changes in the future, they will be announced ahead of any future events. We could see one of these every time that there is a Home Series Weekend for the rest of the first season of the Call of Duty League. Stay tuned for any announcements like that for when they happen right here.


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