Call of Duty League Super Week Replaces Weeks 2 and 3

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 19th 2021

Activision has finally announced what it is doing with the second week of the Call of Duty League 2021 season. Though the season has gotten its start already, it came to a halt this week with the postponement of the second week of competition. But in its stead, the Call of Duty League week 2 has a replacement.

Call of Duty League Week 2 Replacement Announced

The Call of Duty League week 2 replacement has been officially revealed by Activision after the sudden announcement earlier this week to postpone the second week after some issues came about across the country. The bulk of the reasoning is because of the weather conditions in many parts of the country.

For those who don’t know, there is a massive winter storm that is happening around the United States and it is causing terrible weather conditions for much of the country. This is especially the case in Texas where the state is unable to prepare for such a storm on many different levels.

Without power and/or internet to actually participate in the Call of Duty League week 2 this season, they are unable to, of course, compete. Activision understands how widespread this issue is and decided earlier this week to cancel the Call of Duty League week 2 events.

Fortunately, that does not mean that those 10 matches that were supposed to happen this week will not happen at all. Instead, they have a replacement that just moves them back some so that teams will be able to adequately prepare and for the weather conditions to, hopefully, improve.

Call of Duty League Super Week Details

That replacement for the Call of Duty League week 2 is known as the Call of Duty League Super Week. This sudden replacement is actually quite impressive as it has its own dedicated schedule and branding that will ensure that it looks like it was almost planned this way.

This new Super Week is going to take the 10 matches that were going to happen during week 2 and move them to week 3. But instead of just having one massive week 3, this week is now being known as the Super Week with an amalgamation of both of these weeks of the season.

What this means for you, the fans, is that you will have an entire week to be able to watch and enjoy some Call of Duty League action. The entire week, starting on Monday, February 22, and going through Sunday, February 28, will be dedicated to offering fans some matches to watch online.

In general, there are going to be around three matches per day with only one day that is an exception to that, having just two matches on that particular day. In addition, this means that there will be four marquee matches in the same week so expect a lot of crazy stuff.

The Call of Duty League Super Week doesn’t change any of the matches that we were already expecting as it still follows the same general rule of thumb where every team will play in five matches for the first stage, leading up to the first Major tournament that will follow in the week after this.

But what this does mean with Call of Duty League weeks 2 and 3 now together is that fans have a whopping total of 20 matches to look forward to next week. Some teams will be playing three matches while others have four matches to go through in a single week.

This is going to be a challenging and lengthy fight for many teams who have so many matches to do in a single week, instead of having them divided up over two weeks, but this does mean exciting stuff for us watching at home. This also, thankfully, means that there will be no need for changes to the overall schedule since we will be caught up and on track for the rest of the season.

You can find the full schedule of all matches and their respective days below. Be sure to check back early next week for our full breakdown of the matches, our expectations for what will happen there, and who we think will win each of them:

Call of Duty League 2021

Updated Schedule

  • Los Angeles Guerrillas vs Florida Mutineers: February 22
  • Toronto Ultra vs Atlanta FaZe: February 22
  • Paris Legion vs Florida Mutineers: February 23
  • New York Subliners vs London Royal Ravens: February 23
  • Seattle Surge vs Minnesota Rokkr: February 23
  • London Royal Ravens vs Dallas Empire: February 24
  • Seattle Surge vs Los Angeles Thieves: February 24
  • Toronto Ultra vs OpTic Chicago: February 24
  • New York Subliners vs Minnesota Rokkr: February 25
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas vs OpTic Chicago: February 25
  • Florida Mutineers vs Atlanta FaZe: February 25
  • London Royal Ravens vs Los Angeles Thieves: February 26
  • Paris Legion vs Toronto Ultra: February 26
  • New York Subliners vs Dallas Empire: February 26
  • Paris Legion vs Atlanta FaZe: February 27
  • London Royal Ravens vs Minnesota Rokkr: February 27
  • LA Guerrillas vs Toronto Ultra: February 27
  • Seattle Surge vs New York Subliners: February 28
  • Florida Mutineers vs OpTic Chicago: February 28
  • LA Thieves vs Dallas Empire: February 28


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