Call of Duty League Minnesota Rokkr Event Delayed

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 4th 2020

Activision is extending its delay plans to the Call of Duty League. The league’s next big tournament weekend isn’t going to happen as originally planned and is, instead, being pushed back. The Call of Duty League Minnesota Rokkr event will be delayed from its original date this weekend.

Minnesota Rokkr Event Delayed

This weekend, Minnesota Rokkr was supposed to host the latest Home Series Weekend in the first season of the league. It would be the first team to host a second event in the whole event as well as the first to host the launch weekend as well as a Home Series Weekend tournament.

But for now, players and fans alike will have to wait a little bit longer to see Minnesota and the other teams battle it out in the Call of Duty League. This is because Activision decided to delay the Minnesota Rokkr event this weekend and move it back.

The decision was announced on the official Call of Duty League Twitter page in a message that the league organizers posted for the entire community to see. The message not only explained the reasoning for the sudden delay just a couple of days before the event but showed some support as well.

Activision began the message by noting that it is due to the recent and current events that are happening in the United States that the Call of Duty League Minnesota Rokkr event is being delayed. Fortunately, the new date that was selected isn’t too far off from when it was going to be.

New Dates Revealed for Event

Players and fans only have to wait a single week as the new dates for the Minnesota Rokkr event are now set for Friday, June 12 through Sunday, June 14. That is exactly a week after the original dates for this weekend, but this small change makes sense given everything that is happening right now.

With the protests that are happening both in Minnesota and around the world, it does make sense for the Call of Duty League to acknowledge that and pay respects to that movement by letting the focus be on that for the time being, instead of the remote online competitive league.

More details beyond what we already know about the Minnesota event are on the way soon from the Call of Duty League, including how it will pay tribute to the unjustly murdered George Floyd. The league even plans to dedicate this particular Home Series Weekend to support the fight for social justice and equal human rights.

In addition to this, the league will also be supporting various organizations that are assisting with the rebuilding efforts, both in Minneapolis and across the nation. The details on this are vague at this time, but that is everything we know so far about what the Call of Duty League plans to do.

This Isn’t Activision’s First Delay This Week

It is likely and possible that this decision was made suddenly, given the fact that eight of the 12 teams in the league were gearing up for competition in just a couple of days. This decision was likely made at the last possible moment, so other details like support are still being decided at this time.

Regardless, this is a respectable move from Activision and the Call of Duty League as it shows support for the Black Lives Matter movement and protests around the nation that are happening right now. Plus, one week isn’t going to hurt too much as it is a rather short wait overall.

Interestingly enough, this decision comes a couple of days after Activision made a previous decision to delay some things. The next season of both Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Mobile was set to come out this week or the next, but they have been both delayed to an unknown date.

It does seem odd that it took a little bit longer for the Call of Duty League to also delay this event, but it is understandable given that the home team for this event is Minnesota Rokkr. Fortunately, it looks like the league as a whole and this event will dedicate itself to everything that is happening right now.

What We Know About the Minnesota Home Series Weekend

So long as the plans and match schedule for the Minnesota Rokkr event aren’t changed any, it should still be the same eight teams competing in two groups. You can find the full list of all eight teams that will be participating in the upcoming event below:

  • Toronto Ultra
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Seattle Surge
  • Florida Mutineers
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • Dallas Empire
  • Minnesota Rokkr: Hosts of the upcoming tournament

Those eight teams will compete in the next event, while the other four teams in the league take a nice, deserved break from the competitive action. They will be divided into two groups with the first group having Seattle Surge, Atlanta FaZe, hosts Minnesota Rokkr, and the Dallas Empire.

Meanwhile, the second group will have Los Angeles Guerrillas, Toronto Ultra, Chicago Huntsmen, and Florida Mutineers. This particular event is shaping up to be one of the most intense and highly anticipated ones in the entire season, as the top five teams in the league will all be competing.

Group A, in particular, is stacked with three of the best teams around competing in the same group, meaning that only two of them can make it out of the group stage and into the finals. Then on the other side of things, we have Chicago and Florida who are great in their own right.

While Rokkr is the host of this event, it would be exciting to have this event finally have the long-awaited showdown between Chicago and Atlanta in the finals as we still have yet to see this two juggernaut teams — arguably the best in the league — battle it out against one another. Stay tuned for this tournament in about a week from now.


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