Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic Begins the 2021 Season This Month

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 13th 2021

After waiting for so long, we finally know when the Call of Duty League will begin its next season. The second season of the official Activision-hosted league will begin in February, technically, but it will get an early start thanks to the Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic. 

Activision Announces First 2 Call of Duty League 2021 Events

Rather than a more formal announcement on the main website for the league, Activision chose to announce the Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic and start date for the new season on Twitter. Fans won’t have to wait too long to see the 12 teams in action as the fun will begin this month. 

The Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic will be the beginning of the new season but more in an unofficial, fun way than a serious competition. This is where the stakes will not be in place as the normal season and a warm-up of sorts. 

This is especially great since every team was somewhat different this year from the inaugural season last year. With the switch back to four on four matches this year, that means that even champions like Dallas Empire, who don’t need to sign anyone new had to let go of one player. 

OpTic Chicago is making its debut with new leadership as the OpTic Gaming brand comes back together. OpTic Gaming LA is now LA Thieves, with its new branding and leadership overseeing the team. 

2021 Season Will Begin With the Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic

There are a lot of exciting and new aspects of the teams this year. It will be nice to see them get a bit of practice before the new season starts so that everyone has a chance to be ready for the real competition rather than be thrown into the fire without any real warning ahead of time. 

The Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic will do just that, taking place very soon with its start happening not this weekend but the next one. It will take place Saturday, Jan. 23, and Sunday, Jan. 24. It will be celebrating the first anniversary of the league since its start in January 2020.

A year ago, we had the Minnesota Opening Weekend event that started the inaugural season and welcomed in the new season. Though we will have to wait a little bit longer for the Opening Weekend this year, the Kickoff Classic will offer some fun for fans this month. 

During the event that begins on Saturday at noon PT, there will be fan-voted show matches. This tells us that fans will be able to vote soon for which teams that they would like to see fight against one another in Black Ops Cold War. 

What Will Happen at the Kickoff Classic

That should be fun as we wouldn’t be surprised if some excellent matches were chosen by the community, like a rematch of the first and second place teams, Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe, respectively, from last year. 

Also, the first major 2021 season details will be revealed there, so we fully expect to find out about the schedule for the season, how the new tournament-style format will actually work, and much more. And then there will be a group selection show during the Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic weekend. 

With that event happening, players won’t have to wait too much longer after experiencing the start of the actual 2021 season. As expected, since we haven’t heard anything about the schedule and format yet for the upcoming season, it isn’t starting this year, at least in its official capacity. 

Opening Weekend Event Happens in February

Instead, the Call of Duty League Opening Weekend will happen for the 2021 season in February. It will only be about a month from now, beginning on Thursday, Feb. 11, and running through Sunday, Feb. 14. That is a rather long four-day event that will happen then, so we are interested to see how it will work. 

Details are scarce at this time for the Opening Weekend event, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it were a tournament of sorts with all 12 of the teams involved, showing off the new format different from what we had last year. 

Last year, the opening event for the 2020 season was hosted by the Minnesota Rokkr. This year, Atlanta FaZe, the second-place team, will host it. We are not sure what this means, as last year, the launch event happened in-person in Minnesota. 

Details Are Still Scarce About the 2021 Season

But with the pandemic still going on, we still don’t know the Call of Duty League format. Will it happen in person this year without an audience to watch live, or will it be online once again? This is something that Activision has yet to clarify, which is interesting as we have the Kickoff Classic happening next weekend. 

We know that this year will feature all 12 teams participating in the Home Series Weekend events, rather than only eight or so. Conversely, though, only the top eight teams will make it to the grand finals playoffs tournament at the end of the season rather than everyone. 

As such, we should see some insane competition using Black Ops Cold War that is unlike anything that happened last year. Teams know what to expect if the event is online. The four on four match format means things will be more intimate and intense. Stay tuned for all your Call of Duty League coverage this year right here. 


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