Call of Duty League Sniper Rifles Are Back Due to the Vanguard Gentlemen’s Agreement

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 16th 2021

The Call of Duty League is gearing up for the upcoming 2022 season that will feature the full 12 teams, including the recently announced Boston spot that was previously rumored, which means new and updated rules. As part of the updated rules, fans can look forward to Call of Duty League sniper rifles once more. 

Call of Duty League Sniper Rifles Are Back

After going an entire season without them, the Call of Duty League sniper rifles return for the upcoming 2022 Vanguard season. Players will be able to watch their favorite pros duke it out, with one of the players being able to stick back and pick off opponents with a sniper rifle. 

The Call of Duty League sniper rifles are beloved weapons in the competitive scene because they have led to some amazing moments in the past. With someone in the back popping off powerful, accurate shots, it has led to some crazy rounds and headshots in the past. 

It looks like that will happen again as sniper rifles are back after skipping the pretty standardized and, therefore, much-maligned Cold War season that we had this year. The sniper rifles will be returning in the upcoming Call of Duty Vanguard season due to the general agreement from the pro players. 

You see, there are Gentlemen’s Agreements, which are essentially the side rules that the pro players themselves have come up with. The teams will vote and meet to decide certain rules for their engagements in the upcoming season separate from what Activision has determined. 

Gentlemen’s Agreements Have Been Decided

Well, the 12 teams have reportedly met together and come up with some new Gentlemen’s Agreements for the upcoming 2022 season, according to CDL Intel over on Twitter. These rules were determined by the players, presumably, including the four players from the upcoming Boston team, too, even though the roster has not been officially announced. 

For starters, the main part about the GAs that will interest fans and players alike is that the Call of Duty League sniper rifles are back again this season. They are restricted in the respawn-specific game modes and only be allowed in Search & Destroy matches. 

This is not surprising as that is how it has been in the past, plus a sniper would likely weigh down the team considerably in something like Hardpoint. That said, having a sniper in Control would be quite fascinating, especially while on the defensive side, but I digress. 

The Call of Duty League sniper rifles are only allowed in S&D in the 2022 season as expected, and there is only one of these that is allowed per team. Teams are, of course, not required to use a sniper rifle in Search, but there is the likelihood that we will see many of them moving forward. 

SMG and Attachments Restrictions

Beyond the sniper rifle agreement, teams have also restricted the PPSh-41 SMG. That is the only SMG at this time that has been banned, meaning that teams could use other weapons, but we have not seen them using any outside of a couple in scrims so far. 

On the attachments side, all mags have been restricted and could exclude pistols, but have not been determined. The Shrouded attachment for snipers has been restricted, the VDD 189mm Short for the MP-40 is banned, and any pistol attachments that increase fire rate are gone. 

Interestingly enough, there is a tactical restriction, too. On the lethal side, the Gammon Bomb has been banned, which is notable since it was one of the only lethals left that was not banned. Does this mean that the incendiary grenade is still legal? That would be quite weird, indeed. 

In S&D, smoke grenades are allowed but not in the other modes. Oddly enough, only one smoke grenade is available per team, so no smoking the entire map to hide your movements in this upcoming season. For killstreaks, the bombing run killstreak is banned and gone. 

Auto tactical sprint has been banned, which is unfortunate for the few pro players who liked it. The Space Issue blueprint for the MP-40 is also gone. However, what is intriguing is that the Challengers division has its own Gentlemen’s Agreements happening in different regions. 

For Europe, the STG44 assault rifle that is quite popular with pros has been restricted while there are two smoke grenades allowed in S&D. For Latin America, only the STG44 has been banned besides the other GAs that have been decided upon. 

These Rules Are Separate From the Main League Bans

These rules, as mentioned, are entirely separate from the official Call of Duty League rules themselves. The league organizers have chosen to ban certain weapons, attachments, and so on, but players come in and add their stipulations on top of that. 

The players know best what will work for the league, so these agreements are welcome for creating a fair environment. It looks, too, like this upcoming 2022 season is mostly open, at least compared to the highly restrictive and one-note rules that were in the Black Ops Cold War season previously. 

We do not have long to go until the start of the league’s 2022 Call of Duty Vanguard season. It will begin in late January or February next year, featuring 12 teams competing to see who will be the champions of the World War II-based game. A 12th team has been announced, but the roster is unofficially known outside of possible leaks. We will have more to share about that roster officially very soon. 


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