Call of Duty League Paris Legion 2021 Team Announced

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 4th 2021

The time has finally come. We now know all of the starting rosters and teams for the Call of Duty League 2021 season. The upcoming second season of the league was unknown for a very long time, especially for several teams, but we now know the Paris Legion 2021 team. 

Paris Legion 2021 Team Revealed

Most of the teams have confirmed their lineups or are just staying the same, so there is no announcement needed, but the Paris Legion 2021 team has been uncertain for a while. Fortunately, we now know who will be joining the group for its second season in the league. 

The Paris Legion 2021 team was finally revealed on its official Twitter account, with a French and English post. We now know the four players representing only one of two European teams in the Call of Duty League in the roster announcement. 

They are all brand new to the Paris Legion roster as the team will not keep anyone from its previous iteration. However, most of the four players are pretty well-known at this time, especially for those who watched the inaugural season of the league. 

The Paris Legion 2021 team includes three players who are veterans to the league, having played for it in the first season, and one brand new pro player making his debut in the big leagues. This means that Paris Legion will be one of the biggest wildcards in the new season. 

Four Starting Players

The four players who will make up the starting roster for the Paris Legion team in 2021 are Skrapz, Aqua, Classic, and Fire. They will be the four main players who will make up the Paris Legion team in the 2021 season. This huge change comes after massive switches for the Call of Duty League. 

With the switch back to four players per roster, Paris Legion has opted to go for this starting lineup after dropping all previous players. Skrapz is a player that many Call of Duty League fans will likely recognize from his time on the London Royal Ravens team in 2020 as he now switches over to the other European team this season.

Meanwhile, the second player on the new Paris Legion 2021 team is none other than Aqua, one of the players for the Los Angeles Guerrillas during the inaugural season. He didn’t get to show much of his skill there as he was mainly a substitute for the year. 

The Los Angeles Guerrillas was one of the worst teams in the first season for the league — arguably the worst, depending on who you ask — and didn’t give any of its players a chance to shine. As such, Aqua is someone who was previously really good and could still have that potential now. 

Classic Is Now a Paris Legion Player

He has been around for several years and played for many teams since 2015, making a huge splash by doing quite well in his first three major events. Since then, though, he hasn’t had as much of a splash in the Call of Duty scene, so it will be interesting to see if he can bring it back this year. 

Then there is the third player: Classic. One of the fan favorites from the original Toronto Ultra team last year in the league was the starting players for the complicated team. He was moved to the bench during the summer and then quickly brought back at the end.

He was able to help the Toronto Ultra end strongly and do pretty well during the playoffs, ending the team on a strong note. But other than that, the team was a pretty complex one that would do amazing randomly but then terribly other times. 

Who Is Fire?

He was dropped alongside most of the other Toronto Ultra members in September last year before joining the Paris Legion team now. And last but not least, on the new Paris Legion roster, we have Fire. This is someone who you may not immediately recognize. 

Luis “Fire” Rivera is one of the newest players in the Call of Duty League. He is making his big leagues debut this year as the final member of the Paris Legion roster. He got his start in 2020 in the Call of Duty League Challengers division, where he could do pretty well there. 

He has a few wins under his belt during the amateur and semi-pro competitions and made a name for himself as one of the up and coming players. The 18-year old will now get his chance to truly shine as part of the Paris Legion roster in the 2021 season. 

Paris Legion Is a Wildcard This Year

While Fire’s teammates are all proven players who could return to their former glories this year, he is the one that we have our eyes on. As the youngest member of the team, he has a lot of potential building up and could allow him to be one of the season stars. 

But in the end, it comes down to how the new Paris Legion team works together as a whole since one player can’t carry everyone for the entire year by himself. Paris Legion will be one of the unknown teams in the new season since only one of two teams gutted their whole roster for the second season. 

They didn’t do too well during the inaugural season but didn’t do too awfully, either, being one of the most mediocre teams in the league overall. We should find out more about the league’s 2021 schedule and what will happen this year very soon now that we know all of the teams’ rosters. 


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